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MURRIETA: Hot dog! A water park for pooches


One of the dogs dives into the new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

Patty Bruesch owner of the Country Kennels watches some of the dogs play at their new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

FRANK BELLINO/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER -  Dogs play at the new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

PE.com: A new water park in Murrieta that’s open to the community encourages running, jumping and diving after weeding out the fighters, biters and bullies.

There’s no need for swim wear, sun screen or towels, but life jackets are available.

This place is, after all, Dawg Water Park, probably a first for Inland Southern California. The canine water world and playground opened Saturday, July 20 with 500 frolicking pooches on the 10-acre grounds of Country Kennels at 25817 Washington Ave.

Leo, a 10-year-old St. Bernard, and Jack, a 4-year-old golden doodle, gave the salt water, amoeba-shaped pool four paws up, said their human, Angie Duncan, 53, of Murrieta.

“They loved it,” said Duncan, who’s been grooming and boarding her pets for two decades at Country Kennels. “The owners have done nothing but improve the grounds with beautiful trees over the years and now, they’ve put in this amazing water park.”

Husband and wife Gary and Patty Bruesch started the kennel 23 years ago — securing the first building permit recorded in the city, according to Patty. Since then, they’ve expanded to 99 dog runs and nine fancy canine pens called suites, as well as 35 cat enclosures, some of them also suites.

“We always talked about how much the dogs, especially the labs and golden retrievers, love the water,” said Patty Bruesch, 55. She designed her fun zone with a friend who had installed a little pool at her kennel in San Marcos.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, a cage-free boarding “country club” in Sun Valley, pioneered a Southern California dog water park in 2010. “We’re doing very well,” Breanna King, an administrative assistant, said of their three pools and geyser areas. “People and their dogs love it.”

Video:  MURRIETA: Dog water park opens to public

Working with Patty’s brother, a pool builder in Encinitas, the Bruesches would only say that they invested “a substantial amount” for a landscaped water park on deodorized Astroturf to keep mud out of the water.

The Bruesches broke ground in February for a 52-foot long, 20-foot wide pool up to 4-feet deep with extra long steps for easy exits. There are shallow beach accesses, a 40-foot long dock ramp, a shaded lounge area and culvert pipe tunnels for madcap chases. The Bruesches are launching Saturday dock diving classes and plan to add agility equipment.

“It was crazy,” said Patty of the all-day grand opening. “The dogs had so much fun and their owners all had smiles on their faces.”

The staff accepts only neutered dogs, requires vaccination papers and insists on liability releases. Bruesch evaluates temperaments by seeing how each dog responds to one of her calm canines when penned together. “We don’t want aggressive dogs,” she said. Although some owners wanted to dog paddle with their best friends, the pool is only for the four-legged.

Bruesch said the first open swim was a melting pot of the pedigreed and the rescued, poodles and Pomeranians, American bulldogs and basset hounds, dachshunds and Bernese mountain dogs. Although an attendant supervises, humans still must monitor their pets during open swim.

No squeaky toys are allowed, keeping the fur from flying. However, Bruesch green lights water toys, such as balls and Frisbees.

No alcohol is permitted either, but lapping pool water is OK.

Dawg Water Park costs extra for the kennel’s boarders. For the public, the charge is $12 an hour for the first pet, $6 for additional pets. Owners may book private parties, which are required for intact males, such as Border Patrol and police dogs. .

“They have so much energy to burn,” said Brandon Englert, 28, one of the kennel technicians. Ball hog Callie, a yellow lab puppy, stole the show the other day as she fetched and retrieved, competing with two black lab brothers, Junior and Max. After hugging the pool’s perimeter, Spree, a miniature Australian shepherd, tiptoed into the shallows as the staff cheered her on.

“They get the whole pool where they get to be dogs,” Bruesch said.

Watch her website for revised class times and pool hours: http://countrykennelsca.com/

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Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Front of Owner (Graphic Video)

Video: Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Front of Owner (Graphic Video)

This is appalling on many levels but should worry every animal lover from that aspect alone.  This is also not an isolated incident of excessive force used against animals and their owners!!

I am not getting involved in the entire event here… but I am concerned with the over-reaction and excessive force used against the dog!! 

ASPCA and Others Cry for Help: Animal Cruelty by Police Becoming Epidemic?

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A Soldier Reunites With His Dog After A Six Month Deployment

Video:  A Soldier Reunites With His Dog After A Six Month Deployment

After a six month deployment, this soldier returned to his dear friend. “Who says animals have no feelings, no souls? If this doesn’t move you, there’s something wrong with you.” …Rob Miller – Joshua Pundit

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Birth of Persian Leopard Cubs Proves Success of Sochi 2014 Environmental Program

Video: Birth of Persian Leopard Cubs Proves Success of the Sochi 2014 Environmental Program

For the first time in 50 years two Persian leopard cubs were born in Russia last week . The species is endangered, making the births a special occasion, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

The Persian leopard cubs will grow to be the part of the largest leopard subspecies in the world. The giant cats once roamed all over southwest Russia’s Caucasus Mountains.

But habitat loss and heavy poaching have landed the beautiful creatures on the Conservation of Nature’s endangered species. According to LiveScience, it is estimated that only between 871 and 1,290 mature adults exist in the wild.

The two Persian leopard cubs were bred at the Persian Leopard Breeding Rehabilitation Center in Sochi National Park. The center’s goal is to reintroduce the population to the wild. The cubs’ parents came to the center from Portugal’s Lisbon Zoo.

Leopard cubs typically stay in their den for two months after birth. They get their food from their mother at first, but eventually develop their own hunting skills. The World Wildlife Fund’s Russian species coordinator, Natalia Dronova, released a statement about the leopard cubs’ birth, saying:

“They will eventually be released into the wild after learning skills, and will start a new population of leopards in the Caucasus Mountains.”

Along with Russia, the species also lives in Iran, eastern Turkey, southern Turkmenistan, and parts of western Afghanistan. The center hopes to help the population return back to its original state. Umar Semyonov, head of the breeding center, stated of the newborns. “It is too early to tell the sex of the cubs. They’re in the den with their mother and center staff don’t want to disturb them.”

The young leopards’ eyes won’t open for seven to nine days after birth. While staff haven’t handled the Persian leopard cubs yet, they are believed to be about six inches long. They weigh about 1.5 pounds. A full-grown Persian leopard will weigh about 200 pounds.

Persian-Leopard - Cubs-Born-Captivity-665x385

ShutterStock Photo

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Dog(s) Survive 4th of July Prank

NBCLA/THITW: A 2-year-old pit bull pup who may have been the victim of a cruel Fourth of July prank was rescued July 5th, but it’s just the start of what likely will be a long recovery for the badly burned dog.  The young pit bull was found July 5 in the Van Nuys, Calif., area and brought to the East Valley Animal Shelter.

While rescuers are unsure exactly what happened to the dog they named Indy, they suspect he may have been hurt by fireworks the day before.

Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.T.) took the dog into their care Thursday. The group, which describes its purpose as removing animals from high-kill shelters in Los Angeles, is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of whoever injured Indy.

"We named him Indy because we want Independence Day to mark his freedom from those who hurt him," according to a video posted to S.T.A.R.T.’s Facebook page.

In the video, Indy takes ginger steps around his cage. He is suffering from third-degree burns over half his body, including on his stomach, legs and paws.

Doctor Aids Pup Hurt by Fireworks

Dr. Daniel Slaton, a well-known surgeon who typically operates on humans, was called in after the pit bull was apparently strapped with fireworks and lit ablaze.  He believes based on the pattern and location of the burns, the dog was strapped with fireworks on July 4.

“Fire from the fireworks are going down his legs, and as it was being lit, he was walking and burning the bottoms of his feet,” said Slaton, lead surgeon at the Westlake Village Animal Hospital, where Indy has undergone at least 2 surgeries so far.

Called "sweet and gentle" by rescuers, the 2 to 3-year-old pup (pictured above) is being treated by a burn specialist at the private veterinarian hospital, where he’ll have to stay at least another month.

His next surgery is scheduled for Friday morning.

Rescuers are asking for the public’s help to fund Indy’s extensive recovery.

Anyone interested in donating is asked to contact donations@startrescue.org, or mail a check to:

PO Box 4792
Valley Village, CA 91617

The organization notes that donations should be sent as "Personal and Gift so no charges are taken out, and kindly write INDY in the memo."

See video HERE


‘Rocket’ the dog lucky to be alive after thugs attached an explosive to its neck and blew it up 

Justice for Dog Whose Face Was Blown Off By Fireworks!

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Twin pandas born in Atlanta

Giant panda Lun Lun gave birth to a set of twins on Monday at Zoo Atlanta, making the duo the first giant panda twins to be born in the US since 1987.

Twin pandas born at Zoo Atlanta (© NBC News/Zoo Atlanta/Reuters, http://aka.ms/twinpandas)

Panda twins born, first US set since 1987 (they will get cuter and more recognizable)

What’s better than a newborn baby birthed from a cute and cuddly endangered species? Two of ’em!

Giant panda Lun Lun gave birth to a set of twins at Zoo Atlanta on Monday, making the duo the first giant panda twins to be born in the U.S. since 1987. Although twin births aren’t a rare occurrence for pandas, the survival of the two babies would be unlikely in the wild, as the mother panda tends to care for only one of the cubs and lets the other die. Fortunately, Zoo Atlanta’s animal care teams aren’t as callous and will be periodically alternating the twins between their mother’s care and a nursery. [Source]

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Trayvon Martin Supporters Call Cat ‘George,’ Burn It Alive (Photo)

article image

By Dabney BaileyOpposing Views -  Mon, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the decision has sparked outrage in some communities across America. Many feared that there would be riots, but instead of taking anger out on store fronts, at least one Trayvon Martin supporter has allegedly targeted animals.

At 6:38 a.m. on Sunday, a tweet went out from Tevon D’Sean Jackon that read, "RIOT4TRAYVON #JusticeForTrayvon OH SHIEETT.. TYRONE JUST BURNED THIS CAT.. WE CALLED HIM GEORGE AND BURNED HIM ALIVE.”

The tweet also includes a picture of the burned cat, which can be found below. Fair warning: the picture is somewhat graphic, but it is grainy enough that it is difficult to tell that it is even a cat at all. We featured it below.

The tweet has unsurprisingly sparked outrage from the Internet community. One user wrote, “you’re a worthless human piece of trash. Killing a cat to make a point literally makes you worse than the man you say is guilty.”

Another added, “ignorant piece of trash. Zimmerman should have popped you too.”

However, it is entirely possible that it’s all a big hoax in order to drum up drama. Tevon D’Sean Jackson’s current tweet reads, “#GNAA Vice President ~ #RIOT4TRAYVON #EDLRAPECREW, #cut4bieber, #SANDYLOOTCREW & #londonriots Celebrity.. proud /pol/ack.” The GNAA is the Gay N*gger Association of America, which is an anti-blogging trolling organization.

Of course, it is difficult to tell whether or not that really is a cat in the picture. Either way, it had its intended effect. Jackson’s Twitter page is filled with hundreds of angry tweets from other Internet users.

What are your thoughts? Does that picture of possible animal cruelty warrant an investigation from authorities, or is this just another example of Internet trolls adding fuel to the fire?

For me… this is an example of the ‘real’ disgusting human animal(s) torturing a poor defenseless animal.  It certainly also diminishes any sympathy for the perpetrators cause.  Time we put Tevon D’Sean Jackon on trial for 1st degree murder in my book!

Source: Twitter

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Can Dogs Eat Nuts?

Dogs love human food, and most humans have a hard time resisting the pleading face of a dog who wants a bite of what they’re eating. On the other hand, some human foods are not only unhealthy for dogs, but a few can actually kill them. One food some people reward their dog with is nuts, especially almonds. Can dogs eat almonds safely?

By Marion Algier  -  Just One More Pet

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

The humane society and others publish a list of “no-no” foods or unsafe foods for dogs to eat, and the only two nuts on the list are walnuts and macadamia nuts. Feeding a dog as few as four macadamia nuts, depending upon the dog’s size, can cause neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness, tremors and even paralysis. Walnuts can cause stomach upset in dogs and moldy ones that contain mycotoxins cause tremors in dogs. These two nuts are a definite "no-no" for all dogs.

Does this mean dog scan eat almonds since they’re not on the list? Even though almonds aren’t toxic to dogs, there are some good reasons to avoid giving your dog this nutty treat, or at least give it sparingly. Nuts of all types, including almonds, are on the list of foods that cause stomach upset in dogs.

So, if you do occasionally almonds or other nuts, or something with nuts in it, with your best friend, do so sparingly and watch for any negative reactions.  If you notice a negative change in their behavior, their stool or that they are in pain, cease to share nuts in general and definitely that type of nut with them.

Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are healthy for humans, but too much fat of any kind increases the risk of pancreatitis in dogs. Pancreatitis can be fatal to your canine best friend, so it’s best to stay from nuts and fatty human foods. Giving your dog food high in fats may earn you a few tail wags, but it could have bad long-term health consequences.

Another reason not to give your dog almonds or other nuts is they can get caught in their throat or intestines, causing an intestinal obstruction that could require surgery. Who wants to put a dog through that?

Can Dogs Eat Almonds: The Bottom Line?

Almonds aren’t directly toxic to dogs like walnuts and macadamia nuts are, but they do increase the risk of pancreatitis and intestinal obstruction. Almonds are a heart-healthy snack for humans, but if your dog loves them too, buy some organic peanut butter flavored dog cookies to satisfy your dogs need for a treat. It’s a safer option.


Good Diet and Advice for Dogs with Pancreatitis 

Pancreatitis in Dogs

No-No Foods for Pets

Common Foods That Are Harmful Or Even Fatal to Dogs

Pets and Toxic Plants

More Dogs (and Cats) Getting High, Sick and Fat In States Where Marijuana Is Legal

“Holidays Are Great and Fun To Share With Our Pets, As Long As We Avoid the No-No Foods”

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Alaskan Breeds Only True American Breeds Study Shows…

Discovery: According to a new study the only breeds of dogs that actually have American ancestry are Alaskan Inuit sled dogs, such as the Eskimo dog and the Greenland dog.

"They originate from the indigenous Indian-American and Inuit dog populations, and have only marginally been mixed with European dogs in modern time," says the study’s co-author Peter Savolainen: "They are all equally American."

Alaskan Breeds

Savolainen, an associate professor at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, explained the determination after tracing the origin of mitochondrial DNA lineages for several dog breeds suspected to be pre-Columbian, meaning before Europeans settled in the Americas. Dogs inherit their mitochondrial DNA from their mothers.

Alaska’s Denali National Park uses sled dogs to patrol its 6 million acres of Arctic terrain.

Scientists widely agree that the original stock of all canines worldwide originated from Asia. This is similar to the widely agreed-upon view that all members of our species originated in Africa before some people left that continent.

“There was a single origin of the domestic dog somewhere in Eurasia,” Savolainen explained. “The exact place is still debated, but our previous studies strongly indicate the southern part of East Asia, basically southern China.”

The earliest archaeological evidence for dogs in the Americas dates to around 10,000 years ago, long before the dawn of transoceanic travel in the 15th century that saw the arrival of Columbus and other Europeans.

Most U.S. dogs today, however, have European origins. Golden retrievers, poodles and many more breeds fall into this category.

Inuit sled dogs, the Eskimo dog and the Greenland dog, though, show no European heritage in their genes. Like Native Americans, they were in the United States and nearby areas long before Europeans arrived.

“Nobody knows exactly what happened,” Savolainen said. “Most probably migrated together with the humans that entered America from Asia via the Bering Strait. These humans became today’s Indians and Inuits.”

“Our data shows dogs came in several migrations, at least one with the Indian-American ancestors and at least one with the Inuit ancestors,” he continued.

The result for Alaskan Malamutes was ambiguous, but these dogs appear to come from slightly different stock originating in Siberia, Japan, China and Indonesia. The Alaskan husky and the American Eskimo dog have a known origin from Siberian spitzes and European dogs.

The dogs with the most pre-Columbian Mexican heritage, according to the study, are the Chihuahua and Xolo (Mexican hairless dog). 

The researchers additionally determined that a group of free-ranging dogs based in South Carolina and Georgia — known as Carolina Dogs — likely have an ancient Asian origin.

Carolina Dogs might have once been associated with a Native American tribe, the canine’s relatives turning feral once their humans disappeared.

“The reason might be that the human population keeping these dogs was wiped out when Europeans came,” Savolainen said.

Prior research by Sarah Brown of UC Davis and colleagues is consistent with the latest findings about the Inuit sled dog, Eskimo dog and Greenland dog. Brown and her team found “ancient DNA evidence for genetic continuity in arctic dogs.”

Scientists hope to use such DNA studies and other research on dogs to learn more about past human migrations. From at least 10,000 years onward, wherever migrating humans went, dogs often came too.


Iditarod Dog Death Raises Ire of Animal Rights Activists

PHOTOS: The Earliest Dogs

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Trenton Thunder ‘bat dog’ dies at 13

Chase - Bat Dog

Chase, a golden retriever, longtime mascot and beloved bat dog for the Trenton Thunder, died Monday of Cancer, days after celebrating his 13th birthday at a retirement party at the team’s stadium.

Chase - Trenton Thunder Bat Dog

The pup — full name: Chase That Golden Thunder — made his debut with the team in 2002, and gathered bats, grabbed frisbees and entertained fans for more than a decade.

"Chase was such a tremendous part of the Trenton Thunder identity for more than 10 years," Thunder General Manager Will Smith told NJ.com. "His presence at Arm & Hammer Park or in the community was the epitome of the wholesome family entertainment for which we strive."

In February, Chase was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma, and he made sure to make the most of his last few months at the ballpark. In June, Chase became the first dog to be honored on the field at Yankee Stadium (the Thunder are the Yankees’ Double-A affiliate), and on Thursday, the Thunder hosted a birthday bash that also served as Chase’s retirement party.

Video: Chase that Golden Thunder

“He’s just a one-of-a-kind dog," Eric Lipsman, the Thunder’s senior vice president of corporate sales and Chase’s owner, told NJ.com at the retirement party. "That’s all I can say. He lived for this. He just absolutely loved to be out there on the field."

Chase leaves behind a bat-fetching legacy that includes his 5-year-old son Derby, the Thunder’s new bat dog, as well as another son, Ollie, the bat dog for the New Hampshire FisherCats.

Video:  Trenton Thunder – Chase the Bat Dog – July 3, 2007

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