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Blind Pooch Gets it’s Own Seeing-Eye-Dog

blind dog“He relies on her eyes basically to get around.”

It’s probably a lesson in how looks can be deceiving.

When you see 6-year-old Chihuahua mix Scarlet, you probably don‘t automatically think she’s a candidate to be a seeing-eye dog. But not only is she a candidate, she actually is one. Not for a human companion, but for her fellow pooch, Rhette.

KRQE explains:

Lucky Paws Animal Adoption Counselor William Pierson said Scarlet is a guide dog for her Rhette, 6, a miniature pinscher.

“As far as we know he cannot see anything,” Pierson said.

The pair was brought to Lucky Paws earlier this week. Their owner was moving and said she couldn’t take them.

While they’re not biological siblings their paperwork states they are brother and sister and must be adopted out together. Pierson said their bond is thicker than blood.

“He relies on her eyes basically to get around,” Pierson said. “She wears a collar with a bell on it he basically follows her by the sound of the bell.”

Pierson said the sound of the bell helps Rhette get through the day. Even a simple task of walking through an open door can be a challenge.

“Playing and going outside to the bathroom, finding the food dish and that kind of thing,” Pierson said. “If they were to be split up, he would have to start the process all over again basically, and maybe it wouldn’t work.”

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The dogs’ story is apparently quite compelling. KRQE’s piece was supposed to drum up adoption inquiries and it was successful. The news outlet posted this update:

The phones were ringing off the hook at the animal adoption center Friday morning, but when the doors opened, a nurse waiting outside stepped in and adopted Rhett and Scarlet.  The nurse told shelter officials she previously had a miniature pinscher who was blind, so she knew how to work with Rhett’s condition.

Source:  the Blaze

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20,000 customers leave GoDaddy.com in response to CEO’s elephant-shooting video

Rival Namecheap.com donates $20,000 to Save the Elephants, $1 for each customer who transfers from GoDaddy.com to the rival web-hosting service.

ElephantsPhoto: Donna Brown/Flickr

Many customers of web host GoDaddy.com have jumped ship after CEO Bob Parsons posted a video of himself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe last week. More than 20,000 former GoDaddy users have transferred their accounts to rival Namecheap.com, which promised to donate 20 percent of the revenue raised to the nonprofit Save the Elephants.

After the video was released, NameCheap offered to transfer accounts for $4.99 and donate $1 for each new customer to the nonprofit. As of April 5, NameCheap says it has raised $20,433 to help African elephants.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) decried Parsons’ hunt and video last week. The organization closed its account with GoDaddy and encouraged others to do the same.

GoDaddy founder Parsons traveled to Zimbabwe earlier this year to hunt what he called "problem elephants," animals that destroy local villagers’ crops, calling it the most rewarding thing he does in his life.

Parsons has brushed off criticism and does not plan to apologize. He told Time magazine that he is not sorry about the hunt or the video, and he plans to do it again because it is a service to the people of Zimbabwe.

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Source:  Mother Nature Network  -  Cross-Posted at Just One More Pet

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