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Todd Palin Excited to Bring Iditarod to TV

iditarod unleashed

Todd Palin Hosts Iditarod Unleashed

Palin-Cruz 2016: Iditarod Unleashed got Todd Palin to host: Sportsman Channel debuted its Iditarod Unleashed series on Tuesday March 25, 2014, getting a little help from none other than Iron Dog champ Todd Palin.  Todd, the husband of former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is hosting a one-hour special introducing the race to fans. The network, which is also set to begin a show with Sarah premiering in April, is using Todd to draw viewers in to its 12 hours of Iditarod coverage. Palin cites his connections with Iditarod mushers like Martin Buser and Rick Swenson as cred for hosting the show, as well as his experience as a champion snowmachine racer. The Sportsman coverage is set to begin Tuesday at 3 p.m. Alaska time Tuesday and airs throughout the rest of the week.


Sarah Palin isn’t the only one in the family who will be in front of the camera on the Sportsman Channel. While the former Alaska governor gets set to host Amazing America with Sarah Palin next month, it’s her husband Todd who will be showcasing the beautiful state of Alaska first.

The Iditarod has not had a national television network partner since 2009. Until now, that is. In a groundbreaking agreement with Sportsman Channel, the event organizers will continue to produce the annual sled dog spectacle and provide extensive, in-depth coverage, video and updates through an online platform.

As the Official Network of The Iditarod, Sportsman Channel will exclusively showcase the stories of The Iditarod. In a multi-week stunt entitled Iditarod Unleashed, Sportsman Channel will air 12 hours of programming and specials – including the national television premiere of shows from The Iditarod library – timed around the 2014 event. That’s where Todd Palin comes in.

Iditarod Unleashed programming begins March 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT with a one-hour special hosted by Palin.

Palin is usually a behind-the-scenes guy. The supportive spouse. But he felt compelled to get the word out about the Iditarod. “I’ll do whatever I can to promote this great race,” Palin told Breitbart Sports. “I know some of the mushers and I know how much work it is to take part in it.”

While not a camera hog by any stretch of the imagination, Palin enjoyed filming the special programming. “I don’t like to watch myself on TV,” said Palin. “But this was a lot of fun.”

The Palin family is no stranger to the iconic Iditarod. “They used to have the restart in Wasilla before they moved it to Willow for the more consistent snow,” Palin said. “We watched for many years with the kids on snowmachines. It’s a big event for all Alaskans.”

While Palin is not a musher, he is a champion Iron Dog racer. His success in Alaska’s other big race gives him a special appreciation for those who take part in the Iditarod. “Both are the ultimate,” Palin said. “In certain stretches, you can actually go faster than a snowmachine when mushing with a dog team. They’re so powerful, sometimes you’re just hanging on.”

The Iditarod is more sophisticated than ever. Palin had a chance to visit sled dog champion Martin Buser’s facilities recently and he was blown away by the latest technology. “The use of carbon fiber has made these dog sleds better than ever,” Palin said. “The sport has come so far. You think back to the old days and wonder how they did it.”

There are personal connections to the Iditarod for Palin as well. Buser teamed up with Palin during the 2008 campaign to help stump for the McCain-Palin ticket. Rick Swenson “King of the Iditarod” ran pro class when Palin started Ion Dog racing in 1993. Meantime, DeeDee Jonrowe serves as an inspiration to all. She beat cancer and got back to mushing. Palin speaks glowingly of John Baker and all he has done for the sport.

“The people involved in this are just like the Iron Dog family,” Palin said. “A tight knit group that will help anyone, anyway they can.”

Todd and Sarah Palin attended the Iditarod Mushers Banquet in Anchorage this year to show their support for the big race and all those who participate in it.

“I’m just thankful that Sportsman Channel was excited to show the Iditarod and to come up here to share these ultimate races with the rest of the nation,” said Palin.

The conclusion of the 2014 Iditarod Sled Dog Race was evidence that this event is like no other. Now, viewers across the country will have an opportunity to reconnect with the race on Sportsman Channel. Plus, viewers will be introduced to the special people who live the lifestyle of Iditarod musher.

Sportsman Channel will look back at Dallas Seavey’s record-breaking win, and showcase the incredible stories of this year’s historic race, along with stories from previous years.

Iditarod Unleashed will deliver dramatic stories of the dogs, mushers, volunteers, history, wildlife and rough terrain. The Iditarod is known as The Last Great Race on Earth. For Sportsman Channel viewers though the in-depth coverage of the race will be the first of it’s kind. “You don’t want to miss this,” Palin said. “It’s just incredible.”

Also, 2014 Akiak Dash winner: On Sunday evening, John George won the 2014 Akiak Dash, bringing home $3,400 as he pulled into Bethel with seven sled dogs. The Akiak Dash, one of the series of races held by the Kuskokwim 300 Race Committee, ran from the Southcentral community of Bethel to Akiak and back to Bethel. George finished with a time of 6 hours, 39 minutes and 51 seconds. Coming in second was George Manutoli with a time of 6 hours, 45 minutes and 46 seconds. Herman Phillip took third with a time of 6 hours, 51 minutes and 24 seconds. Total purse for the race was $12,100, split between the top 10 finishers.


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Comfort Dogs Bring Hope to Mudslide Rescue Workers Amid the Rubble

What’s This?


Sumi, a 6-year-old Akita, is a comfort dog; that spent time at the Oso Fire Department Thursday with rescue workers following last weekend’s deadly mudslide. Image: Kurt Wagner – Mashable

By Kurt Wagner/Mashable 

OSO, Wash. — The idea of dog as man’s best friend took on a whole new meaning in the small town of Oso this week.

Following a deadly mudslide that has left 17 dead with many more missing and presumed dead, authorities say search dogs have been the most valuable asset in finding victims amid the mud and rubble. But these search dogs on the front lines aren’t the only canines lending a paw to the local community. On Thursday, three "comfort dogs" spent hours inside the Oso Fire Department providing rescue workers and volunteers with a calming, lovable distraction.

Multiple comfort dogs, also known as "crisis therapy dogs," have been spending time with rescuers and emergency responders since the beginning of the week in the Oso area. Rescuers have been spending long hours in the mud, rain, and debris, sifting through the personal belongings of those lost in the mudslide and even locating and extracting the dead. It’s been overwhelming, particularly for locals who have friends or family still missing.

Organizations like the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology out of Hugo, Minn., and HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, an organization with regions covering 30 U.S. states, have traveled with dogs to provide a calming presence wherever they’re needed.

Levi, a 15-month-old, full blood Great Dane, spent Thursday morning walking around the Oso Fire Department where more than 80 citizen volunteers awaited an opportunity to head up to the slide zone. There are more volunteers than authorities can utilize, meaning some sit on standby for hours, if not days at a time.

Levi, who has been trained since he was six-months-old, was a hit with those waiting around as rescue volunteers petted him throughout the day, receiving dog kisses in exchange. His handler, Pam Selz of Green Cross, says that dogs like Levi often get people talking, at which point both the dog and its handler can provide further comfort.

Sumi, a 6-year-old Akita, was also on hand Thursday with her handler Sherrie Wright from HOPE, who began handling and training Sumi after retiring from the Spokane County Superior Court five years ago. Sumi spent many weeks training before taking and passing a three-day boot camp, consisting of vigorous eight-hour training days and culminating in certification as a crisis response animal, says Wright.

comfort dogs

Sumi (L) is walked around by Michael Wright of Hope. Earlier in the day, Levi, seen here with handler Pam Selz, visits with volunteer seacrh and rescue workers. Image: Kurt Wagner/Mashable

It’s not an easy process, she added, and most dogs aren’t cut out for the job. Handlers look for dogs that aren’t too lively or sensitive to unexpected noises, qualities that can’t really be taught. "They either have it or they don’t," she says.

HOPE has three dogs in the area, all of which were driven over from Spokane, a five-hour drive. Other dogs are on their way from California and Montana, says Michael Wright, Sherrie’s husband and a fellow HOPE volunteer. HOPE, a non-profit founded in Oregon in 2001, has provided canines to some of the country’s most highly visible crises in the past decade. HOPE dogs were present following the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, the Colorado wildfires in the summer of 2013, and the naval yard shooting in Washington, D.C., last fall.

Handlers and dogs don’t visit the hospitals or the families of the deceased unless they are invited, says Michael. It’s one of the challenges of the job: understanding where to intervene and where to back off. "[The toughest part of the job] is to kinda be aware of your limitations and the dog’s limitations," says Sherrie.

For the next few days, these comfort dogs will be available where needed around the Oso community. Wright says the dogs can identify humans in need. "When people are stressed, [Sumi] can sense that and goes up to them."

With extensive national media attention, 90 people still missing, and the rains continuing to come down, that’s a small solace that only a dog can provide.

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California man who drugged and raped dog has been sentenced to prison

Man who raped dog is sentenced to prison timeExaminer: According to Wednesday’s Los Angeles Times, a 22-year-old San Pedro, Calif., man who sexually assaulted a family’s dog, has been sentenced to prison time.

On Tuesday, Christopher Caceres, who was charged for repeated sexual attacks on a neighbor’s pet Akita, pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty and first-degree burglary.

Caceres’ act of bestiality was captured on the homeowner’s surveillance camera. Video footage revealed that during one attack, the 80-pound Akita was sexually assaulted for an agonizing two-hour period of time.

In the video footage, Caceres could be seen feeding something to the dog before the rape commenced – it is presumed that he gave the dog some type of drug to relax her.

Caceres’ attacks on the dog are believed to have taken place on multiple occasions between August and November 2013.

Caceres has been sentenced to four years in prison for his crimes.

Prior story about this situation here.


Teen has sex with girlfriend’s dog and takes video of the act

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Judge decides Mickey the pit bull will live, but there are restrictions

Saved Piti

Saved… Fairness

by The Associated Press and azfamily.com  -  See Video report by Erika Flores  -  Posted on March 25, 2014 at 1:36 PM  -  Updated today at 6:46 PM

PHOENIX — A judge has decided that a pit bull that mauled a 4-year-old boy last month in Phoenix should not be euthanized.

Municipal Court Judge Deborah Griffin ordered the dog, Micky, to be defanged, neutered and microchipped.

Griffin also ruled that the dog may not be adopted or fostered. Instead, it will need to be placed in a facility. She gave attorney John Schill five weeks to look for a facility that will meet her criteria.

John Schill with Schill Law represented Micky in court."I think we accomplished a goal,” said Schill. “We saved Micky. Micky is not going to be killed."

Griffin announced her ruling Tuesday afternoon after she declared earlier in the day that the dog was vicious.

She looked at pictures of young Kevin Vicente,taken after he was bit in the face by the dog Feb. 20. The attack left  Vicente with a broken eye socket and jaw.

The judge also heard testimony by Guadalupe Villa, the petitioner, who wanted Micky put down.

Thousands of animal lovers have taken to social media to support Micky, placing blame with the dog’s owners and child’s baby sitter. On Tuesday, supporters wore T-shirts to court that bore a paw print and said "Save Mickey."

A Facebook page called "Save Mickey" has more than 60,000 likes. And a petition to spare his life had 50,000 signatures.

But upporters say the campaign doesn’t mean they value the dog’s life above the child’s.

"This is not Kevin versus Mickey," says Schill. "Having Mickey killed is not going to take away Kevin’s pain or injuries. The only thing this is going to do is kill a poor, innocent dog."

Pit bulls are viewed by some as a dangerous breed, a reputation their fans dispute.

Meantime, thousands have also rallied around the 4-year-old victim. A Facebook page has been set up for Kevin Vicente. And a fund-raising page has been set up where people can donate to help out with his medical bills.

Schill has until April 29th to find a facility that follows the judge’s restrictions.

Editor’s note: Some documents spell the dog’s name Mickey while others have it as Micky.  See More Here.

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This horse got stuck in the mud & the lady held its head above the water for hours, until help arrived !!! xxx

Love... Held Stuck Horse Head Out of Water for Hours



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Babies Have Identical Reactions…

Same Reaction

Could you imagine anything cuter?  Both babies have same reaction to cold stethoscopes

San Diego Zoo’s New baby gorilla has pneumonia… Baby Battling Back

Yahoo: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A baby gorilla delivered by a rare emergency cesarean section last week at the San Diego Zoo has pneumonia and is receiving round-the-clock care.

Zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons the female gorilla was receiving oxygen and other treatment on Tuesday. She says the gorilla is sleeps a lot but is getting stronger day by day and vets are cautiously optimistic about her condition.

The medical team includes both vets and specialists in human neonatal care.

The gorilla was born March 12 and underwent surgery last Friday for a collapsed lung. It’s unclear whether she contracted pneumonia before or after birth.

The mother gorilla, an 18-year-old named Imani, had never given birth. The zoo says the C-section, rare for a gorilla, was performed because she was in distress after going into labor.

This photo provided by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park …

Photo provided by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park shows the animal care staff tending to the new baby

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Doris Day: Animal Activist, Singer, Actress Turns 90

 90th Birthday: Cypress Inn Celebrates Doris Day

Doris Day is turning 90, and her own Cypress Inn of Carmel will celebrate in myriad ways

Learn more about Day’s love for and projects on behalf of animals at: Doris Day Animal League


MAJOR MOVIE STARS… often become synonymous with particular film genres or eras or style of film-making. Certain fashion trends may be tied to them as well, and even fads, from time to time. Doris Day can check several of those things off her list, given that we love the actress for her sparkly turn in ’50s charmers like "Pillow Talk," optimistic romantic comedies that stylishly led the way for all romcoms (romantic comedies)  to come. But Ms. Day isn’t just about those mid-century gems nor romantic banner; she’s a co-owner of the Cypress Inn in Carmel and a longtime resident of the area. And, of course, a major animal advocate. Her Cypress Inn and her advocacy have dovetailed over the years, making her property extremely pet friendly and a place that California canine lovers and fans of Doris Day films vow to visit at least once. And if https://i1.wp.com/www.catanna.com/dorisday.gifever the time was ripe for such a visit, it’s now: Ms. Day is turning 90, and there are a few treats in store ’round the historic pup-loving property.

LIKE… a Sentimental Journey weekend, from Thursday, April 3 through Saturday, April 5. A room, a welcome gift bag, and a spot on the wait list for her official birthday dinner are part of the package. But if you can’t make the weekend, you can swing by the inn’s bar and order a Bourbon & Bone, the cocktail created in honor of her birthday. Yep, your pup gets a chew toy and you get an adult beverage and best of all? The $9.90 you spend on the special drink — "90" again being the theme — goes to Ms. Day’s work with animals, rescues, and spay and adoption efforts.

EVEN IF YOU CAN’T… be around Carmel on April 3, which is the legend’s birthday proper, a trip to the Cypress Inn, with your hound at your side, is a quintessential overnight for those Golden Staters who love cinema history as well as their four-footed friends.




Talk Back: New Beginnings at Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center

Doris Day Center Opens its Doors to Rescued Horses

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Pups…

St. Patrick parade

St Patrickls Day Pet Parade 2

St Patrickls Day Pet Parade e

St. Patrick's Day Pawdy 

Hope you all had a great pawdy…

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Dogs Lovin the Water

Can Your Dog Do This

Lovin the Beach



By Marion Algier – UCLA Shutterbug – JOMP

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One dog changes the lives of two war veterans


Justin Lansford, Gabe, Spenser Milo, and Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer. (Photo credit: ABC News/Good Morning America)

DogTime: Thursday March 13th, 2014  -  While veteran Justin Lansford of Silver Spring, Md., served as a paratrooper in Afghanistan, he was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED) and lost his leg as a result.

“We struck an IED and it flipped my truck completely,” Lansford tells ABC News. “I had bilaterally severed femurs which resulted in the amputation of my left leg.”

As Lansford recuperated at the Walter Reade National Military Medical Center, he got a visit from the Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), an organization that pairs wounded veterans with trained service dogs.

It was through WCC that Lansford first met Gabe, the 2-year-old Golden Retriever who has aided Lansford as his service dog for the past five months.

“He helps me with one thing to the next. I can use him as a stable surface to lean on, as I get to and from the ground,” Lansford says of Gabe. “If I fall, he’ll come up running next to me and I can use him to push off of the get up off the ground.”

Gabe has provided both guidance and friendship as Lansford becomes more mobile.

“The less I use my wheelchair, the more I need his help in smaller tasks and the more he is there,” Lansford tells ABC News of Gabe. “It has been very comforting to know that.”

It seems that Gabe was always destined to work with wounded warriors. Before he began his life with Justin Lansford, Gabe was helping U.S. Army veteran and Colorado Springs, Colo., resident Spencer Milo, who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“I was on a dismount patrol on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. I see a kid, you know 15-years-old, a suicide bomber. You knew what it was,” Milo recalls. “I just remember a big, loud noise, a big flash. And I remember landing.”

Milo survived the blast, but wasn’t left unscathed. He says he could hardly get through his normal daily activities sometimes.

“It was really hard to go back into public without being so on edge that it made others uncomfortable. I’d sweat profusely and I’d be incredibly grumpy,” says Milo.

Milo’s doctors suggested he work with the Warrior Canine Connection to help train and socialize one of their new puppies — Gabe. The experience with Gabe changed the trajectory of Milo’s life.

“And once I started working with Gabe, I started feeling like myself again,” Milo explains. “My family, my wife started seeing me again, and that’s incredible. You can’t put that into words.”

After Gabe’s training period with Milo, Milo had to say goodbye and hadn’t seen Gabe since. But recently, Milo traveled all the way to Silver Spring for a happy reunion, and to meet the veteran who is benefitting from all of Milo’s hard work — Justin Lansford.

“I owe everything to Gabe,” says Milo. “I would jump in front of a bus for Gabe, and I know he would do the same for me. And I know he’d do the same for Justin.”

Lansford says he was equally excited to meet the man who helped make Gabe such a great service dog and friend.

“I have really had a chance to say thank you to Spencer for working with Gabe and getting Gabe to a point where he could work and help me. Being able to see Spencer face to face has been awesome,” says Lansford.

WCC is hoping to make experiences like the one with Lansford, Milo, and Gabe a regular part of caring for our nation’s veterans. The organization is using the latest science and research to prove that working with dogs helps veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. For more information on WCC, their amazing work, or their dogs, check out the Warrior Canine Connection website.

Sources: ABC News, Warrior Canine Connection Facebook

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