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MURRIETA: Hot dog! A water park for pooches


One of the dogs dives into the new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

Patty Bruesch owner of the Country Kennels watches some of the dogs play at their new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

FRANK BELLINO/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER -  Dogs play at the new pool at the Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark in Murrieta, July 23, 2013.

PE.com: A new water park in Murrieta that’s open to the community encourages running, jumping and diving after weeding out the fighters, biters and bullies.

There’s no need for swim wear, sun screen or towels, but life jackets are available.

This place is, after all, Dawg Water Park, probably a first for Inland Southern California. The canine water world and playground opened Saturday, July 20 with 500 frolicking pooches on the 10-acre grounds of Country Kennels at 25817 Washington Ave.

Leo, a 10-year-old St. Bernard, and Jack, a 4-year-old golden doodle, gave the salt water, amoeba-shaped pool four paws up, said their human, Angie Duncan, 53, of Murrieta.

“They loved it,” said Duncan, who’s been grooming and boarding her pets for two decades at Country Kennels. “The owners have done nothing but improve the grounds with beautiful trees over the years and now, they’ve put in this amazing water park.”

Husband and wife Gary and Patty Bruesch started the kennel 23 years ago — securing the first building permit recorded in the city, according to Patty. Since then, they’ve expanded to 99 dog runs and nine fancy canine pens called suites, as well as 35 cat enclosures, some of them also suites.

“We always talked about how much the dogs, especially the labs and golden retrievers, love the water,” said Patty Bruesch, 55. She designed her fun zone with a friend who had installed a little pool at her kennel in San Marcos.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, a cage-free boarding “country club” in Sun Valley, pioneered a Southern California dog water park in 2010. “We’re doing very well,” Breanna King, an administrative assistant, said of their three pools and geyser areas. “People and their dogs love it.”

Video:  MURRIETA: Dog water park opens to public

Working with Patty’s brother, a pool builder in Encinitas, the Bruesches would only say that they invested “a substantial amount” for a landscaped water park on deodorized Astroturf to keep mud out of the water.

The Bruesches broke ground in February for a 52-foot long, 20-foot wide pool up to 4-feet deep with extra long steps for easy exits. There are shallow beach accesses, a 40-foot long dock ramp, a shaded lounge area and culvert pipe tunnels for madcap chases. The Bruesches are launching Saturday dock diving classes and plan to add agility equipment.

“It was crazy,” said Patty of the all-day grand opening. “The dogs had so much fun and their owners all had smiles on their faces.”

The staff accepts only neutered dogs, requires vaccination papers and insists on liability releases. Bruesch evaluates temperaments by seeing how each dog responds to one of her calm canines when penned together. “We don’t want aggressive dogs,” she said. Although some owners wanted to dog paddle with their best friends, the pool is only for the four-legged.

Bruesch said the first open swim was a melting pot of the pedigreed and the rescued, poodles and Pomeranians, American bulldogs and basset hounds, dachshunds and Bernese mountain dogs. Although an attendant supervises, humans still must monitor their pets during open swim.

No squeaky toys are allowed, keeping the fur from flying. However, Bruesch green lights water toys, such as balls and Frisbees.

No alcohol is permitted either, but lapping pool water is OK.

Dawg Water Park costs extra for the kennel’s boarders. For the public, the charge is $12 an hour for the first pet, $6 for additional pets. Owners may book private parties, which are required for intact males, such as Border Patrol and police dogs. .

“They have so much energy to burn,” said Brandon Englert, 28, one of the kennel technicians. Ball hog Callie, a yellow lab puppy, stole the show the other day as she fetched and retrieved, competing with two black lab brothers, Junior and Max. After hugging the pool’s perimeter, Spree, a miniature Australian shepherd, tiptoed into the shallows as the staff cheered her on.

“They get the whole pool where they get to be dogs,” Bruesch said.

Watch her website for revised class times and pool hours: http://countrykennelsca.com/

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