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With Pets Travel Series -10 Tips For Bringing Your Pet Overseas – Part IV

When my husband and I adopted our two puppies (Molly and Jack) everyone told us that would be the end of our carefree travel days.   This summer we will be flying to Madrid and living in apartment in the Chamberi area for three months.  Our two dogs?  They’re coming with us.

Here are the top ten tips, if you want to take your furry buddy overseas:

1.  Plan ahead. Some countries like the UK require special tests 4 months before you arrive.  This site, www.pettravel.com lists the entry requirements by country.

2.  What’s in a breed? If you have a pug or other short nosed breed, many airlines will not allow them due to increased difficulties breathing on the plane.  Sorry, that’s the rule.

3.  Check or Carry? Determine if you are going to check your pet as cargo or bring them on the flight with you.  If your pet is less than 25 lbs, it’s up to you.  If your pet is over 25 lbs then they must be checked in the cargo area.  Doesn’t count against your luggage total—thankfully! Take weather and time of year and time you are flying into consideration.  (Domestically checkout the new Pet Only Airlines and Internationally checkout some of other transport services.)

4.  Call ahead. Some airlines require you to call and make a reservation for your pet; others do not, to avoid confusion call ahead and find out their policy.

5.  Calculate total cost. In our case, the cheapest flight at $2000 roundtrip charged a whopping $1600 in fees for our dogs (Total: $3200).  A more expensive flight at $2500 roundtrip was with an airline that only charged $200 for the dogs (Total: $2700).  Note: Go non-stop if you can.

6.  Make sure Fido Fits.  When buying a pet carrier we brought our dogs with us into PetSmart and had them test out sizes.  Your pet should be able to stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably.  Note: The carrier label should say “Airline Approved”.

7.  Get your shots.  For most of Europe, you just need to have a USDA certified vet fill out a form stating your pet has the appropriate rabies shots.

8.  Forget sleeping pills.  While you may want to pass out with some Ambient on the flight over, don’t do your pet the same favor.  Any type of tranquillizer is discouraged as they can make it difficult for your pet to breath in the pressurized cabin.

9.  Food and Drink.  Don’t forget to tape food and a water bowl to the top of your carrier if you are checking your pet into cargo.

10.  THIS SIDE UP.  Be sure to label your carrier with lots of warnings and all needed information including your contact information in case you get separated.  Have contact info on carrier and pet.  (If your pet is micro-chipped make sure it is the correct type.)

By Christine Gilbert – 04/27/08

Posted:  Just One More Pet

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