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Halloween Lobster

Here’s a Lobster You’ll Have to See to Believe — It Only Occurs Once in Every 50 Million

TheBlaze has reported on giant and even oddly colored lobsters over the last couple years, but none are quite so odd as this latest one. Trapped by a Massachusetts fisherman, “Pinchy” is perfectly two toned in color.

Rare Black and Orange Lobster Split Trapped Just Before Halloween

This image released by the New England Aquarium shows a two-toned female lobster. (Photo: AP/New England Aquarium, Emily Bauernseind)

The New England Aquarium said it’s a 1-pound female lobster with a rare coloration known as a split. Marine officials say such coloration is estimated to occur once in every 50 million lobsters. The Boston Globe reported that scientists believe the condition results in the lobster’s early cellular development.

The fisherman who caught the seasonally colored crustacean in a trap last week is from Beverly, a seaside community 20 miles northeast of Boston.

Don’t believe this little lady is real? Here’s a video of it moving around:

The Globe reports this lobster bearing the name “Pinchy,” after a lobster in an episode of “The Simpsons.”

Aquarium officials said Wednesday splits have been caught in Maine, Rhode Island and Nova Scotia in the last 10 years.

(H/T: Gawker)

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


NH man snares rare, cobalt-blue lobster

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NH man snares rare, cobalt-blue lobster

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) – At first, New Hampshire lobsterman Bill Marconi thought he had caught a shiny blue beer can in his trap. It turns out it was a rare, cobalt-blue lobster. The 52-year-old lobsterman was out hauling 400 traps with his son Wednesday when he snared the 1 1/2-pound lobster in between his dock and the Isle of Shoals, about six miles off the coast.

New England Aquarium Research Director Mike Tlusty told Foster’s Daily Democrat only one in 5 million lobsters are blue.

Tlusty said blue lobsters are different in that they are better at processing astaxanthin, an antioxidant with a red pigment derived from algae. The substance bonds with proteins in the lobster’s shell, resulting in the blue pigment.

Marconi donated his lobster to the Seacoast Science Center.

Talk about “weird”, here’s a blue lobster.

Blue Lobsters

Blue lobsters are very, very rare. It has been debated but ‘most’ scientists say that the blue colored lobsters are that way for the same reason that there are like albino people (lacking a gene). Not only are there very few blue lobsters born but the ones that are don’t last to long. Because of their unique color, blue lobsters get eaten by prey quickly.

Blue Lobster 2

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