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If you are in NYC or know any dog lover who is, please help out with this SOS from this rescue group. Thanks!

Kody was rescued from the housing projects a few days ago, where a couple of teenagers were keeping him locked in a cage virtually 24 hours a day. A woman named Carolyn contacted me, as she had met Kody when he was tied to a tree in the pouring rain, howling and crying miserably. Carolyn had stopped off to get some food in Brooklyn, and happened upon Kody. He is 15 months old, and had the name “Kujo” which was abruptly changed to something that sounded similar, to help in his foster/adoption search. A name like Kujo is not at all helpful! The kids agreed to give up Kody several days later, as he was illegal to own in their building anyhow. A woman in our group, Mia, was so kind to take Kody into her apartment, even though her roommate was unhappy with the situation. Mia can only hold on to Kody until the end of this week. At that point, he will go to a shelter unless someone steps forward to foster or adopt him.

Kody is adorable, black and white, totally housetrained, and goes right into his crate when asked. He is being neutered – and Carolyn is paying for the surgery, which will happen on Wednesday. Kody would do extremely well in a home with a woman – he loves women. He warms right up to them, and is a huge snugglebug. He likes to cuddle and lie down under the covers, and belly rubs are his favorite pastime. He is also quite protective of the person he loves, and would make a great companion for a woman who lives alone. We have not done a thorough dog-test with him, but he played with a dog on the street today quite nicely. We believe that he will be ok with dogs, but should meet the dog in the home where he is going, on neutral territory, before moving in.

The reason that I say he will be euthanized at a shelter is because (aside from there being no room and the likelihood that any pit bull in a shelter system has a slim chance of making it out alive), Kody does not know how to react when greeting people for the first time. Kody was not in a good situation for the first year of his life, so he is still unsure about everyone he meets. When I first met him, he growled and barked at me. But within a half hour, he was laying on top of me, and kissing my lips! All it took was a few minutes of me talking to him gently, and a few cookies, and he was hooked.

Please help this dog start a new life. If you are looking for a companion for your own dog, Kody may just be the dog for you. If you are living alone, and want someone to come home to at the end of each day, Kody will happily be your dog. He gets very attached to anyone who shows him kindness and love, and I know he will thrive in a new environment, with a little patience and a somewhat experienced dog owner.

Will post photos when I get some.

Source: odgrules on AARP Pet Blog

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