Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Tips & Tidbits

Like humans… U.S. Pets are being over medicated and over exposed to chemicals and drugs


We all can and should use as many natural home remedies as we can so our babies aren’t filled with awful chemicals!!!

One of the major culprits are the flea and tick meds… especially the push to keep your pets on them all year round.

Here are some alternatives:

Natural Flea Fighter

One dropperful of each: eucalyptus, lavendar, pennyroyal, and citronella in a quart of water

Pour mixture into a spray bottle and use every time before you take your pets outside.

Always dilute pennyroyal, never use full strength cuz it is toxic, but this is better and in smaller doses than what is in the leading commercial remedies!!

You can buy the ingredients at a health food store or market with a homeopathic, herbal section


Just adding a ‘little’ garlic powder to your pets’ food can remedy the flea and tick problem; about a 1/4 of a teaspoon for a 15 pound dog, and about 1 tsp for up to a 90 lb dog;also increases their immune system.

Also, use natural orange extract and water based sprays for around the house or yard, instead of chemicals.


Some Other Natural Remedies…


For upset tummy’s, try the Herb Slippery Elm, found at any health food store and even in Walmart I believe.

For nerves, he said, a few drops of Spearmint, the juice of grated Ginger, or even a small sprinkle of Catnip in their water.

Give Thuja (can be found or ordered from a health food store) after having a Rabies vaccination, about a 30c dose for an adult dog.

It is Good For Dogs To Be Able to Run Off the Leash

For those of you in Southern California… Check out the dog beach in Huntington Beach:



Freelife’s Himalayan Goji Juice and GoChi are great additions to all your pets’ diet plus CanineCare for the doggies…

As you can see, they love it!!

“Never believe that animals suffer less than humans.
Pain is the same for them that it is for us.
Even worse, because they cannot help themselves.”
— Dr. Louis J. Camuti (1893-1981)



Heimlich Maneuver.. reach into dogs mouth and get lodged object out…
Stretch DOG up with BACK to your body… reach under it’s chest… AND HUG tightly… Count 1,2,3… rest… Again


Chest down to the floor… with the palm of your hand… push-punch at the back… Count 1,2,3… Again


Nose to Mouth... not breathing … Move dog and LAY DOG DOWN on it’s RIGHT SIDE… Reach in and pull TONGUE out to see if anything can be reached in the mouth…

Then CLOSE MOUTH … BREATH INTO NOSE… observe the stomach expanding with air…

HEART is closest to LEFT THIGH … feel pulse / heartbeat… observe air in expanding stomach…



ASPCA Guide to Caring for Pets in Their Final Days

Will My Pet Show Signs that He Is Ready to Pass Away? 
How Can I Tell if My Pet Is in Pain? 
What Is Pet Hospice Care

Read the complete ASPCA End-of-Life FAQ .

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