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What’s In A Name – Tonka

Several friends have asked me about Tonka’s name. Tonka is our “prison dog” (now out on parole), the little character we adopted last spring from the Colorado Correctional Industries K-9 Companion program.

Tonka was a stray found on the eastern plains of Colorado near Lamar, where he was given over to a local rescue organization. I wrote to the woman who fostered him to ask how they decided on his name. Of course we have all heard of Tonka toys and trucks, but I also read that Tonka is a Sioux word meaning “great” or “big.”

Donna from the rescue group said she wished it was something neat like a Sioux word. She said they name hundreds of dogs and she just picked a name. Sometimes the names are chosen for an attribute or character of a dog but in Tonka’s case, apparently that name just came to mind.

She also said that sometimes names get chosen because it has to sound different than the names of other foster dogs in the home at the time. That way when you call them, they know who is being called. She said she usually has a litter, several adult fosters, plus her own dogs at any given time. Bless her!

Anyway, I’m sticking with Tonka’s name being a Sioux word. Tonka’s vet has already started calling him “Tatonka” because she likes the Sioux reference. We found this online:

The Buffalo (Tatonka) holds deep meaning for the Sioux and generally represents Mother Earth and all she provides and offers. There are legends concerning the White Buffalo as well.

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