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80s Prom at House of Blues Benefits Noah’s Bark Non-Kill Shelter

80’s Prom held in Hollywood, yesterday on February 26th, to raise money for Noah’s Bark  Guests came dressed in their best taffeta dress or ruffled shirt, rockin’ to the hits of the 80’s with two tribute bands at the House of Blues.

They were blasting Tone Loc, Mc Hammer, Bon Jovi and Poison with the help of 80z All Stars and Metal Shop. The venue played host to hundreds of partiers. Admission included 4 hours of 80s music, hundreds of dollars in LA restaurant gift cards, prom pictures, and plenty of good karma…

100% of proceeds support Noah’s Bark, a local non-kill animal shelter.

Checkout: 80s Prom at House of Blues.

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California: Humane Lobby Day

ASPCA Special Alert
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Dear California Supporters, Please join us at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Thursday, April 8, for California Humane Lobby Day. This is an exciting opportunity to meet directly with your elected officials about legislation that will significantly impact animals!

During Lobby Day, co-sponsored by the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States, you’ll have the opportunity to be the voice for animals and provide in-person support for several animal-friendly bills now pending in the California State Legislature.

In the morning, ASPCA and HSUS lobbyists will help prepare you to meet your elected officials and their staffs with a briefing on tips for lobbying and an overview of pending animal legislation. You will also be provided with the materials you need to be an effective animal advocate. Best of all, you’ll get to meet with both your state senator and assemblymember—we’ll set up appointments for you and others in your district after you register to attend.

Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010
Time: 9:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Place: State Capitol
Corner of 11th and L streets
Room 4202 (4th floor)
Sacramento, CA 95814
Cost: None! Participation in Lobby Day is free, but space is limited and you must register by April 1st.

California’s animals need your voice! Please register today to take part in this amazing event.
Thank you, California, for caring about animals and supporting the ASPCA.

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YES! Walking Your Dog Counts!

YES! Walking Your Dog Counts!

Just how effective can walking your dog be when trying to lose weight? Pretty effective, according to a University of Missouri-Columbia study in which participants lost an average of 14 pounds by walking a dog 20 minutes a day, five days a week for 50 weeks. The study shows that you can still see weight-loss results without power walking or jogging. A routine stroll could be just the trick!

There are two reasons why walking your dog can be more effective than walking by yourself:

• People tend to be more faithful to their furry friends than they are to their own fitness regime.

• The mere fact that walking a dog requires a set schedule forces you to follow it.

• Walking your dog gives you just the kind of discipline and motivation you need to lose weight!

So grab a leash, get your dog, and start walking!  Looking to pick up a little extra cash?  Pick up a couple dog walking jobs… and see your health improve and the pounds melt away.

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Can Dogs Be Fed Carrots?

It is an excellent idea to supplement your dog’s diet with fresh vegetables, and especially in substitution for a chew. Many dogs like carrots, and there is nothing harmful about providing the odd raw carrot. Their diet, as in humans, should consist of a lot of different things in moderation. Your dog can eat most vegetables that humans eat, provided that they are in moderation. A little left over vegetables from the family meal the night before are an excellent addition to your dog’s meal. Vegetables known to be toxic to dogs include onion, garlic, green parts of tomato plants, potato peelings, raisins, grapes, rhubarb leaves, broccoli and pips or stones from many household fruits.

by James Glover

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Wrong Order, But do They Come with Fries?

by PRONGS on FEBRUARY 23, 2010 – (Cuteoverload.com)

“I said I wanted a picnic basket full of hushpuppies…”

What a delightful error, Peggy W. Photo by Lawrence Shia.

So cute and well worth the work!!  There is always room for just one more, if there is love!! JOMP~

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Police Credit Dog With Saving Lost Girl’s Life

(Feb. 20) — A 3-year-old who went missing from her Arizona home Thursday was found alive Friday morning, after spending a night outside in near-freezing temperatures huddled next to her dog, Blue.

“She was able to stay warm with the dog. And it probably was one of things that saved her life. It was extremely cold out here,” Sgt. Jeff Newnum of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office told KPHO reporter, a CBS news affiliate in Phoenix. “God watched over her last night.”

Victoria Bensch vanished while playing outside with the family’s Queensland Heeler around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Search teams scoured the rocky terrain surrounding Victoria’s Cordes Lakes, Ariz., home, but as the night wore on, and temperatures dipped into the 30s, there was still no sign of her.

When the sun rose Friday morning, a rescue helicopter spotted movement below. It was Blue, hovering close to the missing girl, nearly half a mile from their home.

Even as medics approached, Blue kept Victoria, who was only wearing a T-shirt, pants and tennis shoes, safe.

“I think the dog was initially apprehensive of me. I was a little concerned he might bite me when I first walked up, but as I just walked right past the dog, the [animal] realized I was there to help,” medic Eric Tarr told KPHO. “You could see the dog’s expression almost turn to a smile. It came right up to the helicopter and jumped right in no problem at all.”

Blue flew in the copter with Victoria to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where she was treated for frostbite, according to The Associated Press.

Victoria’s family expressed their gratitude toward law enforcement and rescue officials for their role in saving the little girl.

Her father, Ernest Bensch, said, “It seems like the whole community came together to help find Victoria. All the manpower and hours out there, just working, were unbelievable.”

The girl’s aunt, Kim Rayfield, told KPHO, “I don’t even like animals and I hugged that dog so hard.”

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The Dog Whisperer’s Favorite Pitbull Daddy Dies

Posted on Feb 20, 2010 @ 08:02PM

Splash News

Daddy the Pitbull, Cesar Millan‘s right-hand-man and all-around favorite dog, has died, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The canine was beloved by Dog Whisperer fans around the world, as well as Millan’s family and the show’s crew.

Cesar & Daddy Helped Sort Out A Dog-Friendly Office

Daddy’s battle with cancer and his chemo treatments were featured on the National Geographic series. Fans of the show had come to love and respect the way Daddy worked as Cesar’s partner in rehabilitating ill-behaved pooches every week.

Daddy was 16 when he passed on February 19.

On to Rainbow Bridge to wait for Cesar.

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Balancing Pet and Humans in our Lives

“We love our pets. In fact, more than 80 million Americans are pet owners, and the benefits of having pets are well documented. The problems begin when the pets become more important than the humans in our lives, and I’ve taken enough of your calls to know this is not an isolated issue.”

…Dr. Laura

Bebe the Wonder Dog

March 10, 2009 on 5:00 am |

Just for a change of pace this week, I want to introduce my dog, Bebe, who shows off some of her best tricks for you:

Video: Bebe, the Wonder Dog

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Scottish Terrier Wins Westminster Dog Show

A Scottish Terrier named Sadie has beaten over 2,500 dogs to the coveted “Best in Show” award at the 2010 Westminster dog show.

Scottish Terrier Wins Westminster Dog Show

Another sold-out crowd at Madison Square Gardens has Madison Square Gardens watched more than 2,500 dogs and 3 new breeds compete for honors in one of the world’s most prestigious dog shows. At 11 p.m. last night Sadie, a Scottish Terrier from Eagle, Idaho became the 8th Scottie to win “Best in Show”. Sadie, also known as Ch Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, was also in the final last year and this win is her 112th Best in Show award. The other group winners competing in the final were a Puli, a Whippet, a white Toy Poodle, a French bulldog, a Brittany Spaniel and a Doberman Pinscher.

The Westminster Kennel Club’s Annual All Breed Dog Show is probably second only to the United Kingdom’s Crufts show as a measure of canine success. Last year’s show was celebrated by senior citizens everywhere, with the 10-year-old Sussex Spaniel called Stump winning “Best in Show” – that’s 2 years older than the previous oldest winner. What was even more remarkable was that Stump had retired 2 years earlier after winning the Sporting group but failing to win “Best in Show”. In 2008, the show was won for the first time ever by a Beagle named Uno.

This year’s show welcomed 3 new breeds to the 170 breeds of last year: The Irish Red and White Setter, the Norwegian Buhund and the Pyrenean Shepherd. Despite its name, the Irish Red and White Setter is a distinct breed, not just a different colored version of the Irish Setter, and has been known in Ireland since the 17th century. The history of the Norwegian Buhund extends back to the Vikings, and is used for herding livestock, guarding and hunting. The Pyrenean Shepherd is a herding breed that is important in farming communities in the High Pyrenees mountains in France.

by Daphne Reid – New York City, New York (Feb 17th, 2010)

Source: PetPeoplesPlace.com

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Westminster Dog Show Expert Shares Training Secrets

The life of a puppy with a show dog future is slightly different than that of a pup with simpler aspirations.

For one thing, puppies in training are likely to spend some of their time with a professional dog handler, like Clint Livingston of Denver. Livingston has been training Westminster hopefuls for three decades. “We start them young, and the key is socialization,” he explains. “We make sure they’re around lots of people, with lots of hands on them so they get used to it.”

While non-show dogs don’t need to be as comfortable with the human touch as Westminster wannabes, they can nonetheless learn something from Westminster training and grooming standards. Below, Livingston shares his tips for helping your furry friend achieve best in its own show.


What’s crucial to training a dog to do just about anything? Repetition, food motivation and compliments. “Dogs want to make people happy,” emphasizes Livingston. “Give them lots of praise when they do something right, and lots of verbal encouragement along the way. Positive reinforcement is the best training tool of all.”

Before they compete, show dogs must master these skills:

  • Stacking: A “stacked” dog is one that stands squarely and still. For most breeds, front legs are straight and under the shoulder blades. Rear legs are vertical from the hock (comparable to the human ankle) down. Paws face forward. To teach your dog to stack, place four bricks on the floor where you’d like your pet’s paws to go. With treats, help your dog practice standing in this position on the bricks before moving your pet to the floor to replicate the position.
  • Giving Ears: A dog that is “giving ears” has its ears perked up, its head held high and its eyes gleaming with confidence. To train your pet to put its best ear forward, hold a treat at a level where head and neck are drawn high. As your pet gets used to this position, pull the treat away quickly to keep your dog’s attention before allowing your pet to indulge.
  • Walking: If a model struts, a show dog trots, which means its right front leg and left back leg move in concert (followed by the movement of the left front leg and right back leg), showing off its physique to best advantage. Pacing is key to proper trotting. Take your pet’s leash in your left hand. Try different speeds to see which one allows your dog to trot comfortably.


Pet Care Resources While grooming standards vary greatly by breed, all show dogs are brushed and bathed weekly. “Clean hair grows, and it also looks nice,” explains Livingston. To make bath time easy at home, try this:

  • Brush your furry friend first to remove loose hairs.
  • Lay out bathing supplies – such as a diluted commercial shampoo, a pitcher for rinsing and a towel for drying – in advance.
  • Put cotton in your dog’s ears to keep water out.
  • Always use warm water.

But the work doesn’t end there. If you want your pet to look like a show dog, add nail clipping, teeth brushing and ear cleaning to your weekly to-do list. For each, choose a time of day when your dog tends to be relaxed. Talk sweetly to your best friend throughout, and if it begins to resist you, finish up another day. But more specifically:

  • Invest in a nail clipper made just for dogs. Trim only the nail tips to avoid cutting into “the quick,” or the veins in your pet’s nails.
  • To brush your pet’s teeth, position your dog on an elevated surface like a table, hold its head firmly and its mouth open with one hand. Move the toothbrush in a circular motion, making sure to brush at the gum line.
  • Moisten a cotton ball with a commercial ear cleaner and swab the outer ear canal outward in order to remove dirt and wax.

Your pal doesn’t have to be a show dog to look and act like one. With Livingston’s guidelines, your dog can be like the puppies he trains in no time. “It’s great to watch them learn,” he says. “You watch their confidence grow by leaps and bounds”…

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