Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…


This is too funny.  Our dogs had to join in as well as I played this video, although they just sang along as I/we do not have a piano. Winking smile


When we moved last year, we had our busy-body grumpy neighbor, who didn’t like pets, tell us that whenever we left our furkids would sing for a few minutes until they settled down… just like the little guy in the video above.  Mind you we lived in a house… so he would have had to have been standing on the greenbelt behind the house to hear them.

They do always love to sing when the fire or police sirens go by…


Our bunch singing at Christmas

They actually sing a lot better and louder than this guy (above) but they don’t play any instruments… yet! clip_image001

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Amazing Dog Talents — 8 Canines You’ll Wish Were Yours (Part 2)

For the last 1,500 years, we’ve bred dogs to be our helpers, companions and protectors. They’ve come through for us, and so this week — Assistance Dog Week — we offer them a formal commendation that they can’t possibly understand.

The week is dedicated to the great work of seeing-eye dogs and other pups who assist the burdened, but there are some who also shouldn’t go unappreciated. It turns out that certain members of the canine community can talk, others can solve equations, and still others can take it strong to the hoop like a power forward. (That could be considered “assistance” if he’s on your team.)

So after the jump, we offer evidence that will make you realize your talentless pooch needs to get off his pillow and do something with his life.

If there were more dogs like Rookie, there would be fewer middle-aged men forced into taking a ballroom dance class.

Skate or die, dog.

If this video had ever gotten to Isiah Thomas, the appropriately-named Zeke would be counting against the Knicks’ salary cap until 2012

Yes, dogs can sing. Although their vocal style tends more toward Scooby than Scrappy.

Faith proves that, whatever the problem, it can be overcome if you stand up straight and walk like a man.

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Chihuahua Song…. Now This Will Make You Smile


must-be-the-perfect-smell-spot-sm1The Perfect Smell Spot

Quote:  Now this will make you smile!!

 Chihuahua Song  – Sing Along

where-is-that-perfect-spot-smChristmas Morning Walk

 Chihuahua Song


Photos by:  Marion Algier – the UCLA Shutterbug


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