Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…


I volunteer at our local Humane Society & as you all know they are “full to overflowing”.  All the shelters/rescues are in dire need of supplies.  So, spring clean your house this fall & donate (it’s also tax deductible).  They need tons of stuff:  your unused dogs stuff (collars, leashes, bowls, balls/toys, grooming stuff, crates, etc.); sheets/blankets, peanut butter/food, unused/unexpired meds; even the paper from your shedder – and more/more/more.  Oh and …..and towels, lots and lots of towels!  Discarded crib mattresses make wonderful beds, especially for older dogs

Check the website for your local shelters/rescue – they usually list items that you can donate.

Another thing to consider is to volunteer to be a foster parent.

And please start working in your area to have the state laws, city ordinances and community rules changed and amended to increase the number of pets willing parents are allowed to own and foster.

We are truly in a time of disaster!!  Not allowing people to adopt of foster one or two more pets is a crime!

Help save lives!   Adopt and foster just one more pet and help the change the laws that prevent that!

Cudos to you all!

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Domestic and Animal Abuse

Between 25-40% of abused women are unable to escape their situations because they are worried about their animals, either pets or livestock. Finally, smart, caring folks have noted this fact and change is beginning. Nationally, an increasing number of shelters for abused women have added kennels and created foster care programs in effect.

Statistics compiled by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence show that:

53% child, spouse, and elder abuse are linked to animal abandonment and neglect.

71% of pet-owning women who enter a shelter reported that their batterer threatened, injured, maimed, or killed the family pets for revenge.

68% of abused women reported abuse toward their pets.

As stated above 28-40% of abused women stay in their abuse situations because they fear for the safety of their animals.

This is a cause that hits close to home for hawaiipetphotos.com. A person who seeks to control and manipulate another human by threatening our most innocent and trusting furry friends is the lowest life-form imaginable. Kudos to those states that have begun to pass laws that protect the animals and in turn these human victims! 

By Deb McGuire – HawaiiPetPhotos.com

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