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Doggie Survival Kits


With the uncertainty of possible economic and political upheaval within the United States as well as the possibility of both manmade and natural catastrophes or emergencies having a survival kit or bug out bag for each family member, including pets, is vital.  It should be super convenient and ready to grab and go in backpack form! This doggie kit described below is designed to provide your pet with all of the basic necessary items to survive if you are ever forced to evacuate. The option is to have one for each family member and someone carry the extra(s) for the pet(s), or to get a little larger bags and incorporate the pet gear into your bag(s).

The pet kit should contain the following:

Food and Water (temporary supply or regular snacks and food… be sure to rotate)

Package of Emergency Dog Food (with a 5 year shelf life)

1 – 3 Pack of Aqua Blox 10 (or other brand) Water Purification Tablets Light and Communication

12 Hour Emergency Bright Sticks Shelter and Warmth

1 – 16 Hour Hand Warmer

Mylar Emergency Blanket

Water/Food Feeding Bowl(s)

Extra Collar & Leash Set

Reflective Dog Vest Metal Stake with 15 ft.

Tie Down Leash

Can Opener

Dog Toys Nylon


50 Pet Waste Bags 

Pet first-aid and basic pet supplies kit and guide book (an organized overview sheet of health record(s) and any pertinent information tucked inside would also be good

Any special pet meds required by your pets (again please remember to rotate)

The above survival kit suggestions come from advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry, plus guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

*For small dogs, I would suggest also having a doggie/pet carry pack that can be worn in front,  so you can carry your small dog (pet) in dangerous of difficult situations or where there is a lot of traffic.


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