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Stop Killing Dogs - Stop Dog Farms Become a  “Stop Killing Dogs” campaign supporter!

Thank you for caring about this issue. In case you haven’t read the recent news about the dog meat industry, here’s an example from Korea:

A high school student contacted KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) about a dog farm next to his school. Students can see the dog farm, hear dogs barking all day, and hear louder cries once every 3 days (most likely when the slaughtering of dogs is taking place). An awful smell reaches the school playground from the dog farm.

You can read the whole story and see pictures by following this link: http://animalrightskorea.org/actions/dog-farm-near-high-school.html

This is only one example of the abuse of animals out of hundreds of cases: dogs of different breeds are kept on farms across Korea in horrible conditions, without proper food or clean water and in filthy steel cages. KARA has reported this farm to the officials. The farmer can be penalized if he does not have a permit for his dog farm.

You can help in several ways to change the status quo:

*Share the petition page with your friends and upload this photo (http://twitpic.com/s0bpw) into your online photo albums and blogs or as a profile picture.

*Download and distribute flyers to people in your local community. Get them at: http://www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs/get-involved

*Join Stop Killing Dogs support page on Facebook to keep yourself updated with the latest news: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-Killing-Dogs-supporters-page/235848430651

KARA and other organizations are fighting for a better life for dogs in Korea every day. But we need more than local efforts to ensure proper legal protection for these animals and make dog farms illegal. The government of Korea tries to ignore the problem, so to help Korean dogs we need international pressure.

The petition at www.uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs has already collected over 350,000 signatures.

If all of you find 1 person to sign, there will be 700,000 signatures by tomorrow.

Thank you for spreading the word,

United Dogs and Cats

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STOP KILLING DOGS! 2 million dogs killed in Horrible ways every Year in South Korea

That’s over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat

The South Korean government has accepted Animal Protection Laws which make animal torture illegal, but those laws have never been properly enforced in the country. The dog meat industry continues to thrive and the officials are reluctant and indifferent to ban it.

Although forbidden to advertise themselves on main streets or in English, over 6,000 restaurants today serve dog meat in South Korea. And they don’t get closed down.

Oh, sorry, except during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 FIFA Cup when dog meat restaurants were forced to shut down temporarily in fear of bad impressions of South Korea.

Sign Petition:  http://uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs #stopkillingdogs

Sign Petition:  http://uniteddogs.com/stopkillingdogs #stopkillingdogs

Sadly this behavior is true in much of Asia.  And just like in Korea, China also stopped serving dog and cat meat just long enough to appease the International Olympic Committee…

And not only is eating domesticated animals repugnant, but the way they are killed and treated before hand is inexcusable!!  Please sign the petition!!

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