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Cava-poo-chon Never Looses Puppy Face

Cava--Poo-Chon smlThe cavapoochon is a cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise mix-bred with a miniature poodle and it’s reportedly hypoallergenic with a puppy face forever.

“Imagine the ideal designer dog. It would be smart, healthy and hypoallergenic. It would have the yap bred out and longevity bred in. And, most important, it would never lose its puppy face.”

With the help of a geneticist and reproductive veterinarian, the tribrid or “triple cross” was created by Linda and Steve Rogers of Timshell Farm in Pine, Ariz.

With a price tag ranging from $2,000 to $3,500, the cava-poo-chon combines the best of the three breeds, Linda Rogers said. She added that there is no reason they can’t live for 20 years. The Rogers’ offer a choice of color and two types of coat – curly or very curly, she said.

“There’s always been a market for these forever-ish young dogs,” said veteran trainer Steve Haynes of Fidelio Dog Works in Austin who is working with 50 first-generation cava-poo-chons.

The American Kennel Club does not however recognize the cava-poo-chon. “AKC does not recognize cross-bred or mixed breed dogs as official breeds,” spokeswoman Lisa Peterson said. “These dogs are the product of two purebred parents of different breeds, resulting in a litter of mixed breed puppies, not a new breed, according to our requirements.”

Certainly a face you couldn’t help but love!!

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