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Pup Photo Flubs – Halloween

For All Those Who Saw the Great Doggie Shots Earlier in the Week and Thought Why Don’t Mine Ever Do That Well…  It Sometimes Takes A Lot of Shots and Patience to Get That Perfect Pet Foto!!!

Plbbbtttt!! Bulldog Chow

Chihuahua Side-Tracked American Bulldog Doing His Own Thing

Curious Pup Jack Russel Begging for Snacks

Mirror Image Me That's Hot... It's Me

Pug Posterior Pose Please Shoot My Best Side

Poodle Pout



For the Good Shots:  Halloween Pups and Pumpkins

And Order Your Pet a Snuggie:

~~ Great last minute costume or just to keep them warm ;-)~~


Happy Howl’oween

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Important Dangerous Dog Warning for Children

Please read this!

If you are an owner of a dog that belongs to a ‘dangerous breed’ category, and you also have a child, or there is a small child visiting, please take this as a warning.

Don’t leave your dog with a small child unattended under any circumstances!

Only one brief moment was enough for the following to happen.

See the photo below …

Dog Warning

Source: Dr. Mercola

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No Dog Slaughters: End China Dog Culls

The first draft of national animal welfare legislation for China is under review; if passed into law, it would permanently ban the cruel practice of dog “culls” (indiscriminate slaughter of dogs) to control rabies. Join the international community in urging China to adopt more humane methods of rabies control. Sign the petition today.

Help prevent cruelty to animals in China. Take action!

No Dog Slaughters: End China Dog CullsInstead of modern humane methods of rabies prevention, government officials in China often resort to mass slaughters of dogs, called culls, in which dog-beating squads kill any dog spotted on the street, even if it has an owner. The first draft of national animal welfare legislation for China is under review; if passed into law, it would permanently ban these cruel dog culls.

Help prevent cruelty to animals in China – sign the petition below and tell a friend.

Sponsored by: IFAW

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More Halloween Pet Safety

1. Don’t leave your dog or cat outside. Even if you have a fenced yard, bring your dog inside where it is safe. If your dog is usually kept outside, bring him in a few times before the big night to get him used to being indoors. Your dog may be used to strangers, but so many little ghouls and goblins running about may be too much. Remember also that it is a natural instinct for dogs to protect the family from strangers, and on Halloween there will be no shortage of strangers.

2. Keep your dog (and cat) restrained. If your dog is timid or scared, or if he tends to love people a little too much, it is best to put him in a separate room away from the front door to limit his excitability, aggression, and chance of running outside and becoming lost.

3. Reassure your dog. The best thing you can do for your dog when he is feeling unsettled by Halloween activities is to act as you normally would. By over-reassuring your dog or giving him an unusual amount of attention, you inadvertently can communicate to him that because you are acting differently, there must be something to worry about.

4. Have your dog (or cat) get used to costumes. Your dog may see his family members as strangers once they don their Halloween costumes. Before the kids put them on, allow your dog twolf936930_1255996819o scent the costumes. If your costume has a mask, keep the mask off when you are with your dog because dogs can become confused when they can’t see our faces.

5. Check your dog’s ID tag. Be sure identification tags are secure on your dog’s collar-just in case.

6. Keep candy away from your dog and cat. Many candies-especially chocolate-are toxic to dogs. The severity of the toxicity depends greatly on factors such as breed, age, size, and how much candy was ingested. Problems may range from a mild upset tummy to vomiting and diarrhea, or even death. If you have any concerns at all, consult with a veterinarian immediately. If you want to keep your dog safe, make certain that sweets, including their wrappers, are kept well away from your dog.

7. Protect petss from candles and pumpkins. Excited or agitated dogs can easily knock over a lit candle or pumpkin. Be sure those items are away from your dog’s reach, or consider a battery-powered candle that does not burn

8. Think twice about dressing your dog (or any pet) in a costume. While some dogs might enjoy being dressed up, many don’t. Experiment first to see if your dog likes being in a costume. If so, fine-he’ll most likely enjoy himself and the extra attention it brings. However, if he shows any resistance, don’t do it. Dogs feel enough stress around Halloween without also having to endure the discomfort and peculiarity of wearing a strange costume. Cats generally don’t like costumes, but there are always exceptions and only you know your pets and their fears and tolerances.

9. Be prepared. If you take your dog with you while trick-or-treating, be prepared at all times. Do not let your dog approach the door of a house, and stay clear of possible gags or gangs of goblins who will gather at the door. Dogs do not understand that the person jumping out at you will not hurt you; they often think they can only help you by acting aggressively. Neither children nor adults in costumes should approach a dog without the owner’s consent.

10. Have fun but think of your dog’s safety. Finally, if you want your dog to be included in Halloween festivities, think about his safety much as you would the safety of a small child. Your dog does not understand Halloween, so he needs you to provide the guidance and safety that you always do.

Dogs tend to like to be part of their families activities.  Most other pets and animals, not so much.  Use our good judgment and decide who to include and how based on their personalities, preferences and fears.  JOMP~

Source: BarkBusters

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Halloween Pups and Pumpkins

clip_image009 clip_image010

clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013

Some Things Just Make Your Smile!!!

Help These Faces – USA: Keep Pets Out of Laboratories – Contact Congress Today and Support ‘The federal Pet Safety and Protection Act’!! – ASPCA Alert

Order Your Pet a Snuggie:  ~~ Great last minute costume or just to keep them warm 😉 ~~

clip_image014clip_image015 clip_image016

4 – sizes

Have seen a couple kittys in a Snuggie too, but don’t have any photos…

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USA: Keep Pets Out of Laboratories – Contact Congress Today and Support ‘The federal Pet Safety and Protection Act’!! – ASPCA Alert

ASPCA Urgent Alert

Dear Fellow Animal Advocates,

The federal Pet Safety and Protection Act would prohibit Class B Dealers and unlicensed individuals from selling dogs and cats to research laboratories.

Class B Dealers are people who collect dogs and cats to sell to the research industry. They sometimes obtain their animals through illegal or unethical means, such as by responding to “free to good home” ads in newspapers, falsifying records to keep the true origins of the animals unknown and stealing pets kept outside in yards. They also buy animals in bulk from “bunchers,” whose methods are even more questionable.

Eliminating Class B Dealers will also take away the profit motive of bunchers, providing a much-needed safety net to ensure beloved pets are not stolen or acquired under false pretenses and sold to facilities that test on animals.

What You Can Do

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center Online to email your U.S. senators and representative urging them to support and cosponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act. You may use the same link to read about this legislation in greater depth.

Thank you for supporting the ASPCA and America’s animals.


To: Your U.S. House Representative and The President of the United States

Started by: L. Swa_

THE PUPPY YOU SEE ABOVE WAS BURNED ALIVE – To test the effects of burns. It was done at a teaching hospital.

Please cosponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 3907). This bill will ensure that companion dogs and cats will not be used in experiments.

Class B dealers collect dogs and cats from a variety of sources to sell to researchers. Some of these animals are acquired through fraud and deception (e.g., Class B dealers respond to “free to good home” ads, Craigslist (has a lot of free to good home dogs and cats,), and even steal them from people’s yards and trap cats. Lost companion animals whose families are searching for them may wind up being used in experiments.

Class B dealers routinely violate the Animal Welfare Act. They are required to keep records to show that they acquired the animals legally, but many falsify those records to hide the true sources of the dogs and cats they sell. The conditions under which these animals are kept are horrendous. The dealers fail to provide adequate food, water, veterinary care, and shelter.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 3907) will end this abuse-ridden system and give families peace of mind that their dogs and cats will not wind up in research.

Thank you for your compassion.

Please Sign Petition:  Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 3907)-Class B dealers selling companion pets for experiments | C

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Hot Dog (Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade) Halloween Costume Parade 2009 – Saturday Oct 31st in Long Beach CA & Last Minute Pet Costumes

Hot Dog Halloween Costume Parade 2009

Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade

Saturday, October 31st 2009 at 2:30pm

Livingston Park
4900 East Livingston Drive (@Park Ave in Belmont Shores)
Long Beach, CA

This years Halloween Parade in Long Beach, CA falls on the perfect day: October 31st, 2009.  Well, maybe not so perfect if you have dogs you’d like to strut around at the dog costume parade and then later on need to get the kiddies dressed up for an evening of trick-or-treating.  It could be along day for some.

Lucky for me I have no kids and the Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade that seems to elude me every year will be on a date I can attend.  What does that mean for you?  More wonderful pictures on here at Puppy In Training.  Of course, I will do my best to get my mother the professional photographer to join me at the parade.  Unfortunately, neither Linus nor Stetson will be participating in this years parade.  Perhaps we will get them involved next year.

If you’re looking for some pictures from last years parade then check out:

Haute Dog Howl’owen Parade 2008

Come join us for the fun and excitement at the Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade 2009.

Have you ever been to a Dog Halloween Costume Parade?  If so, I’d love to see pictures of your favorite dog costumes.

Still Need  A Costume?

I’m sure everyone’s now wondering…what a brilliant costume! How did you do it?

How To Make Your Own Easy Lion Mane Costume

“I’ve been searching for a lions mane since I got Derby and couldn’t find anything suitable until Halloween costumes started rolling into the local Walmarts and Targets. While walking through Target I saw the perfect Lions mane…it was the hair on the wolfman’s mask. So here are the step-by-step instructions for constructing your very own dog costume.”

Items you will need for this project:

  • Wolfman Mask from Target
  • Elastic band
  • Piece of Velcro
  • Extra Collar
  • Sewing kit (needle and thread)
  • Knife or Scissors
  • Optional – rubber band


  1. Go to Target and buy the $9.99 Wolfman mask.
  2. Grab a knife or scissors and unstitch the hair from the latex mask.
  3. With rudimentary sewing skills attach the collar to the lions mane (this will keep it in place when costume is worn.
  4. Next, attach the velcro under the neck. This will keep the lions mane closed around the neck area.
  5. Finally attach the elastic higher up from the velcro just under the chin. This helps to keep the hair from sliding back behind the ears.
  6. Optional – take an extra piece of hair from the mask and attach it to your dogs tail with the rubber band.

And the final results…we won Most Original Costume at our Guide Dogs of America meeting! YAY!

The Fearless Lion

Farm animals about to be preyed upon by the mighty lion!

Another Easy Last Minute Costume… A Matching Snuggie for You and Your Pet

Order Your Pet Snuggie

Or Still Time or Quickly Order Costumes Online…

See More Costumes Here on JOMP Main Page

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Orange County K9 officer, Hunter, being denied retirement, despite worsening heart condition – Update

Help Save K9 Officer Hunter

There is a interesting, complicated and rather heart-breaking story out of Orange County, NY that is raging over a 7 yr old K-9 officer by the name of Hunter.  Hunter’s current handler, Ed Josefovitz, is leaving the department and has requested that Hunter be retired in light of his age (most K9 officers retire between 8-9 yrs of age) and due to a diagnosed progressive heart condition. In April, 2009, a veterinarian diagnosed Hunter’s heart condition and he was approved for day-to-day service, which typically included hanging out in court, or other sedentary duties. Hunter rarely (as of late) saw any action that would require him to exert himself.

Proponents of the sheriff’s office argue that Hunter is owned by the department, rather than the officer and that he must continue to work until he has reached full retirement age, despite his heart condition. For Capt. Barry’s personal stance on the issue, please visit this link.

Advocates for Hunter insist that going through the rigorous 8 months of retraining at the academy, in addition to the emotional toll of being removed from his current family and placed with a new handler, will only aggravate his worsening heart condition. Concern for his welfare is tremendous and there are many who believe that the dog could be killed by the stress that will be placed upon him in the coming months.

Hunter’s current handler, Josefovitz,  has offered to pay the department $6,900 to cover the cost of a new K-9 officer, but the sheriff’s office has refused. Apparently, many believe that the department is denying Hunter’s retirement out of malice and that the welfare of the dog is being completely over-looked. Some type of ulterior motive does seem to be at play since a prior, healthy K-9 was allowed to retire at only 3 yrs of age when his handler was fired from the department.

Supporters of K-9 Officer Hunter are asked to join the Facebook group Stop NY OC Sheriff’s Office from Killing Hunter. Additionally, supporters are being encouraged to email the NY OC Sheriff’s office at this link or send an email to the mayor at this link. The family is hoping to not only spread the word of Hunter’s plight (if you are concerned, please forward this to friends and family and post on your social networking sites), but also, to get the word to the sheriff’s office and the mayor, that there is support for Hunter. There is amazing power in numbers and obviously, the stretch and power of the internet is incredible.

Hunter with Handler’s Other Dogs

Hunter with his handler's other dogs

7 yr old Hunter, a German shepherd K-9 officer for New York’s Orange County Sheriff’s office,  is currently caught in the middle of a war waging between his department, and his prior handler, Ed Josefovitz. Please refer to the article posted yesterday, Orange County K-9 Officer, Hunter, being denied retirement, despite worsening heart condition.

Hunter has been diagnosed with Chronic degenerative valve disease. While he is asymptomatic at this time, the Merck Veterinary Manual indicates that dogs with this condition develop exercise intolerance, cough, increased respiratory rate and effort, with the possibility (though rare) of sudden death, as the disease progresses.

The German shepherd breed is considered to be a senior between the ages of 7-8 yrs, with their lifespan typically ranging from 9-14 yrs. Obviously, retirement age of the dogs will not only vary by departments, but also, based on the overall health of the dog. An interesting question/answer forum was discovered where the question of K-9 retirement age was posed. Most of the answers, found here were from current, or former, police officers. Apparently, if a dog is close to retirement age at the time that his partner leaves the department, he is typically allowed to retire with his handler. Again, this will obviously vary by departments.

Capt. Barry, of the OCSO, has stated his position on this matter here.  He argues that Josefovitz was trained extensively for his position and that he has chosen to abandon his partner, Hunter, and move on to another department, knowing full well that he could not retire his dog.  Josefovitz and his wife argue that the dog should be allowed to reitre in light of his age and his diagnosed, progressive medical condition.

Josefovitz and his wife have offered to pay the department $6900 to cover the expense of a new K-9 for the department. The sheriff’s office has refused the offer and currently they have put Hunter back into training with a new handler. The question that seems to be repeated again and again, is why the department is unwilling to accept the $6900 to buy a new, young dog rather than working a 7 yr old K-9 into his senior years.

Capt. Barry has argued that the true cost lies in the tens of thousands of dollars needed to train the K-9 handler (human, not dog). However, this appears to be a cost that is going to be incurred with or without K-9 Hunter in service. The tens of thousands of dollars that is will cost to train a new K-9 handler are going to be spent while using Hunter, and then an additional $6900 (+) will be incurred after Hunter is officially retired and a new dog must be purchased.

The arguments in this fight are heated on both sides as emotions are flared. The big question is, who will be the biggest loser in this fight? Is Hunter a pawn in a no-win situation? You can read the empassioned words of those in support of Hunter’s retirement at this Facebook group, Stop NY OC Sheriff’s Office from Killing Hunter.

No matter how you turn this… working a dog with congenital heart problems to death because of expense is animal abuse and torture!!  JOMP~

By:  Penny Eims – Tacoma Dogs Examiner/Posted LA Examiner

Posted: Just One More Pet

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Tails of Love

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Best Costumes Online Contest – Not Too Late to Get One For Your Pup (Supplies and Price are Going Down)

I know what you’re thinking…The Best Dog Costumes? In the middle of February? It’s not even close to Halloween! This is true, but I’ve been hording several dog costume images over the past couple years that I’ve been itching to get up on this site. If you’ve been reading my blog then you saw that Stetson was a Bumble Bee for Halloween. I also wore my Bumble Bee outfit on Halloween making us a swarm of bees. While I must admit, Stetson was an adorable bumble bee it pales in comparison to the originality of these costumes.

So here we are with the 6 Best Dog Costumes circulating on the internet. You can click on the pictures for a larger image (some are already at maximum resolution).

Number 6 – Spider Pug

Spider Pug

Spider Pug…Spider Pug…Does whatever a Spider Pug can do…Have you seen the The Simpsons Movie yet? For some reason I’m drawn to Spider Pug. I know…it’s not too original…and you might say “I’ve seen better”, but for some reason the right color coupled with perfect length spider legs makes me love this costume.

Number 5 – The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion

He could be Azlan from The Chronicles of Narnia…or he could be the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. If you take a closer look he is part of our guide dogs of america group. You can see one of our guide dog puppy jackets on the left side of the picture. Bonus points for being a guide dog in training.  Inspired by this costume we took a shot at building our own lion mane dog costume for Derby.

Number 4 – Mini Knight And His Loyal Steed

Mini Knight And His Loyal Steed

This little guy reminds me of King Arthur, Excalibur, and the knights of the round table. I wish I could get my father’s cairn terrier into a similar costume, but unfortunately I don’t think the knight would survive the day.

Number 3 – Fluffy The Three-Headed Dog

Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog

If you’ve seen or read the first Harry Potter Book then you know all about Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog. Or maybe you’ve seen the Harry Potter Movies. Anyways, I’m sure the little boy in the picture got plenty of attention with his three-headed dog.

Number 2 – The Dog Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

The Dog Legend of Sleepy Hollow

How can this one be number 2. What a brilliant costume! It should be number 1. The Headless Horseman rides again…brings back memories of the recent Tim Burton movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp as the odd Ichabod Crane and Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman.  The headless horseman dog costume is definitely one of our favorites and I even see they have the costume listed on Amazon.com for purchase (however, not nearly as cool as the one in hits picture).

Number 1 – Snoopy! Watch Out For The Gator!

Dog Eaten By A Gator

I don’t really know if his name is Snoopy, but he is a Beagle. Why did I choose this one as the number 1 dog costume? It’s original, it’s humorous, it’s great!!! and it makes me laugh…An adorable Beagle getting eaten by an alligator.  This alligator dog costume would have gone great with Derby’s lion costume.  They do have some Alligator Infant/Toddler Costume
listed on Amazon, but I bet you could use your imagination and somehow make a similar dog alligator costume.

I hope you enjoyed the list. If you have any great dog costume photos please send them to me and I’ll try to post them on my next “Top List“. What do you think? Are these great costumes? Have you seen better?

Source:  Puppy In Training


Still Time or Order Costumes Online…

White Feather Angel Wings for Pets: Dogs/Cats Photo Props/Costume . FREE SHIPPING

Cat Costume

Cat Costume – Kitty Crusader Puss In Boots Cat Costume – Small




Boy & Girl Mouse Costume    

Disney Store Minnie Mouse Dog / Pet Costume

Mickey Mouse Dog Costume Med


Casual Canine Black & Gold, Sequins & Lace Lil Witch Halloween Dog Costume with Hat Medium

X-Small Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

X-Large Lil’ Witch Dog Costume


SHREK THE THIRD OGRE Pet Dog Halloween Costume Large (L)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Extra Small)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Small)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Medium)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Large)

Football Uniform Dog Costume

Soccer Player Costume Md

Soccer Player Costume Lg


French Maid Dog Costume







Bride Costume Large

Bride Costume Medium



X-Small Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

Large Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

– Orange Witch Pet Costume – X-SMALL

– Orange Witch Pet Costume – MEDIUM

– Orange Witch Pet Costume – LARGE


Fire Fighter Costume Md

Fire Fighter Costume Lg

X-SMALL – FIRE CHIEF – Pet Halloween Costume








Disney Toy Story Woody Dog Costume – Size Medium

Disney Toy Story Woody Dog Costume – Size Large


Poodle Girl Costume Sm

X-Small Prison Pooch Costume

Small Prison Pooch Costume

Medium Prison Pooch Costume

Large Prison Pooch Costume

X-LARGE – Prison Pooch Dog Costume


Small Ketchup Hot Dog Costume Fits Dogs 3 – 8 Lbs – Just Discounted – $6.05


Halloween Costume For Dogs – Hot Dog (Mustard Small)


Dog Costume – Bumble Bee Dog Halloween Costume – X-Small (XS)

Bumble Bee Pet Costume – Large

Dog Costume – Flower Pet Halloween Costume – XXX-Large

XXS Chunky Black Metallic Knit Dog Sweater

XS Chunky Black Metallic Knit Dog Sweater

Small Chunky Black Metallic Knit Dog Sweater

Large fits 20" Length

Halloween Costume For Dogs – ER Doctor (Extra Small)

Pet Costume Mullet Wig (Brown) One Piece

Trick or Treat Spooky Halloween Scrunchie Dog Collar


Discount Corner – BEST DEALS – $2.99 – $8.99

Mini Ghost Dog Costumes – MINI GHOST DOG COSTUME – SMALL – $2.99

Mini Pumpkin Dog Costumes – MINI PUMPKIN DOG COSTUME – SMALL – $2.99


Zorro Costume SML – $4.82

Zorro COSTUME LRG – $5.67

Dog Costume Monkey – $6.50

Princess Dog Costumes – PRINCESS DOG COSTUME – SMALL

Ballerina Dog Costumes – PRINCESS DOG COSTUME – MEDIUM – $6.99

Ballerina Dog Costumes – PRINCESS DOG COSTUME – LARGE – $6.99

Dorothy Dog Costumes – DOROTHY DOG COSTUME – MEDIUM – Just Reduced to $7.49

Dorothy Dog Costumes – DOROTHY DOG COSTUME – LARGE – $7.49

Dorothy Dog Costumes – DOROTHY DOG COSTUME – X-LARGE – $7.49

Ballerina Dog Costumes – BALLARENA DOG COSTUME – SMALL – $7.49

Ballarena Dog Costumes – BALLARENA DOG COSTUME – MEDIUM – $7.49


Batman Dog Costumes – BATMAN DOG COSTUME – SMALL – $7.49

Batman Dog Costumes – BATMAN DOG COSTUME – MEDIUM – $7.49

Ladybug Dog Costumes - LADYBUG DOG COSTUME - SMALL

Ladybug Dog Costumes – LADYBUG DOG COSTUME – SMALL


Devil Costume Small – $7.99

Clowny Costume Small – $6.99

Clowny Costume Medium – $7.99

Clowny Costume Large – $8.99

See More Costumes Here on JOMP Main Page

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PetSmart to Hold National Adoption Event

PetSmart Charities is inviting the public to attend their Holiday National Adoption Event at bring a pet home for the holidays.

PetSmart to Hold National Adoption Event

Approximately 8 million dogs and cats enter the animal shelter system every year, but up to half of these never find homes. PetSmart Charities Adoption Centers claim to have found homes for more than 3.9 million pets over the last 14 years of operation.

The Holiday National Adoption Event will run from Friday November 13th through to Sunday November 15th in over 1,000 PetSmart stores, with a goal of finding homes for 15,800 dogs, cats and small animals. PetSmart expects more than 2,000 animal-welfare agencies from across the United States to participate by presenting adoptable pets at PetSmart’s in-store adoption centers. Members of the public who adopt a pet at the event will also receive free samples from Purina Pro Plan and Tidy Cats.

“Pets do so much to improve our quality of life,”  said Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities. “There are so many great pets available for adoption, and these national events give animal-welfare organizations the opportunity to help them find the lifelong, loving homes that they deserve. PetSmart Charities strives to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting rather than purchasing a pet. With so many amazing pets being showcased during this event, we know that thousands of pets will find their forever homes.”

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