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77 Rescued Arabian Horses Aided by ASPCA – 400+ Animals Total Rescued in Texas


On August 14, the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) assisted the Denton County Sheriff’s Office in the seizure of 77 emaciated Egyptian Arabian horses, all living on the Renazans Arabians ranch in Pilot Point, TX. The ASPCA, upon learning about the case, awarded a $10,000 grant to HSNT to help care for the rescued equines.

A few days prior to the seizure, a visitor to the 40-plus acre ranch discovered 17 starved horses standing in several inches of their own waste and immediately called the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. Upon arrival, officers found 60 more neglected horses scattered around the property, in back pastures and locked in barns. In addition to being starved, the horses suffered from soft, overgrown and split hooves and sores from lying in their own waste.

“The Humane Society of North Texas has shown an extraordinary commitment and dedication to animals in its community, and this instance is no exception,” says Julie Morris, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Community Outreach. “We are glad to be able to provide them with support in their time of need.”

The funds will also be used to aid the group’s ongoing equine and livestock investigations and rescues—over the past 18 months, HSNT has taken in more than 500 abused and neglected horses. HSNT’s successful adoption program has placed nearly all of these rescued horses into permanent, caring homes.

“The rescued horses have been healing and gaining weight,” reports Samantha Laos, a supervisor with HSNT. “They are calm and happy and not scared anymore.”

The owner of Renazans Arabians, Gordon Dennis Key, 66, has been arrested and charged with one count of animal cruelty. He could eventually face 77 counts—one for each horse—with each charge carrying a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to $4,000. Key was also ordered to turn over all documentation for the horses and pay $5,000 in court costs, as well as all expenses for caring for the animals during their impound. He is currently free on $10,000 bail.


Almost 400 Animals Rescued From Texas Property

A business that has been operating in Sunnyvale for more than 100 years was raided on Tuesday, with hundreds of livestock seized.

Almost 400 Animals Rescued From Texas Property

Kearney’s Feed Store, a long-standing family business, was run by Earnest Kearney, 76, who was arrested in the raid and now faces charges of animal cruelty. 105 chickens, 79 pigeons, 41 rabbits, 35 horses, 33 goats, 27 doves, 22 sheep, 16 turkeys, 9 ducks, 6 cattle, 4 potbellied pigs, 4 guineas, 2 geese, 2 mules and 1 donkey were seized from what was described as rescuers on the scene as “deplorable” and “cruel” conditions. The allegations of cruelty include confinement with inadequate freedom of movement and contamination of drinking water with feces.

The Texas Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has warned Kearney several times over the last few years, and they have now moved all of his livestock to their facility in McKinney after multiple anonymous complaints. A custody hearing on October 15th in Dallas will decide if the animals are to stay in the SPCA’s custody, in which case the animals will be nursed back to health and offered for adoption.

“Those businesses or individuals that profit through the sale of animals need to understand that the cruelty laws apply to them as well,” said SPCA of Texas President James Bias. “If these animals are found to be in an abusive situation, they can face not only having those animals removed, but also criminal charges.”

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Family Pets Returned to Jaycee Dugard and Daughters

(AP Photo)

Here’s a piece of good news in the midst of the disturbing, ongoing Jaycee Dugard kidnapping saga: according to People, a small menagerie of pets have been removed from Jaycee’s kidnapper’s home and will be reunited with Jaycee and her young daughters. Animal control officials recovered from kidnapper Phillip Garrido’s house five cats, two dogs (a Rottweiler mix and a Labrador mix), three cockatiels, a pigeon, a parakeet, and a mouse. All of the animals are reportedly in good health and have been well cared for.

Unfortunately, the reunion between Jaycee, her daughters, and their pets hasn’t happened yet. People reports that the animals are currently being kept safely in the custody of California’s Contra Costa animal shelter while the Dugards remain in counseling. The animals will not be available for adoption by the general public while they remain at the shelter, as Jaycee has indicated her wish to keep her family’s pets.

Jaycee and her daughters — 15-year-old Starlit and 11-year-old Angel — are reportedly very eager to have their animals returned to them and it’s easy to understand why. We desperately miss our pets if we so much as leave for a week of vacation. These three girls are going through something far more devastating than most of us could ever imagine; it’s only natural that they would want their beloved pets back.

And, certainly, the presence of their beloved pets will provide some much-needed therapeutic comfort as Jaycee, Starlit, and Angel go through their difficult life adjustments and counseling. We wish them a speedy reunion!

by Paul Ciampanelli

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Animals Can Plan and Use Tools

Humans may not be the only animals that plan for the future, say researchers reporting on the latest studies of animal mental ability.  “I suggest we humans should keep our egos in check,” Edward Wasserman of the University of Iowa said Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Wasserman, a professor of experimental psychology, said that, like people, pigeons and baboons were able to tell which pictures showed similar items, such as triangles or dots, and which showed different items.  He spoke at a symposium on Animal Smarts, where researchers discussed the latest findings in the mental abilities of animals. In the last 20 years, there has been a major revolution in the understanding of animals, added Nicola Clayton, a professor of comparative cognition at the University of Cambridge in England. Animals not only use tools, but there is evidence that some of them save tools for future use, she said.

“Planning ahead was once thought to be unique to humans,” Clayton said. “We now know that’s not true.” 

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