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Halloween Pet Fun… Looking Back

Looking back at some fun Halloween moments with our gang and friends…




Dad Can We Please Take Off Our Costumes - Halloween 2008-2 sm



 Snow White (and Tan) Angel

Happy Halloween 2013 From the Gang at Just One More Pet

2013 Annual NYC Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade – Haunted Hounds

‘Until One Has Loved an Animal, Part of Their Sour Remains Unawakened’

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2013 Annual NYC Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade – Haunted Hounds

"The 23rd Annual Halloween Dog Parade held at New York`s Tompkins Square Park was nothing short of amazing. From a twerking Miley Cyrus atop a canine version of Robin Thicke, to Walter White from `Breaking Bad`".

Huffington Post: Behold, the best dressed of the day:


ice cream truck








star wars family

lion dog

michael jackson dog


beach bum



food truck pup

mammoth dog


wrecking ball

walter white



bball dog


starbucks pup

(Photo Credit: Hayden Rockwell) More photos at Site 

2012 NYC Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade – Haunted Hounds

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cats and Dogs 

Halloween Fun Photos… Hope You Have a Good One!

Creative Pet Halloween Costumes 

Fun Faces of Halloween


Patriot Pup Halloween Costumes 2012… 

Costumes for Pet Birds and the Five Top Halloween Dangers to Pet Birds

Halloween Lobster

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Halloween Fun … Photos

   Lets Party  Chi-Princess Granny and Ridding Hood 5 Ready for Trick or Treating I'm CoolCookie the Chow as Times Square Alliance Clean Up Crew Good Dog RescueChiChi Fairy  Basic Costume P1010028Rave the Mac Daddy Pimp A Babyboomer's Dog!Bow-Wow Blue Brothers    Gucci - in fashion in Snuggiebandit-snuggie-300x401-custom     image We Are Funnyimage image P1010021 image   P1010026Swiss Mountain Dog Costume Witch From WickedUncle Barney  Nurse Liesl and Doctor Guenther  Snow White (and Tan) Angel

Just One More Pet

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Pup Photo Flubs – Halloween

For All Those Who Saw the Great Doggie Shots Earlier in the Week and Thought Why Don’t Mine Ever Do That Well…  It Sometimes Takes A Lot of Shots and Patience to Get That Perfect Pet Foto!!!

Plbbbtttt!! Bulldog Chow

Chihuahua Side-Tracked American Bulldog Doing His Own Thing

Curious Pup Jack Russel Begging for Snacks

Mirror Image Me That's Hot... It's Me

Pug Posterior Pose Please Shoot My Best Side

Poodle Pout



For the Good Shots:  Halloween Pups and Pumpkins

And Order Your Pet a Snuggie:

~~ Great last minute costume or just to keep them warm ;-)~~


Happy Howl’oween

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