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Dog found hanging from meat hook

Muskegon County, MI – Heinous, gruesome, despicable, cruel – pick an adjective, any and/or all and sadly, they all apply in this horrific incident.

On Monday night, a small Sheltie/Pomeranian mix was discovered hanging from a hook that was attached to a tree.

Amazingly, the dog was still alive, albeit severely injured.

The barbed hook, which looks much like a fish hook, only much larger, was pushed completely through the roof of the dog’s mouth.

After someone discovered the injured dog hanging from a tree, the local Sheriff’s office was contacted.

The injured dog was transported via animal control to the Pound Buddies Animal Shelter, who in turn, took him to a local veterinarian for treatment.

Thankfully, now that the hook has been removed and with the aid of veterinary care, the dog is improving and will hopefully make a complete recovery.

The question looms – who did this and why?

There is some speculation that the hook and rope contraption could be an illegal and outdated coyote trap – but the rescue organization feels that the dog was intentionally placed on the hook for some inexplicable reason.

Just this afternoon, MLive.com released new information which indicates that the dog’s owner has been identified, but has yet to come forward to claim the dog.

There remains much speculation about how and why the dog came to be on the hook – whether it was intentional…or if the dog somehow leaped up and grabbed hold of bait which was intended for a wild animal.

See Video Here

Regardless, this contraption is barbaric.  Read the latest information at this link.

source: Examiner.com

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