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Boundary Training

Boundary training your dog, nevertheless, is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your dog – and yourself! Dogs that are not properly trained will inevitably stray. And as we can all imagine, this is likely to cause a great deal of unnecessary stress and frustrations that could have otherwise been avoided.

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Like all animals, dogs enjoy roaming about. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t limited to our houses and backyards, but to our neighbor’s as well. If they could tell you, most dogs would say that that they hate the idea of having to remain cooped up in a certain amount of space.

One of the best ways to boundary train your dog, and the most commonsensical also, involves simply setting up boundaries. This can be done by installing a little gate in some area of the house or yard so that your dog knows that this is, and only this, is their special spot.

Whether this is done by keeping your pet solely within the gated confines of your backyard, or limiting your dog’s ability to freely parade around the house, setting up boundaries can be extremely important.

Having boundaries, however, is not enough, as it is even more important that these boundary training be enforced with consistentcommands such as a stern “No” or “Halt” whenever your dog is about to breach the boundary. By enforcing the predefined boundaries with commands, your dog will quickly internalize the realization that certain places are off limits, and therefore will stay out of these areas.

With a new dog or puppy, and especially young children, predefined boundaries may be hard to keep, as enthusiasm is high and everyone will want the dog in their section of the house.

Although this may be fun, consistency is very important when boundary training your dog. You, as owner, should forbid your dog from entering places that you have deemed off-limits.

Or, if you are not comfortable with putting your dog behind a gate, you will want to keep the doors shut so that, no matter how much your dog may want to enter various places, they will simply not be able to. This can definitely be a viable alternative, but remember you must enforce the rules you set. Otherwise, you might as well not have rules at all!

Of course, boundary training your dog, and having a dog that understands where he or she can and cannot roam, will relieve you of a lot of unnecessary heartache. Dogs without define boundaries will want to go wherever they please, and this is bound to tick-off others who don’t want your dog encroaching on their space. Unnecessary arguments, bad blood, and even calls to the local pound may result if a dog is not properly trained.

So, for the sake of all dog lovers, boundary train your dog. It may just be the best thing you do – for you and for your dog!

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