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Valentines Day For And With Your Pets

This Valentine Holiday Reward the Dog or Cat Who Loves You Best

For your pet, you are the center of the universe. Reward his devotion this Valentine’s Day with a special gift.

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Your pet is a member of the family, and he deserves to be remembered on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes our pets seem like the only ones who understand us. On special holidays, don’t forget their contribution; include them in the festivities and remember them when the time comes for gift giving. After all, human partners come and go, but your furry or feathery companion is always there for you.

Explore the World of Pet Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Instead of the usual chew toy or catnip mouse, explore some of the new and interesting products available for your pets. From designer outfits to gourmet biscuits, it’s a whole new world when it comes to pet products. You may not be interested in the extravagance of a dog stroller that keeps Fido’s feet dry when he takes an excursion through the park, or a cat enclosure that will allow you to take puss along with you on your dog’s walk, but self-cleaning litter boxes, GPS tracking chips, and herbal essences that are designed to be used like aromatherapy might just fit the bill when it comes to remembering your pet on Valentine’s Day.

Consider Your Pet’s Personality When Buying a Gift

You know your pet has a unique personality, and it’s also important to remember that he has emotions, fears, and routines, too. Some pets are very physically active, some are vain, some like to be the life of the party, and others enjoy a good puzzle. With a little thought and some research, you’ll know the type of products your pet will appreciate, and have an idea where to get the best deal on them.

Internet sites as well as the large pet supply outlets have made these products readily available, and you don’t have to search very far to find impressive product offerings.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Health and Safety on Valentine’s Day

While you are looking for ways to thank your pet for all of the things he does for you, don’t forget to educate yourself about his needs. Are his inoculations current? Does he have pet insurance? In a health emergency, would you know what to do until help arrives? Many pets die needlessly every year as a result of ingesting human foods that are poisonous to them.

Do you know about the common foods that could hurt or kill your pet?

German Shephard with Heart

Valentine’s Day can be as much fun for pets as it is for humans if dangerous foods, flora and other items are kept out of paws’ reach. Each year our poison control experts see a rise in cases around February 14, many involving chocolate and lilies, a flower that’s potentially fatal to cats. So please heed our experts’ advice—don’t leave the goodies lying around on Lover’s Day.

Pet-Safe Bouquets

Many pet owners are still unaware that all species of lily are potentially fatal to cats. When sending a floral arrangement, specify that it contain no lilies if the recipient has a cat—and when receiving an arrangement, sift through and remove all dangerous flora. If your pet is suffering from symptoms such as stomach upset, vomiting or diarrhea, he may have ingested an offending flower or plant. Use our online toxic and nontoxic plant libraries as visual guides of what and what not should be in your bouquets.

Forbidden Chocolate

Seasoned pet lovers know the potentially life-threatening dangers of chocolate, including baker’s, semi sweet, milk and dark. In darker chocolates, methylxanthines—caffeine-like stimulants that affect gastrointestinal, neurologic and cardiac function—can cause vomiting/diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures and an abnormally elevated heart rate. The high-fat content in lighter chocolates can potentially lead to a life-threatening inflammation of the pancreas. Go ahead and indulge, but don’t leave chocolate out for chowhounds to find.

Careful with Cocktails

Spilled wine, half a glass of champagne, some leftover liquor are nothing to cry over until a curious pet laps them up. Because animals are smaller than humans, a little bit of alcohol can do a lot of harm, causing vomiting, diarrhea, lack of coordination, central nervous system depression, tremors, difficulty breathing, metabolic disturbances and even coma. Potentially fatal respiratory failure can also occur if a large enough amount is ingested.

Life Is Sweet

So don’t let pets near treats sweetened with xylitol. If ingested, gum, candy and other treats that include this sweetener can result in a sudden drop in blood sugar known as hypoglycemia. This can cause your pet to suffer depression, loss of coordination and seizures.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Don’t let pets near roses or other thorny stemmed flowers. Biting, stepping on or swallowing their sharp, woody spines can cause serious infection if a puncture occurs. “It’s all too easy for pets to step on thorns that fall to the ground as a flower arrangement is being created,” says Dr. Louise Murray, Director of Medicine for the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. De-thorn your roses far away from pets.

Playing with Fire

It’s nice to set your evening a-glow with candlelight, but put out the fire when you leave the room. Pawing kittens and nosy pooches can burn themselves or cause a fire by knocking over unattended candles.

Wrap it Up

Gather up tape, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, cellophane and balloons after presents have been opened—if swallowed, these long, stringy and “fun-to-chew” items can get lodged in your pet’s throat or digestive tract, causing her to choke or vomit.

The Furry Gift of Life?

Giving a cuddly puppy or kitten may seem a fitting Valentine’s Day gift—however, returning a pet you hadn’t planned on is anything but romantic. Companion animals bring with them a lifelong commitment, and choosing a pet for someone else doesn’t always turn out right

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Holidays Went To The Dogs and Other Pets This Year

The slow economy may have influenced some people to cut back on extra spending this holiday season, but their pets likely didn’t suffer.

The American Pet Products Association speculated before the holiday that more than half of dog and cat owners will buy holiday gifts for their pets.

That averages out to 20 million people spending $210 million.

“A lot of (customers) don’t have family members other than their pets and that’s what we cater to – people who really love their pets,” said Sherri Cartwright, an employee at the Welcome Wagg’n Home in Upland.

This time of year, the store usually sees an increase in customers, Cartwright said.

Everything from sweaters, treats and toys are being sold at a higher volume.

“We have a bakery, so they buy a lot of dog cookies that are Christmas cookies and then we sell sweaters and jackets and, of course, toys,” Cartwright said. “We sell a lot of treats this time of year.”

Welcome Wagg’n also provides a year-round dog daycare, but many pets have been getting dropped off in the days leading up to Christmas, so their owners can do some holiday shopping or visit with family.

“We have more dogs about this time. People go out shopping and don’t want their dogs to be neglected or get bored at home,” Cartwright said. “They can come here and play with other dogs.”

Pat Williams of Upland was dropping off her recently adopted Lab and border collie mix, Chance, before heading out of town.

Williams has given Chance Christmas treats, toys and even has a stocking waiting for him at home.

“He gets a little bit at a time,” Williams said. “He got a couple cookies, which he really likes, and has gotten several toys. … He’s kind of spoiled.”

Katie’s Pet Depot in La Verne has also been seeing extra customers the past couple of weeks.

“We have done exceptionally well over the last two weeks,” manager Taryn Hartless said. “People buy extras, like extra treats, extra toys, and people come in and buy animal-related gifts for people.”

Holiday pet treats have also been one of the store’s most popular items of the season.

Even pets themselves have been selling more.

“Within the last couple of days, a lot of animals have been sold,” she said. “Parents have come in to buy kittens for their kids.”

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Great Pet Gifts For You and Your Furry Friends

A great pet gift is one that makes both you and your friend happy!!

Finally here’s a gift idea for both the pet owner and the pet! PediPaws™ is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat. It’s the newest, fastest and easiest way to keep your pet’s nails trim rounded and smooth with no mess!  Now you can trim your pet’s nails anywhere without the pain caused by traditional nail clippers. 
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Nail Clipping Made Easy and Painless

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