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Travel Fun With Dogs

Trips with your pets can be fun, challenging or awful and often which of those options ends up being the case depends on you and your attitude and expectations.

We have a little pack of 4, making the sheer number a possible problem in itself… if you let it. One of our 4 suffers from ADHD… Yes you read that right, dogs can have ADHD and they pretty much have the same symptoms that kids with ADHD have.  We have another one that suffers with pancreatitis. And we also have one who fights fairly severe car sickness and often loses the fight.

But, we choose to see travel with our pets as an adventure and a part of the package of having pets; just like we did when we had younger kids.  Therefore whatever challenges, unexpected events or situations come up, we see them as part of life; part of our life. Whenever you travel with a family, whatever the make-up there will be surprises, challenges and issues, but there will also be joy, fun and laughter.

We have made major moves and taken trips large and small trips with them and we generally take our gang along whenever we can.  When we absolutely can’t, we leave them at home with a pet sitter or we take them and get a pet sitter for the hotel.

Through our life we have had birds, turtles and pocket pets that have also traveled or moved with us at times.

Dad... We Are Ready To Go On!

Sundance Recreation Area


Iowa Corn Field

Fun Side Stop in MO

Side Trip to a Lake in Missouri

Dad and Apachi Found a FishLet's Go In Says Apachi

Exploring is so much fun!


Stops are always good!




P1010003Especially Gas and snack stops

YeeHa... Says Princess... We Have Arrived In Texas

Yeeha… Time to Howl!  We’ve Arrived

We Want To Help 2

Why Can’t We Help Unload??

The best advice we a can give you is anticipate and prepare, but expect the unexpected and don’t over-react or get upset.  Make it all part of the experience and adventure and then it won’t seem so bad.  I am a writer/blogger so I look at it as future material. But we all send emails, write letters or tell stories… so look at it as future material!!

Go Pet Friendly – Road Trip Planner



Traveling With Dogs, Glorious Italy

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With Pets Travel Series – 4 Ways To Remember Your Pet While Traveling If You Can’t Take Them Along – Part V

Tobi prancing on the beach

Leaving your pet behind can be the most heartbreaking part of a trip.

A few days before embarking on our two month trip to Southeast Asia, Karen and I watched as we packed our dog, Tobi, into the back of Karen’s parent’s station wagon. They would be taking care of her while we were gone.

In the two years we’d had Tobi, she had rarely been out of our presence. It was as traumatic a separation for her as it was for us.

I’m sure other pet owners know the exact same feeling when you’re about to embark on a journey.

But we tried to remain strong as Tobi gave us a pleading look from behind the rear window glass. We waved as they car pulled away from the curb, and faded into the distance. Karen’s eyes were already wet with tears.

It’s only two months, I told her. Though I’m sure other pet owners know the exact same feeling when you’re about to embark on a journey (sometimes for only a few days). Taking your pet with you is sometimes impractical; and so the absence is unavoidable.  Taking them along is great if you can spend time with them and if there are not quarantine situations involved.

Here are 4 tips to keep their memory close at hand and to make the separation easier.

1. Bring a wallet-sized flipbook

As a pre-trip present to Karen, I surprised her with a flipbook of our dog Tobi. It was pretty much the “best of” from the day we picked her up as a puppy, all the way to a week earlier at the beach.

She loved it. And of course, started crying in anticipation of the moments overseas, in some lonely train station or dirty hostel, that we’d pull out the flipbook and celebrate Tobi.

Turns out we also showed the flipbook to pretty much anyone who even hinted at asking if we had any pets back home. Everyone seemed to think our dog was the “cutest dog ever” but then again, they would probably say that to any owners.

2. Shoot and store a video clip on your camera

Before leaving, I briefly considered this option, perhaps shooting a clip of Tobi prancing along the beach or hanging out in the living room.

But at the time, video clips used up storage space on your memory card, possibly limiting the shots you can take on your trip. Also, viewing the clip would use precious battery power.

Now, with memory cards a fraction of the price they were a year ago, storage space isn’t much of any issue. Plus, if you bring an extra battery or extra memory card, you’ll be okay. (In fact, in today’s newest age of cell phones you can probably just store your movie on your cell phone.)

And there’s nothing quite as heart-warming as your pet wagging their tail in glorious 15 frames per second.

3. Set up a pet webcam

spying on your dog via skype webcamLee LeFever, over at TWINF, told me about his own ingenious solution for checking in on their dog while on their round the world trip.

“We hooked up a web cam pointed to his bed when we were gone. We used Skype 2.0 with it set to auto-answer. Whenever we had a connection, we could pull up Skype and get a little window into Amos’ world in real time.”

“Only one person at a time can use it, so we can’t expose the feed. We can even hear sound along with the video and if there were speakers, we could talk to him, but we figure that might drive him crazy.”

Brilliant. You can read how to set up your own here.

Finally, you could just be creepy and…

4. Gather some pet hair in a plastic bag

For those pet lovers that are extra attached to their pet, you can always physically bring some pet hair with you on the trip.

Creepy? A little.

But I suppose some people still pack a rabbit’s foot for good luck. A tuft of pet hair has got to be the less cruel alternative. I know every time I vacuum our apartment, I find enough shedded hair to put together a whole other dog.

Of course, voodoo pets aren’t for everyone.

So feel free to pick the method of remembering your pet that’s right for you, and don’t be shy in whipping out your memorabilia when a fellow traveler inquires.

Any other ideas or tips for remembering your pet on the road?

By:  Ian MacKenzie – Brave New Traveler

P.S.  The better you feel about where your pet is staying and who is watching them, the easier it is to leave them behind.  Whether they are human kids or furry and feathered kids, it is hard to leave them behind!! Ask Marion/JOMP

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