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Best Costumes Online Contest – Not Too Late to Get One For Your Pup (Supplies and Price are Going Down)

I know what you’re thinking…The Best Dog Costumes? In the middle of February? It’s not even close to Halloween! This is true, but I’ve been hording several dog costume images over the past couple years that I’ve been itching to get up on this site. If you’ve been reading my blog then you saw that Stetson was a Bumble Bee for Halloween. I also wore my Bumble Bee outfit on Halloween making us a swarm of bees. While I must admit, Stetson was an adorable bumble bee it pales in comparison to the originality of these costumes.

So here we are with the 6 Best Dog Costumes circulating on the internet. You can click on the pictures for a larger image (some are already at maximum resolution).

Number 6 – Spider Pug

Spider Pug

Spider Pug…Spider Pug…Does whatever a Spider Pug can do…Have you seen the The Simpsons Movie yet? For some reason I’m drawn to Spider Pug. I know…it’s not too original…and you might say “I’ve seen better”, but for some reason the right color coupled with perfect length spider legs makes me love this costume.

Number 5 – The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion

He could be Azlan from The Chronicles of Narnia…or he could be the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. If you take a closer look he is part of our guide dogs of america group. You can see one of our guide dog puppy jackets on the left side of the picture. Bonus points for being a guide dog in training.  Inspired by this costume we took a shot at building our own lion mane dog costume for Derby.

Number 4 – Mini Knight And His Loyal Steed

Mini Knight And His Loyal Steed

This little guy reminds me of King Arthur, Excalibur, and the knights of the round table. I wish I could get my father’s cairn terrier into a similar costume, but unfortunately I don’t think the knight would survive the day.

Number 3 – Fluffy The Three-Headed Dog

Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog

If you’ve seen or read the first Harry Potter Book then you know all about Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog. Or maybe you’ve seen the Harry Potter Movies. Anyways, I’m sure the little boy in the picture got plenty of attention with his three-headed dog.

Number 2 – The Dog Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

The Dog Legend of Sleepy Hollow

How can this one be number 2. What a brilliant costume! It should be number 1. The Headless Horseman rides again…brings back memories of the recent Tim Burton movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp as the odd Ichabod Crane and Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman.  The headless horseman dog costume is definitely one of our favorites and I even see they have the costume listed on Amazon.com for purchase (however, not nearly as cool as the one in hits picture).

Number 1 – Snoopy! Watch Out For The Gator!

Dog Eaten By A Gator

I don’t really know if his name is Snoopy, but he is a Beagle. Why did I choose this one as the number 1 dog costume? It’s original, it’s humorous, it’s great!!! and it makes me laugh…An adorable Beagle getting eaten by an alligator.  This alligator dog costume would have gone great with Derby’s lion costume.  They do have some Alligator Infant/Toddler Costume
listed on Amazon, but I bet you could use your imagination and somehow make a similar dog alligator costume.

I hope you enjoyed the list. If you have any great dog costume photos please send them to me and I’ll try to post them on my next “Top List“. What do you think? Are these great costumes? Have you seen better?

Source:  Puppy In Training


Still Time or Order Costumes Online…

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Cat Costume

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Boy & Girl Mouse Costume    

Disney Store Minnie Mouse Dog / Pet Costume

Mickey Mouse Dog Costume Med


Casual Canine Black & Gold, Sequins & Lace Lil Witch Halloween Dog Costume with Hat Medium

X-Small Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

X-Large Lil’ Witch Dog Costume


SHREK THE THIRD OGRE Pet Dog Halloween Costume Large (L)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Extra Small)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Small)

Halloween Costume For Dogs – Football Fever (Medium)

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Football Uniform Dog Costume

Soccer Player Costume Md

Soccer Player Costume Lg


French Maid Dog Costume







Bride Costume Large

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X-Small Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

Large Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

– Orange Witch Pet Costume – X-SMALL

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Fire Fighter Costume Md

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Disney Toy Story Woody Dog Costume – Size Medium

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Poodle Girl Costume Sm

X-Small Prison Pooch Costume

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Pet Costume Mullet Wig (Brown) One Piece

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Zorro Costume SML – $4.82

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Dog Costume Monkey – $6.50

Princess Dog Costumes – PRINCESS DOG COSTUME – SMALL

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Batman Dog Costumes – BATMAN DOG COSTUME – SMALL – $7.49

Batman Dog Costumes – BATMAN DOG COSTUME – MEDIUM – $7.49

Ladybug Dog Costumes - LADYBUG DOG COSTUME - SMALL

Ladybug Dog Costumes – LADYBUG DOG COSTUME – SMALL


Devil Costume Small – $7.99

Clowny Costume Small – $6.99

Clowny Costume Medium – $7.99

Clowny Costume Large – $8.99

See More Costumes Here on JOMP Main Page

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Dress Your Dog or Cat (Any Pet) Up For Halloween – Part I

There is an ongoing discussion about the merits verses silliness of dressing up pets.  Each pet parent needs to know their pet and decide on costumes, dress-up, parties and trick or treating based on a combination of their pets personality and their own wishes.  I say, “Do what makes you happy… and what your pet will go for; no harm no fowl either way”.

Halloween is dog trainer Peggy Moran’s favorite holiday. Everyone in the family wears a costume. Even the dogs. Of course, the canines trick or treat too. In fact, Moran’s dogs are trained to hold their own goodie bags.

A Ghostly Crew

No wonder Moran is a renowned dog trainer (as well as a columnist for The Dog Daily). Still, when it comes to self control, her bag or pumpkin-holding, obedience-trained dogs are still dogs. “People give us biscuits,” she says. “Odd, though, that the dogs’ bags never fill up with biscuits. Gee, I wonder how that happens?”

Moran says most dogs can be convinced wearing a costume is fun. Some dogs are laughed at because costumes can look mighty silly, or so darn cute people giggle. Control yourself. Tell your pooch she looks so good that she’ll win the prize for the best costume. No one likes to be laughed at.

Moran says she understands some dogs appear to be totally humiliated when they’re dressed up. “In a way, I don’t blame them,” she says. “But then, many dogs really do like the attention, or at least tolerate crazy ladies like me.” For dogs who are not too sure about the idea, a little lunch meat can make up for poor taste in clothing. Moran suggests you begin a few months before Halloween (sorry, too late for this year), and just drape a costume over your dog’s back for a few seconds, then offer a treat. Soon your pup will drool with delight at the mere sight of the outfit.

When it’s time to actually put the outfit on your dog, enlist a partner to offer treats. Now take the outfit off. When the costume goes away, so does the treat conveyer. Gradually, keep the costume on for longer periods of time. Just don’t overdo the treats, or soon you’ll need a larger size costume.

Most pet stores sell costumes for pets. But you can also create your own. They can be simple – like the time Moran dressed up her one-eyed Dachshund, Mr. Winky, as a pirate. He wore a patch over his bad eye and had a toy parrot on his shoulder.

However, she generally prefers more elaborate presentations. In one, which she called the Red Hot Doggy Diner, Phoebe the Great Dane wore a harness that was attached to an embroidery hoop, which was covered with a checkered tablecloth. So it looked as if Phoebe was pulling a table. Moran created fake place-settings, including plastic hot dogs and catsup bottles. Her daughters dressed as diner waitresses Charlene and Darlene. Her Dachshund, who tagged along, was the punch line – wearing a hot dog bun.

Think that’s crazy? Well, they’re no crazier across the ocean. From just outside London, England, Alison Jenkins says, “Halloween is catching on here, and people do go door to door (this is what she calls Trick or Treat) with dressed up dogs.” Jenkins is the author of Doggy Fashion: Fancy Dress and Chic Costumes for the Dog in Your Life (Barron’s). “I believe our dogs deserve a bit of glamour. At the parties, it’s the dressed-up dogs who get the most attention.” Her book includes instructions on how to make homemade costumes, including the Fairy Dog Mother, Elvis: Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog, Prince of Darkness, and Blues Brothers.

Moran says, “I realize I have a problem. Personally, I do tend to go overboard. Still, I believe if all of this enthusiasm enhances the bond you have with your dog, and means you’re spending more time with your dog. What can be better than that?”

By the way, make sure your dog doesn’t get into the children’s candies. Chocolate, in particular, may make dogs very ill.

by Steve Dale – Pet Peoples Place

And although this article was about dressing up dogs… you can also dress up your cat and other pets~

Clown Kitty 2

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Dog Trick or Cat Treat: Pets Dress Up for Halloween

Bow Wow WOW!: Fetching Costumes for Your Fabulous Dog

Dogwise, All Things Dog! Monthly Feature: BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS IN DOGS

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Get Your Pets To Love Their Halloween Costumes!

How to get your dog to love his costume!
With a properly trained dog, and dog-loving neighbors, you can take your dog trick-or-treating with his new Halloween Pet Costume.Some dogs love getting the attention that a halloween costume brings, but other dogs                       


  • Don’t put the costume on right away and expect your dog to go along with it. A few weeks before you expect him to wear the costume, use treat training to get him motivated. 
  • Drape the costume over his back for a few seconds, and then give him a little treat. Do this for a few seconds several times, then daily, longer each time, treating and praising all the while. 
  • Put the costume on loosely, and follow the above instructions, for a few seconds, then a few minutes, with praise and treats galore. 
  • Enlist the help of a friend. Let the friend give treats when the dog is in costume and when the costume comes off, the friend (and treats) go away. 
  • Soon your dog will be glad when he sees the costume being taken out for him.

Now your dog should be ready to cooperate whether at a party, getting pictures taken, or “Woof-or-Treating”






Hurry… Save on Pet Howl’oween Costumes & Goodies

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Pet Events This Halloween Season in Southern California

Halloween isn’t just reserved for children and adults, pets can get into the fun this season as well! There are some really entertaining events happening in Southern California this year. I’ve included one in Hollywood, Riverside as well as Long Beach. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by as they will benefit animal charities as well as shelters. 

Pet Costume Contest in West Hollywood

Location: West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Boulevard 
Date: October 28th 
Time: 1:00 p.m. 
Price: FREE 

Here is a great little event to take your pet to this year to celebrate the Halloween season. They’re having a costume competition and pets will be awarded some prizes for most colorful, scariest, look-a-like (owner), creative as well as best costume. Note that you must prove that your pet has been immunized. To find out more information about this below. 


Dogtoberfest in Riverside

Location: Skid Fordyce Harley-Davidson, 7688 Indiana Avenue, Riverside 
Date: October 27th and 28th 
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

All sorts of fun at what they are calling Dogtoberfest at Skid Fordyce Harley-Davidson in Riverside. On Saturday, they will have a costume contest, pet adoption, vaccinations, agility course as well as micro chipping. Then on Sunday, they’ll have races for weiner dogs, chili cook-off and more pet adoptions from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It sounds exciting! 

Haute Dog Howl’een Parade, Costume Contest and Pet Adoption in Long Beach

Location: Livingston Park, 4900 E. Livingston Drive, Long Beach 
Date: October 28th 
Time: 11:00 a.m. 
Price: $10.00 to $25.00 

This supposedly is one of the largest pet events for the Halloween season so this is the place to be if you have a furry friend if you live near Long Beach. Last year, more than 500 pets showed up and this year, many more are to attend. The pet adoption fair will take place between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If you aren’t interested in adopting an animal, then you can come a little later for the pet costume contest. 

Registration starts at 1:00 p.m. and the competition starts at 2:00 p.m. Then half an hour later at 2:30 p.m., the parade will start! Vendor booths from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. which include some fun stuff such as a bulldog kissing booth, bobbing for Howl’oWeenies as well as a competition to see which dog can stack the most amount of treats! They’ll also have a costume contest for children. This sounds like a really enjoyable event for owners and their pets. To find out more information about this event, please click on the link below. 


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Pet Parties – The Latest Craze

As the baby-boomers are taking the lead, in ever-growing numbers, as pet owners, so is pet spoiling and the ‘special pet events’ phenomenon. Baby-boomers, who are primarily empty-nesters are replacing their grown children with pets and spoiling those pets as they used to spoil their children.

Pet parties are one of the newest crazes; birthday and holiday parties with and for pets. They include activities and goodies for both the pets and their humans. Pet ‘birthday’ parties top the list, especially for dogs and then cat parties rank as a distant second. They vary from a group of pet owners and their pets going to lunch or dinner at a pet friendly restaurant to parties at the park or backyard house events. Pet-care facilities (doggy daycare sites and pet hotels) are another option to consider if you don’t have room for a home party.

As with Halloween… with pet ‘dress-up events’ or just having your pet at a conventional gathering or party, there are lots of factors to consider. Will the pets on the guest list get along? Are your human guests pet focused enough and willing to keep an eye on their pet as well as maintain a pet positive environment at the party for everyone, while still having a good time themselves? And is your pet the type who likes being around other animals and groups of people, or is this party really for you?

There are many restaurants that are pet friendly these days so will cordon off an area, as they do for kiddy parties, for your pet event; some even supply decorations and goodies.

But if you prefer to do it yourself and go all out, here are a few suggestions:

Indoor Party Activities:

• Pick a fun theme. Party favors and decorations are now available for most types of pet parties.

• Have each doggy (kitty, bird, monkey, pot bellied pig, etc) guest come in costume and have a mini-fashion show or have your guests and their humans come in matching costumes! Give prizes for best costume(s), funniest, most original, etc.

• Bring Kong type toys, one for each doggy guest, filled with cheese or peanut butter; catnip or tuna for the kitties.

• Have plenty of training treats, snacks and biscuits on hand and hold contests for best sit, stay, shake, roll over… (perhaps for most finicky for the felines?).

• Bring a good supply of rope toys for a doggy tug of war! You’ll find that sometimes the humans will participate as well.

• Paw mural painting can be done inside or out as long as you cover the floor well.

Outdoor Party Activities:

• A silly pet trick contest is a great event, indoors and out, but outside parties lend themselves to a greater variety of tricks. Give a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd or just for first prize and then give a treat to the others for participation.

• If you have mostly the same types (or breeds) of pets or groups that are the same sizes, dog (or piggy and kitty… if you can motivate them) races can be fun. (Dachshund or Chihuahua races are always funny.)

• Bring enough balls so there is at least one ball or Frisbee per doggy guest and play free-for-all fetch or wands with fake birds, small balls or catnip toys tied at the end for the cats.

• Agility equipment events like a tunnel for the dogs to race through is a good addition; make sure you have lots of training bits or other treats to offer them when they run through successfully!

• Water activities like swimming events in the pool for certain dog breeds during the warm season are possible activities to consider, or bobbing for biscuits using a small tub or kiddie pool with water and then tossing in some biscuits. Whoever gets them out the quickest wins!

• Also, if at the park, make sure you consider safety issues like portable fencing or stakes to attach leashes, so the dogs and their humans can relax for awhile.


• Make sure there is plenty of water – Provide separate bowls for each pet guest (possibly personalized for them to take home) filled with mineral, filtered or even Smart™ water.

• Order goodies from the local or online doggy (pet) bakeries and party suppliers, or better yet bake them yourself.

• Have an outdoor bar-b-que and fix a special dinner for both the pet guests and their humans with their own grilled boneless steaks or chicken for the doggies or tuna and salmon for the kitties!

• And of course, you must have a birthday cake! You can make it yourself or order one from a local or online pet bakery. A small slice of carrot cake or really any other cake as long as it doesn’t contain chocolate could be served to most pets as well their humans at a special occasion, but in most cases you will probably want a special one for the pets and one for their humans.

• There are also many human goodies (candy and baked goods) shaped like pets, bones, or pet articles that can add fun to the party.

• A goodie bag to take home filled with unique biscuits, doggy ice cream, dehydrated meats (dehydrated fish, a catnip toy, cat grass or grass seeds and gourmet cat desserts for the kitties), and a small pet safe toy, along with their personalized water bowl is a nice touch.

Make sure you label the food appropriately, especially at a buffet-style meal, to ensure that no people accidentally bite into a dog or cat treat or that the pets don’t get too many human treats!

Regardless of the style of the party or the range of food served, you will need to consider both the fun of all the party guests as well as the safety of the food you choose for the people and the dogs (cats or birds, etc) at the event. You might want to skip serving chocolate and onions completely, keep alcohol to a minimum and have a special (pet free) smoking area to keep the guest of honor and friends from eating the butts. Discussing allergies and safety matters of the pets, children and adults at the party in advance will prevent any surprises for the day of the party, as well, perhaps as part of the invitation RSVP request.

Kids have will have fun participating in the games and giving out treats to the winners, so include them if you have any children on your guest list. But be sure to consider supervision, and I would recommend limiting the number of children present. If you do have children or grandchildren at home, include them in the preparation and give them jobs and responsibilities at the party.

And finally, make sure you have a way of capturing all this fun on film! A volunteer photographer or videographer is great for memories and someone taking Polaroid’s for the costume contest, to send home with guests, is always a great touch!

Future articles will include throwing a ‘fancy’ doggy party and ‘pet’ party recipes. But for now, for those of you baking and making the party food on your own, here is a fun recipe for your human guests (and a small sliver, minus the Tootsie Rolls, won’t hurt the pets either):


(Several variations of this recipe can be found online)


1 spice or German chocolate cake mix 
1 white cake mix 
2 large packages vanilla instant pudding mix, prepared 
1 large package vanilla sandwich cookies 
green food coloring 
12 small Tootsie Rolls

1 new kitty litter pan 
1 new plastic kitty litter pan liner 
1 new pooper scooper


Prepare cake mixes (or scratch cake) and bake according to directions (any size pans). 
Prepare pudding mix and chill until ready to assemble. 
Crumble white sandwich cookies in small batches in food processor, scraping often. Set aside all but about 1/4 cup. To the 1/4 cup cookie crumbs, add a few drops green food coloring and mix until completely colored.

When cakes are cooled to room temperature, crumble into a large bowl. Toss with half the remaining white cookie crumbs and the chilled pudding. Important: mix in just enough of the pudding to moisten it. You don’t want it too soggy. Combine gently.

Line a new, clean kitty litter box. Put the cake/pudding/cookie mixture into the litter box. 
Put three unwrapped Tootsie rolls in a microwave safe dish and heat until soft and pliable. Shape ends so they are no longer blunt, curving slightly. Repeat with 3 more Tootsie rolls bury them in the mixture. Sprinkle the other half of cookie crumbs over top. Scatter the green cookie crumbs lightly on top of everything — this is supposed to look like the chlorophyll in kitty litter.

Heat 3 Tootsie Rolls in the microwave until almost melted. Scrape them on top of the cake; sprinkle with cookie crumbs. Spread remaining Tootsie Rolls over the top; take one and heat until pliable, hang it over the side of the kitty litter box, sprinkling it lightly with cookie crumbs. Place the box on a newspaper and sprinkle a few of the cookie crumbs around for a truly disgusting effect!

Have a great party!

By:  Marion Algier/Ask MarionJust One More Pet

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On Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008 at 2:30 p.m. there will be a Pet Halloween Parade on the sidewalks of 2nd St. The pre-parade entertainment, vendors and adoption fair will be held at Livingston Park, Belmont Shore. It’s the biggest Halloween pet event in the World! Presented by HauteDogs.org and Justin Rudd. 650+ dressed-up dogs last year! Stay for the huge Kids’ 

We Are Ready… Let’s Go!


Halloween Costume Contest at 4:30 p.m. A pet adoption fair and vendor fair runs from noon to 5 p.m.

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