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PETA’s Palin Craziness


By Marion Algier – Excerpted from Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees 01-06-15 !! at Ask Marion 

My Weasel of the Week nominee is PETA!! .

Sarah Palin posted a photo of her 6-year-old special needs son, Trig, trying to help with the dishes. Nobody immediately reacted when he said he needed help to reach the sink, so Trig took it upon himself to solve the problem. He stood on the family dog, Jill, a black lab especially trained to be a companion for kids like Trig who suffers from down syndrome.


When Palin posted the photo, PETA went nuts. Now I’m a dog, an animal lover, but really???

Hmmm… funny thing?!? When Ellen DeGeneres, who doesn’t suffer from Downs or the like, posted virtually the same photo of herself standing on the family dog as a child, there were crickets from PETA and then they nominated her women of the year.


And when President Obama admitted that he ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia there wasn’t a peep either from PETA.

Or how about when New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio dropped the groundhog, who eventually died, at the yearly celebration? I don’t remember a peep from PETA then either.

But like with anything else in today’s climate, if you are a Democrat or a Progressive from either party, you are untouchable and always excused, but if you are a Republican or worse yet, a tea party Republican, you are fair game with a target on your back for anyone or any group to inflict their fake outrage. Just ask former Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Romney .

But Sarah Palin responded to PETA like only Sarah can!

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Under Obama Over 1,200 Military Dogs Put Down by Regime

Dogs of War Remembered

Emerald Warrior 2011

MoonbatteryEating dogs was bad enough. Killing over 1,200 faithful military dogs who were protecting American troops in Afghanistan is worse:

The heroic service dogs were euthanized because they were deemed too “dangerous” for civilian adoption or jobs with law enforcement agencies, as well as for medical reasons according to U.S. Air Force reports given to Congress.

The dogs were used as guards and to sniff out terrorist bombs.

It’s not as if no homes could be found:

Currently more than 300 people are waiting to adopt a military dog, with an average waiting time of 18 months.

Betraying those who loyally served in Afghanistan and Iraq has been characteristic of the current administration.

Is there anything these people do right?


No wonder Bo is trying to get away from him!!

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

*All but ‘1’ of the dogs rescued from Mike Vick’s fighting ring were rehabbed and re-homed without any problems!!  This is horrible and ridiculous!  Everyone of these military K-9’s who served for us deserved better… a home and family to retire to after their service.  And if after the ongoing VA scandal, anyone out there still believes that ‘they’ care any more about our 2-legged veterans than the 4-legged ones… Houston, We have a problem!!

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Hero War Dogs

Man’s Best Friend… Absolutely His Troop Partner’s Best Friends!

The illegal and questionable Bergdahl swap for 5-Taliban Commanders from Gitmo, the Gitmo-5, that could endanger many more troops and even Americans back home has now become controversial and is sparking outrage from both Democrats and Republicans alike, from politicians to pundits to everyday Americans to many who served with Bergdahl and the families of troops that have already been lost in the attempt to search for him… especially now that it has come to light that Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life!

Even Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry released a statement Monday criticizing the United States swapping five Taliban prisoners #nhpolitics

@Soldierjohn 3m


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Dogs of War – Photos From the Frontlines Revisited

Emerald Warrior 2011

Thursday’s Awesome Photos From The Frontlines: The Dogs Of War – Pat Dollard

Mar 21, 2013 – Jake Hammer – Originally Cross-Posted at Just One More Pet and at Ask Marion on 3.22.13











Airman's best wingman








war Dogs-2




Protective "doggles"


Operation Iraqi Freedom



Ronald Reagan Honors America and Our Troops Past and Present

Memorial Day 2014

Hero Dogs of 9/11

Memorial Day Weekend Health Safety Tip Reminders

Nation’s oldest Memorial Day Parade returns to Bay Ridge 

Memorial Day and Summer Cautions and Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Military Heroes and Their Dogs

Sergeant Stubby

1st national monument for war dogs honors four-legged pup soldiers of World War II and beyond

Military dogs euthanized as ‘equipment’ under cruel law

Slain Marine’s service dog dies.. (Sad story.. Pictures of Lex and Lee)


Help Save USMC Sergeant Rex – Updated

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

Dog Killers Convicted For Murdering Navy Seal Hero’s Beloved Companion

Heart-Wrenching Image: Dog Keeps Watch Over Fallen Seal’s Casket During Funeral

Update: Retired Disabled Military Dog Rocky Has Been Saved

The Dog that Cornered Osama Bin Laden

Arizona Worker Fired For Euthanizing War Hero Dog – Is It Enough?

‘Dogs Have The Intelligence of a Human Toddler’

“Tails of Love”  -  Tails of Love – Book

Military Punishment for Dog Killer, Abuser a Joke! No Justice! VIDEO

Humane Society of the U.S. finally changes its policy on fighting dogs

Father Arrested for Allegedly Killing Family Dog in Front of Children

Tucson: Pets, Vets, Veterans Day

Honoring Military Dogs on Veteran’s Day

And the Verdict is Guilty – YES!

Can the US Become a No-Kill Nation?

Lone Survivor – Book

Department of Islamic Justice Bows Down to Muslims Irrational Hatred of Dogs……. SHEER INSANITY !!!!

1st national monument for war dogs honors four-legged pup soldiers of World War II and beyond

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military – Really?

The 9/11 rescue dogs: Portraits of the last surviving animals who scoured Ground Zero one decade on

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Wounded Police Dog Bruno Is Going Home

Bruno posing with his partner Anaheim Police Officer RJ Young prior to the shootingSuspected gang member 21-year-old Robert Moreno Jr. who was shot dead by Anaheim Police Thursday following a shooting in which police dog Bruno was seriously wounded

Bruno posing with his partner, RJ Young of the Anaheim police (left), prior to the shooting. Right, suspected gang member 21-year-old Robert Moreno Jr. who was shot dead in the incident

Police dog wounded in March will be honored at an official retirement ceremony May 13th, 2014

By Marion Algier – Just One More Pet (JOMP)

  • Bruno has been in hospital for several weeks after incident
  • Had to receive blood transplant from dog, while bullet shattered his jaw
  • Will make a brief appearance on Friday before preparing for retirement
  • ANAHEIM – Police dog shot in the face in the line of duty while confronting a gunman has been deemed well enough to go home by the end of the week.

    Bruno, a seven-year-old German shepherd, underwent several surgeries after his jaw was shattered and lung damaged, while a bullet was lodged close to his heart.

    But Anaheim Police Department has now announced he has made a strong recovery.

    K-9 Officer R.J. Young walked out of Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in uniform on Friday, 5.2.14, with canine partner Bruno on-leash bounding straight toward the patrol car.

    Anaheim police didn’t want Bruno hanging around too long at an afternoon press conference announcing he was going home. The German shepherd, shot by a suspect in March, thought he was going back to work and might get too excited.

    Before Young and Bruno headed home for the first time in six weeks, the officer told reporters, supportive cops and others: “I could never begin to say thank you enough for all the support, all the letters, the thoughts, the prayers. That has been so huge to not only myself – my family – getting us through this. …

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that that’s what got Bruno through this,” Young said.

    Some in the 60-strong crowd wore T-shirts, “K9 Bruno – Our Hero,” or held miniature stuffed dogs.

    Bruno was shot while pursuing a suspect who fired on probation officers. The suspect was fatally shot by officers. A bullet shattered Bruno’s jaw and lodged in his chest.

    Cheryl Timmons, president of the Friends of the Anaheim Police Canine Association, said she almost cried after watching Young and Bruno drive off.

    “There were a few days in the beginning when we didn’t know if he’d be going home,” Timmons said.

    Instead, Bruno will once again tail Young’s wife, Rachel, around the house.

    Bruno and his family credit all the prayers, good wishes and blood transfusions from canine friends around the world for his recovery.

    On May 13, a public retirement ceremony will be held at City Hall for the 7-year-old dog, expected to lead a normal home life. He just can’t stay with the force, as his jaw isn’t strong enough to bite down on a suspect.

    Bruno, the Anaheim, California Police dog who was shot in March. He is well enough to finally leave an animal hospital

    Bruno, the Anaheim, California Police dog who was shot in March. He is well enough to finally leave an animal hospital

    Anaheim Police K9 Bruno recovers at the Yorba Linda Regional Animal Hospital where he underwent surgery Thursday  to remove a bullet that damaged his ling

    Anaheim Police K9 Bruno recovers at the Yorba Linda Regional Animal Hospital where he underwent surgery Thursday to remove a bullet that damaged his ling

    Police dog which was shot in the face makes steps to recovery

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    Comfort Dogs Bring Hope to Mudslide Rescue Workers Amid the Rubble

    What’s This?


    Sumi, a 6-year-old Akita, is a comfort dog; that spent time at the Oso Fire Department Thursday with rescue workers following last weekend’s deadly mudslide. Image: Kurt Wagner – Mashable

    By Kurt Wagner/Mashable 

    OSO, Wash. — The idea of dog as man’s best friend took on a whole new meaning in the small town of Oso this week.

    Following a deadly mudslide that has left 17 dead with many more missing and presumed dead, authorities say search dogs have been the most valuable asset in finding victims amid the mud and rubble. But these search dogs on the front lines aren’t the only canines lending a paw to the local community. On Thursday, three "comfort dogs" spent hours inside the Oso Fire Department providing rescue workers and volunteers with a calming, lovable distraction.

    Multiple comfort dogs, also known as "crisis therapy dogs," have been spending time with rescuers and emergency responders since the beginning of the week in the Oso area. Rescuers have been spending long hours in the mud, rain, and debris, sifting through the personal belongings of those lost in the mudslide and even locating and extracting the dead. It’s been overwhelming, particularly for locals who have friends or family still missing.

    Organizations like the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology out of Hugo, Minn., and HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, an organization with regions covering 30 U.S. states, have traveled with dogs to provide a calming presence wherever they’re needed.

    Levi, a 15-month-old, full blood Great Dane, spent Thursday morning walking around the Oso Fire Department where more than 80 citizen volunteers awaited an opportunity to head up to the slide zone. There are more volunteers than authorities can utilize, meaning some sit on standby for hours, if not days at a time.

    Levi, who has been trained since he was six-months-old, was a hit with those waiting around as rescue volunteers petted him throughout the day, receiving dog kisses in exchange. His handler, Pam Selz of Green Cross, says that dogs like Levi often get people talking, at which point both the dog and its handler can provide further comfort.

    Sumi, a 6-year-old Akita, was also on hand Thursday with her handler Sherrie Wright from HOPE, who began handling and training Sumi after retiring from the Spokane County Superior Court five years ago. Sumi spent many weeks training before taking and passing a three-day boot camp, consisting of vigorous eight-hour training days and culminating in certification as a crisis response animal, says Wright.

    comfort dogs

    Sumi (L) is walked around by Michael Wright of Hope. Earlier in the day, Levi, seen here with handler Pam Selz, visits with volunteer seacrh and rescue workers. Image: Kurt Wagner/Mashable

    It’s not an easy process, she added, and most dogs aren’t cut out for the job. Handlers look for dogs that aren’t too lively or sensitive to unexpected noises, qualities that can’t really be taught. "They either have it or they don’t," she says.

    HOPE has three dogs in the area, all of which were driven over from Spokane, a five-hour drive. Other dogs are on their way from California and Montana, says Michael Wright, Sherrie’s husband and a fellow HOPE volunteer. HOPE, a non-profit founded in Oregon in 2001, has provided canines to some of the country’s most highly visible crises in the past decade. HOPE dogs were present following the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, the Colorado wildfires in the summer of 2013, and the naval yard shooting in Washington, D.C., last fall.

    Handlers and dogs don’t visit the hospitals or the families of the deceased unless they are invited, says Michael. It’s one of the challenges of the job: understanding where to intervene and where to back off. "[The toughest part of the job] is to kinda be aware of your limitations and the dog’s limitations," says Sherrie.

    For the next few days, these comfort dogs will be available where needed around the Oso community. Wright says the dogs can identify humans in need. "When people are stressed, [Sumi] can sense that and goes up to them."

    With extensive national media attention, 90 people still missing, and the rains continuing to come down, that’s a small solace that only a dog can provide.

    See also: In Oso, Search and Rescue Volunteers Play the Waiting Game

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    Nominations for 2014 Hero Dog Awards Are Underway


    If you know of a Dog Hero… please nominate them.

    By Grace Sydney – DogTipper

    Shining a well-deserved spotlight on stout-hearted Spots, the American Humane Association has just unleashed the nomination process for the 2014 Hero Dog Awards.

    Through February 28th fans of Fidos can nominate a courageous canine as a candidate in one of eight categories:

    • Law Enforcement Dogs
    • Military Dogs
    • Arson Dogs
    • Search and Rescue Dogs
    • Guide/Hearing Dogs
    • Service Dogs
    • Therapy Dogs
    • Emerging Hero Dogs, in recognition of ‘ordinary’ dogs who accomplish extraordinary deeds

    The pup-loving public will pick the 24 four-legged semi-finalists (three in each category) during the first round, followed by a second round featuring the votes of both the public and notables who will narrow the field down to eight valiant dogs who will vie for the title of 2014 American Hero Dog. Past celebrity judges have included Whoopi Goldberg, Kristin Chenoweth, Victoria Stillwell and many more. Even celebrity dogs are getting involved: “I believe all dogs are heroes!” says American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards National Spokesdog Super Smiley, who with handler, actress, and “The Pet Lifestyle Coach®” Megan Blake have their own show on Pet Life Radio and advocate to get shelter pets adopted. “When you look in your dogs eyes, I bet you see a hero lookin’ right back! Nominate your best friend today! I’ll be watchin’ for them!”

    Finalists in each of the eight categories and two of their human companions will be flown to Hollywood, where the Rovers will walk the red carpet at the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ gala, which will take place on September 27, 2014 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Each of the finalists at the star-studded black-tie event will be a hero for a charity chosen from the contest’s list of 15 charity partners, as each dog will win a $1,500 donation, while the evening’s top dog will garner an additional $5,000 for their charity partner.

    “For thousands of years, dogs have been a vital part of our lives, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that American Humane Association stepped up to officially recognize the amazing work these dogs do every day,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, American Humane Association’s president and CEO. “Hero dogs do so much to keep us safe, happy, and healthy. It is the least we can do to honor them on their special night every fall. We can’t wait to meet the 2014 class of Hero Dogs.”

    For more information regarding the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards:

    Video: Elle the Pit Bull – The 2013 American Hero Dog Awards Winner

    Elle, a pit bull therapy dog (seen in the photo above), was the recipient of last year’s top honor:

    Photo Credit: PRNewsFoto/American Humane Association

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    Honor and Friendship – Remembering on Veteran’s Day

    Honor and Friendship Lg

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    Sarah Palin and Senator Mile Lee Take Time to Visit Service Dog Trainers While in Iowa

    Lee Palin and Puppy Elmer

    The Iowa Republican: Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska were guests at a Puppy Jake Foundation pre-Veterans’ Day reception Friday evening at the home of Robin and Dave Lickteig in Cumming on Friday night. Lee and Palin are in Iowa to speak at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 13th Annual Friends of the Family Banquet Saturday night at the Paul R. Knapp Learning Center on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

    Puppy Jake and several puppies who are in training to become service dogs for military veterans were on hand to greet Sen. Lee, Gov. Palin and her husband, Todd Palin. The puppies were accompanied by their foster families and supporters of the Puppy Jake Foundation.

    Trainer Renee Jetter, who is raising Puppy Bob, said each service dog goes through almost two years of preparation in order to become a skilled service dog. Jetter, who owns Caine Craze Performance Center in Urbandale along with her husband Scott, expects Bob to be placed with a veteran when he is about 20 months old. The young service-dogs-in training go through many learning experiences to prepare them to confidently handle all kinds of public venues and social situations a veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder might experience, such as the large gathering in Cumming.

    Lee cradles Puppy Elmer who falls fast asleepBoth Lee and Palin couldn’t resist holding some of the newest members of the Puppy Jake Foundation training class. Palin latched on to Josie, a 9-week old chocolate Labrador puppy being raised by Tripp Kinney. And 11-week old Elmer, an 11-week old Golden Retriever being raised by Jessica Van Maanen, snuggled up in Lee’s arms and fell asleep like a little baby.

    In between holding Josie and chatting with guests at the reception, Lee discussed the debate over Obamacare and the fundamental differences between the progressive left and the conservative movements taking place in government. “My definition of conservatism is a point between radical collectivism and radical individualism. Conservatives realize that we are all in this together and we do it through the right balance of civil society and free markets,” said Lee.

    “Republicans must learn how to better articulate both their deep concerns for the poor and their better vision for moving the poor out of poverty and from dependency on government,” said Lee, who was elected to the Senate during the 2010 mid-term elections with 62 percent of the vote against the Democrat challenger.

    Palin came to Iowa after attending the 95th birthday party for Rev Billy Graham at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina Thursday night. “It was such a variety of people and beliefs and backgrounds. There was Donald Trump over there and then there was Todd and Sarah of Wasilla over here,” said Palin who was one of three speakers along with Greta Van Sustern and Graham’s own pastor, Rev. Don Wilton, of the First Baptist church of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The event was attended by more than 900 people including Rupert Murdock, Chick-fil-A’s Dan Cathy, pastor Rick Warren, Grammy-winner Michael W. Smith, country singer Ricky Scaggs and “Today” show host Kathie Lee Gifford.

    “I told him we need a Methuselah,” said Palin. “He ushered in the Jesus movement in the 1970s and my mom, who was raised Catholic, came to Christ through his ministry, and as a result so has my whole family” said Palin, who was baptized Catholic. “He has reached more than 215 million people in more than 185 countries. Over the past several years the Palins have traveled with Van Sustern and her husband and Rev. Franklin Graham on mission and service trips throughout the world. In addition to speaking at Graham’s birthday bash and coming to Des Moines for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition dinner, Palin will begin a nation-wide tour next week when her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas (Kindle) is released November 12.


    Lee and Palin

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    Sefton, a cavalry horse who refused to die


    The Mellow Jihadi: Throughout WWII Hitler tried to destroy the morale of the British people by blitzing London and major British cities around the United Kingdom. He did so in the hope that Great Britain would capitulate through the fierce fire storms, death and destruction dropped from above. He failed, and he failed miserably. It made the British stand stronger, and bond closer together.  Below: 1996. Manchester city centre, aftermath of an IRA 1000 Ib bomb


    In the 70′s, 80′s & 90′s, Irish terrorists brought their indiscriminate bombing campaign to mainland Britain; they took many innocent lives, and destroyed many more, as well as severely damaged property and infrastructure. They failed miserably in their effort to make the British public cower, they only succeeded in strengthening their resolve. The cowardly terrorists had obviously learned nothing from their history lessons at school. This was proven more so when they left a large remote IED, packed heavily with ‘dockyard confetti’ at Horse guards parade in London on the 20th July 1982. Several minutes after the blast


    Hidden in a blue Austin car parked on South Carriage Drive in Hyde Park, the IED was detonated remotely, as Queen Elizabeth II’s official bodyguard regiment, the Household Cavalry rode past it during the Changing of the Guard procession from their barracks in Knightsbridge to Buckingham Palace. Three soldiers of the Blues & Royals were killed instantly, another died three days later from his injuries. The other soldiers in the procession were all badly wounded as shrapnel and nails sprayed them as well as the crowd of tourists assembled to watch the parade, causing further injuries. Seven of the regiment’s horses were also killed or had to be euthanized because of their injuries.


    Among the horses that were seriously wounded and peppered with shrapnel was one that stood out more than any other. Sefton, a strong but gentle black gelding. Sefton’s injuries were serious. They included a severed jugular vein, wounded right eye and 34 wounds covering his body. Sergeant Michael Pedersen, who was riding him, noted that Sefton responded so competently that when the bomb exploded there was no chance of him being thrown off. But Sgt Pedersen, who, in full state uniform and in severe shock, could do little to help Sefton. Another Trooper, one of many who had run down from the barracks after hearing the huge explosion, took off his shirt and used it to apply pressure to Sefton’s severe neck wound to staunch the blood flowing from it.


    Sefton & Sgt PedersonSefton went through eight hours of surgery. Each of his 34 wounds were potentially life-threatening, in some cases shrapnel had to be taken out of his bones. Veterinary surgeons gave him a 50/50 chance of surviving the shock and extreme blood loss. Yet over the coming months he made good progress .

    During his time in the veterinary hospital he received thousands of cards (and mints) from the public. Donations amounting to almost £620,000 (over £ One Million today) were collected to build a new surgical wing at the Royal Veterinary College, which was named the Sefton Surgical Wing.   In August 1984 he retired from the Household Cavalry, and moved to the Home of Rest For Horses in Speen, Buckinghamshire, where he lived until the age of 30. He finally had to be put to sleep on the 9th of July 1993, due to lameness, a complication of the injuries he suffered during the bombing. When the horse died Michael Pedersen was left in floods of tears and uttered the immortal line: “St Peter won’t need to open the pearly gates, because old Sefton will fly over them.” Sgt Pederson & Sefton on duty Sefton has once again been remembered, as Princess Anne is due to unveil a life-sized statue of him. The horse that symbolised hope after 1982 IRA Hyde Park bomb attack


    Born in Ireland, Sefton joined the Army in 1967. He was 16 hands high and spent the early years of his army career as a school horse, teaching new recruits to ride. In 1975, despite having socks and a blaze, he found his way into the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, which normally recruited only totally black horses. The Household Cavalry chartered and recorded that he was a horse of great courage and character.


    Household Cavalry tradition dictates that horses’ names are re-used, which ensures that Sefton’s memory will always be honoured. AJuly 20 Bombings.IMAG0101 monument to the atrocity was erected on the spot where the bomb went off in Hyde Park.

    Each day, on the Changing of the Guard procession from their barracks in Knightsbridge to Buckingham Palace, the mounted guard honours it with an eyes left, and a salute with drawn swords.  Click to enlarge

    We will never be beaten by extremists & terrorists, they may claim short victories over their cowardly attacks, after which they slither away to hide under slime covered rocks. But we will never leave any rock unturned in finding them, and bringing them to justice.           

    Yours Aye.

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