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Furkeeps… Making Pet Adoptions Permanent and Work for all Involved

Too many adoptions fail! Even pet parents with the best intentions can run into problems. But the more resources an adopter can draw on for support, the more likely the adoption will stick. So we’re launching FurKeeps, a program where you can get advice from experts on specific problems you’re having, plus tips on animal care, health and behavior, and even on how to find pet-friendly housing. And if you don’t yet have a pet, be sure to consult our adoption checklist. We want your pet adoption to last a lifetime.

Source:  Petfinder

Tackling Pet Problems

We asked adoption groups why pets are surrendered to them. The results:

Dogs and Cats relinquishment survey

*Source: Petfinder FurKeeps Member Survey 2009

Having Trouble? Here’s Help

  1. Moving
    Check out our tips for finding pet-friendly housing before you look for a new home. Once you find a place, check out these tips for moving with pets.
  2. Pet Behavioral Issues
    Here’s help with some of the most common problems. For more, visit our Pet Training section.

  3. Cost
    The costs of owning a pet can vary. Before you adopt, check out our chart,Estimated Yearly Costs of Pet Ownership. If you’ve already adopted, we’ve got tips for pet parents on a budget.
  4. Pet Health
    Prepare for unexpected pet-health problems: Consider enrolling in a pet insurance plan with our partner, PetFirst.
    Also, visit our Pet Health section for tips on keeping your pet healthy and information about:

  5. Pet Aggression
    Understanding the different types of aggression and their causes can be the first step to solving the problem.

There are many problems that come our way, but if you make the decision whether you have a childe naturally, adopt a child or adopt a pet that it is life commitment, it changes your perspective and thought process.  Once you accept your adoption as a permanent life long commitment and that no matter what, you are family, things change.  There is always a solution, the worst of which should be that no matter what, you will find a temporary foster home or a permanent new home for your pet… just like you would for everyone in your family.

As for shelters and rescues… it is time that we move toward all no-kill facilities and adjust unreasonable pet limitation rules and laws.

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Where there is a will…

Homeless With Pets… Choosing Pets Over Shelter

Homeless California Chihuahuas Being Flown Out of State

Adopt Just One More Pet… MV Shelter Reduces Cat and Kitten Adoption Fees …

The No-Kill Nation

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The No-Kill Nation Movement

The No-Kill Movement is sure becoming more popular everyday, we now have many communities fighting towards this goal. Lets show them some support by joining the ones that are already on FACEBOOK, and lets applaud their efforts!!!

Nola NoKill Task Force
Austin No Kill Coalition
No Kill Baton Rouge
No Kill Houston
Fix Austin
Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia

Isn’t this AWESOME? If your community is not listed here, and they are working towards the No-Kill goal, perhaps you could help them join Facebook, or if your community is not involved in this movement at all, it is a great opportunity for YOU to START doing something!!


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”~ Mahatma Gandhi

No Kill Nation on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/NOKILLNATION

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