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Vote Yes On California Prop 2 – Advocates Unite

California Animal Welfare Advocates Unite to Support Prop 2 and Humane Candidates in Congressional Races!

Voter Guide

The 2008 election is tomorrow, November 4, and advocates of animal protection in California need to know who is standing up for their interests in Congress. The Humane Society Legislative Fund is the non-partisan political arm of the humane movement, and we want you to know who the humane candidates are in the California congressional races.




The cause of animals is broad and bipartisan, and it attracts support from all ends of the political spectrum. HSLF works with both Democrats and Republicans who advance the humane treatment of animals. And we support them in their elections, too, so they can continue to fight for animal protection policies. In order to pass humane laws, we need to elect humane lawmakers — and we need to make tough choices in elections when the stakes are so high for animals.

Additionally, animal advocates across the country are working together to achieve a YES! on Prop 2 — a measure on the California ballot that has the potential to be the greatest victory for farm animals in U.S. history. I urge you to Vote Yes on Prop 2 and share this info about Prop 2 with your friends and family in California before they vote tomorrow.

HSLF is a non-partisan organization that evaluates candidates based on two overarching criteria: their viability and their stands on animal protection policies. HSLF does not judge candidates based on party affiliation or any other issue. 


DISTRICT 1: Mike Thompson (D)*
DISTRICT 3: Bill Durston (D)
DISTRICT 4: Charlie Brown (D)
DISTRICT 5: Doris Matsui (D)*
DISTRICT 6: Lynn Woolsey (D)*
DISTRICT 7: George Miller (D)*
DISTRICT 8: Nancy Pelosi (D)*
DISTRICT 9: Barbara Lee (D)*
DISTRICT 10: Ellen Tauscher (D)*
DISTRICT 11: Gerald McNerney (D)*
DISTRICT 12:  Jackie Speier (D)*
DISTRICT 13: Fortney H. “Pete” Stark (D)*
DISTRICT 14: Anna Eshoo (D)*
DISTRICT 15: Michael Honda (D)*
DISTRICT 16: Zoe Lofgren (D)*
DISTRICT 17: Sam Farr (D)*
DISTRICT 23: Lois Capps (D)*
DISTRICT 24: Elton Gallegly (R)*
DISTRICT 27: Brad Sherman (D)*
DISTRICT 28: Howard Berman (D)*


DISTRICT 29: Adam Schiff (D)*
DISTRICT 30: Henry Waxman (D)*
DISTRICT 31: Xavier Becerra (D)*
DISTRICT 32: Hilda Solis (D)*
DISTRICT 33: Diane Watson (D)*
DISTRICT 34: Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)*
DISTRICT 35: Maxine Waters (D)*
DISTRICT 36: Jane Harman (D)*
DISTRICT 37: Laura Richardson (D)*
DISTRICT 38: Grace Napolitano (D)*
DISTRICT 39: Linda Sánchez (D)*
DISTRICT 40: Ed Royce (R)*
DISTRICT 44: Ken Calvert (R)*
DISTRICT 45: Mary Bono Mack (R)*
DISTRICT 47: Loretta Sanchez (D)*
DISTRICT 48: John Campbell (R)*
DISTRICT 50: Brian Bilbray (R)*
DISTRICT 51: Bob Filner (D)*
DISTRICT 53: Susan Davis (D)*

And please forward the link to this email to your friends and family who care about animals and urge them to vote for humane candidates this November!

Thank you,

Mike Markarian
Humane Society Legislative Fund

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Vote Yes on California Prop 2 – End Farm Animal Abuse!


Tomorrow, on the “Oprah” show, I’ll be making the case to millions of people that California’s Proposition 2, if successful, will end the cruel confinement of 20 million farm animals.

I’m also excited to tell you that The New York Times endorsed Prop 2 last week — a huge win for the campaign. As you probably know, Prop 2 will end the practice of cramming farm animals into cages and crates so small the animals can’t even turn around, lie down, or extend their limbs.

If passed, Prop 2 will be the biggest victory for farm animals in California’s history.

But standing in the way is Big Agribusiness, which is pouring millions of dollars into a deceptive campaign here to defeat Prop 2 and preserve factory farms’ cruel confinement practices.

The next 21 days before the election will be pivotal — and we can’t win without your support and your vote on Election Day.

Here’s the latest news, and a few ways you can help:

Watch Oprah
On tomorrow’s show (Tuesday, October 14), I’ll be going head-to-head with the front men of the agribusiness industry in defense of the 20 million farm animals in California who don’t have room to turn around or stretch their limbs.
Click here to find out when the show will air where you live.

Read the New York Times' Ringing Endorsement
Here’s a snippet: “The fact that such fundamental decencies have to be forced upon factory farming says a lot about its horrors. We urge California voters to pass Proposition 2. We urge every state to enact similar laws.”
Click here to read the full editorial on my blog.

Here are two ways you can help pass this historic measure right now:

1. Support the YES! on Prop 2 campaign by visiting the campaign website and learning about the many ways you can help.

2. If you haven’t already, watch our animated video and pass it along to your neighbors, friends, and family in California.

YES! on Prop 2 is a true grassroots campaign, funded by thousands of small donations from animal lovers like you. By contrast, the deceptive No on Prop 2 campaign is bankrolled by a handful of rich agribusiness corporations from across the country — with an average donation of more than $40,000.

The factory farm industry is blinded by the bottom line. No matter how much money they dump into defeating this measure, they can’t stamp out the truth: Prop 2’s commonsense reforms are long overdue.

Thank you for being a part of this campaign. On November 4, millions of animals will be thanking you, too.

Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States 

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Vote For Positive Change For California Farm Animals

California Animal Advocates,

When you go to the polls on November 4, don’t forget to vote in positive change for California’s farm animals! Proposition 2 is a landmark ballot initiative that combats some of the worst abuses in factory farming. If passed, it will end the practice of keeping veal calves, breeding pigs and laying hens in cages and crates so small that the animals cannot turn around.

This law will not only prevent cruelty to animals—it also will improve food safety and reduce the devastating environmental impact of factory farms.

What You Can Do
Please visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to learn more about Proposition 2 and send a note to friends and family asking them to vote YES! on Prop 2.

Thank you for your support, California!

Here are two important ways you can get involved this week in the campaign to pass Prop 2:

Tune in to the Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, September 26th — I’ll be talking with Ellen about Proposition 2, and how it will help millions of farm animals in California and across the country. Click here to see when the show will air where you live.  

And you can bet I’ll have my dancing shoes on…

Watch our new video to hear straight from the, ahem, pig’s mouth about how you can help farm animals.  

It’s a funny animation, with a tune I bet you’ll recognize, but don’t get me wrong — the heinous treatment of farm animals is no laughing matter. Watch this short movie, then be sure to share it with everyone you know.

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