Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

Another way of defining who are the 99%

During these tough economic times the shelter populations are bursting and because of our often inhumane system even more healthy animals are being euthanized than normal.  There is also the added phenomenon of ‘the irresponsible’ viewing pets as toys not as a living creatures that are their permanent responsibility or as a member of their family… something to love.  Many of the “spoiled and misguided” in our society who get pets on a whim, because some movie star has one or to have a prop for Halloween or some event are also taking pets to shelters because instead of having their callous hearts being touched by an animal their pet is being abused or killed because they are heartless.

There is always room for Just One More Pet.  So if you have room in your home and room in your heart… Adopt Just One More!  If you live in an area that promotes unreasonable limitations on pets… fight the good fight and help change the rules and legislation… And please become part of the NO KILL MOVEMENT.

If you cannot adopt just one more consider fostering pets/animals or contributing funds or supplies to local rescues and shelters.  Also, do yourself a favor and do a little homework on PETA, the Humane Society, and the ASPCA… as well as on high kill shelters.  All shelters and rescues can and should be NO KILL shelters.

Enrich Your Life and Save the Life of Just One More Pet… Animal!


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I volunteer at our local Humane Society & as you all know they are “full to overflowing”.  All the shelters/rescues are in dire need of supplies.  So, spring clean your house this fall & donate (it’s also tax deductible).  They need tons of stuff:  your unused dogs stuff (collars, leashes, bowls, balls/toys, grooming stuff, crates, etc.); sheets/blankets, peanut butter/food, unused/unexpired meds; even the paper from your shedder – and more/more/more.  Oh and …..and towels, lots and lots of towels!  Discarded crib mattresses make wonderful beds, especially for older dogs

Check the website for your local shelters/rescue – they usually list items that you can donate.

Another thing to consider is to volunteer to be a foster parent.

And please start working in your area to have the state laws, city ordinances and community rules changed and amended to increase the number of pets willing parents are allowed to own and foster.

We are truly in a time of disaster!!  Not allowing people to adopt of foster one or two more pets is a crime!

Help save lives!   Adopt and foster just one more pet and help the change the laws that prevent that!

Cudos to you all!

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Rescues and Runways Fashion Shows To Promote Pet Adoptions and Support the ASPCA by ‘maurices’

Rescues & Runways kicks off on August 26 with a major fashion show and entertainment at the maurices home office in Duluth, MN.  Rescues & Runways is an exciting new nationwide effort by maurices to support local shelters and the animals they help.  During the month of September, more than 700 maurices stores in 44 states will host pet-themed fashion shows in partnership with their local animal shelter and sell a special charm to benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®).
Each Rescues & Runways fashion show will feature models from each community walking the runway with the latest fall looks from maurices, plus a pet who is available for adoption.  Also throughout September, people are encouraged to support their local shelters by bringing the supplies they need to their local maurices store. Customers who bring in a donation for the shelter will receive a coupon for 20 percent off one regular-priced item. The campaign goal is to collect 500,000 pounds of supplies across the nation.

In addition, maurices is introducing a limited edition Friends for Life Charm, a celebration of the special bond people share with their furry friends. The Friends for Life Charm is just $5.00 and will be sold in all maurices stores beginning in mid-September through October 31. For every charm purchased, $2.50 will go to support the ASPCA and its national shelter outreach program. The ASPCA will receive a minimum donation of $50,000 from maurices, with an ultimate goal of raising more than $100,000.

Source:  ASPCA

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