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Is a Bark Just a Bark???

Is bark just a bark??  Just making noise?  Or does it mean something?

Baying means your dog is on the chase, whining means she’s frustrated, howling means he’s calling the pack, growling when playing means she’s playing tough, growling when confronting someone means he’s mad, and yipping means she’s hurt. Loud barking often combined with growling means there is an intruder, they are afraid or there is something they are warning you about or protecting themselves from.

Some dogs actually do what sounds like talking and some howl… or as we like to call it at our house… sing!

Listen to the message in each of your dog’s subtle and distinct vocalizations. And remember, barking is normal for dogs.  It is how they communicate… their form of talking.

Singing for Fun June 2010-2Singing 7.22.11-sm


Ask Marion~  -  Photos by the UCLA Shutterbug

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