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Dog Stays for Hours Beside Owner Killed in Apparent Hit-and-Run

Dog Stays for Hours Beside Owner Killed in Apparent Hit-and-Run

A faithful canine stayed by his deceased owner’s side after the man was killed in an apparent hit-and-run while riding his bicycle along a northern California highway.

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported the man lay dead in the road for as long as 12 hours beginning Thursday night before a passerby spotted his body, wrecked bike and dog Friday morning and called 911.

The victim was described as a white male, approximately 50 years old. The accident scene had been partially obscured by vegetation, the Sentinel reported.

Police said headlight debris and other items in the road indicated the man was struck by a car.

The dog — described as a small terrier mix similar to “Toto” in “The Wizard of Oz” — had had a crate attached to the bike, police said. The dog appeared unharmed and was picked up by the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter for evaluation.

Source:  The Blaze

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Awesome Dog Guards Owner’s Bike

Awesome Dog Guards Owner's Bike

  • A golden retriever has become something of a local celebrity in China for his habit of guarding his owner’s bicycle. Luo Wencong does not need to buy a bike lock as his dog, Li Li, keeps such a close eye on bicycle. Li Li is so clever that he can also count, carry baskets of shopping and take out the rubbish. The best part of the video is at the end when Li Li climbs up on the bike and lets his Luo know he’s ready to go by barking!

Video:  Awesome Dog Guards Owner’s Bike

I think what makes this even more amazing is that many Chinese still eat dogs and cats after seeing how smart, loving and loyal they can be!

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Police Credit Dog With Saving Lost Girl’s Life

(Feb. 20) — A 3-year-old who went missing from her Arizona home Thursday was found alive Friday morning, after spending a night outside in near-freezing temperatures huddled next to her dog, Blue.

“She was able to stay warm with the dog. And it probably was one of things that saved her life. It was extremely cold out here,” Sgt. Jeff Newnum of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office told KPHO reporter, a CBS news affiliate in Phoenix. “God watched over her last night.”

Victoria Bensch vanished while playing outside with the family’s Queensland Heeler around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. Search teams scoured the rocky terrain surrounding Victoria’s Cordes Lakes, Ariz., home, but as the night wore on, and temperatures dipped into the 30s, there was still no sign of her.

When the sun rose Friday morning, a rescue helicopter spotted movement below. It was Blue, hovering close to the missing girl, nearly half a mile from their home.

Even as medics approached, Blue kept Victoria, who was only wearing a T-shirt, pants and tennis shoes, safe.

“I think the dog was initially apprehensive of me. I was a little concerned he might bite me when I first walked up, but as I just walked right past the dog, the [animal] realized I was there to help,” medic Eric Tarr told KPHO. “You could see the dog’s expression almost turn to a smile. It came right up to the helicopter and jumped right in no problem at all.”

Blue flew in the copter with Victoria to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where she was treated for frostbite, according to The Associated Press.

Victoria’s family expressed their gratitude toward law enforcement and rescue officials for their role in saving the little girl.

Her father, Ernest Bensch, said, “It seems like the whole community came together to help find Victoria. All the manpower and hours out there, just working, were unbelievable.”

The girl’s aunt, Kim Rayfield, told KPHO, “I don’t even like animals and I hugged that dog so hard.”

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Just How Bad Is The Economy??

It is definitely getting very bad…


It is definitely getting very bad (Cats are so dramatic)


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