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Angel… Our Mama Turns 10-Years-Old Today



Our Angel, a half-long-haired, half short-haired, light red and white, fawn-face Chihuahua stole our hearts and literally saved my life, or at least my sanity, during a very dark time for me.  Angel is the mama and the alpha dog at our house and of our little pack of Chihuahuas and Chiweenies.

According to her papers, Angel was born in Oklahoma on May 3rd and ten weeks later had made her way to our home and into our hearts.



Baby Angel

My husband was allergic to everything with fur and feathers.   But when our daughter was young we gave in starting with hamsters, mice, rats, geckos, lizards, fish, turtles… and then birds.  Then our daughter came home with a dog, Angel, while she was working part-time at a pet store, the summer after her first year of college.  She was supposed to be earning a little pocket money for the next year. Instead she pretty much spent all she earned and came home with a papered Chihuahua at the height of the Chihuahua craze… who became our Angel.

My husband said, “no way… absolutely not!” Our daughter was going back to the dorms and he was allergic, so he took Angel right back to the store.  They wouldn’t take her back because our daughter had signed the contract and they had given up a full paying customer to let her buy Angel at the employee discount, less than half of what they had had an actual customer for.  And of course, our daughter went back to school and the dorms about a month later with Angel in tow insisting she could sneak her in and keep her there. Less than an hour after her arrival at school with her 4-legged roommate, we were on our way to pick Angel up.  My husband went through 18-months of allergy shots after that so we could keep her.

A year later our daughter was off sailing around the world with the Semester at Sea program.  When she got back mid-year, she was assigned a lulu-bell for a roommate and bargained with us to get an off-campus apartment a semester early. She wasn’t there a month… when she brought home a Chiweenie puppy, Apachi, who was being given away outside the pet store, near school, where she had just gotten a part-time job after returning from her sail.  A pet store job is never a good idea for her.  Major Problem… it was a no pet apartment and we had signed a year’s lease.

Not long after getting Apachi, our daughter’s colitis flared up to an extreme level (I tend to think some vaccines that they got overseas might have exacerbated her condition adding to some stress in her life at the time and too much partying during that period and trip). After a stint at an alternative care facility, in an attempt to avoid radical surgery, she unfortunately ended up having to have 2 major surgeries and I spent a total of 54-days (24/7) in the hospital sleeping on a cot in her room, with her.  My husband, who was home with Angel and Apachi, visited daily.  With all that was going on we really didn’t think about the fact that neither 6 month old Apachi nor Angel had been fixed.  Angel was the best tempered Chihuahua with a really easy going disposition and everyone had said, if we could breed her with a like-type male, they’d love to have a puppy.  So I was looking for a mate for her and Apachi was just a baby,  and taking him in to be neutered just got lost in all the goings on.


Next thing we knew… we had 4 puppies: Goji Angelina, Magnum, and Princess (As Pictured Below)


Angel was a natural and terrific Mom who took great care of her little brood and Apachi watched over them from somewhat of a distance… until they were weaned, at which point he took over.


Angel Has Always Loved Riding in the Car and Going for Walks… Before and After the Rest of the Family Arrived.


Heading to Dana Point, CA for a Walk


Walks in Wyoming

The Gang Moving Back to CA  12-2012

Traveling From Texas to CA


Walking in Texas

The boy pups (Magnum and Goji) and Angelina went to new homes at 10-weeks of age and we decided to keep Princess, our ADHD girl…  Then a few weeks later Angelina came back to us, because her new family couldn’t keep her and we had requested that if anyone who took a puppy had problems that we would get them back.  Long story short… we kept Angelina too and that is how we went from birds, turtles and rats, at the time, to 4-dogs and a fish who survived being fed to our turtles.


Angel at Age 8


Angel (9) and Neighbor MaryAnn Playing


Angel’s 2nd Birthday


Angel’s 5th Birthday… USC Party

Our pups are now 7, 8 and 10-years old… We have always had separate birthday parties for everybody, but this year we are going to have a combined party next week, including for Rocky, our in-laws’ aging Cocker Spaniel.  But we had a mini-celebration today, on Angel’s actual 10th B-day.


Our Christmas Card the Past Couple of Years (Below)… Featuring our Furkids Singing.  The Rule Within the Pack Appears to be That Nobody Can Start Singing Until Angel Starts.



Apachi – Happy 7th Birthday

‘Until One Has Loved an Animal, Part of Their Soul Remains Unawakened’

Pet Parties – The Latest Craze

For these moms, a dog-day afternoon

The New Breed of Baker 

Travel Fun With Dogs

Photos By: UCLA Shutterbug

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16 Heartwarming Photos Of Lost Dogs Reunited With Their Families


1. Abby


Abby, who also happens to be blind, went missing for more than a week during super heavy snowstorms in Alaska. Luckily, she managed to find her way home for Christmas. (A Christmas miracle!!!)

Image by McKenzie Grapengeter / AP

2. Bailey


After Bailey, a little Chihuahua mix, went missing for two months, his owner opened a newspaper and found him featured as the shelter’s pet of the month! Just another reason to own a newspaper subscription, folks.

Source: nwitimes.com

3. Puzzle


Puzzle went missing while on a walk in a Seattle park, and returned home nearly a week later. The funny part? Puzzle’s owner left the backdoor open, and Puzzle just happened to walk in.

Source: fremocentrist.com

4. Ruca


The 8-year-old Shih Tzu went missing for just over a week, and here’s the thing: Ruca was a gift from an Iraq soldier to his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Brittney. So, when Ruca dug a hole under the fence and escaped, a real-life Ace Ventura pet detective was hired to find her. Voila, home safe and sound!

Source: turnto23.com

5. Gizmo


This fellow 8-year-old Shih Tzu was found with the help of a microchip after being lost for four months. Awww!

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com

6. Pooka


The Chihuahua-dachshund mix (Chiweenie) was missing 18 months and wandered all the way to New Mexico before being reunited with her owner in Kentucky. A handy microchip’s to thank for that!

Image by Jeri Clausing / AP

7. Beethoven (probably)

Beethoven (probably)

This big guy was missing less than a week, thankfully, otherwise who would those adorable children cling to?!

Source: imgur.com

8. Aka


Aka spent two years away from her family before being located more than 20 miles from home at an animal shelter. The reason the Alaskan mix was returned? A microchip.

Source: dailynews.com

9. Ginger


Ginger flew the coop for 10 years. Yes, you read that right, but the story gets even stranger. Because when the basset hound’s owner lost custody of Ginger as part of a divorce agreement, he never thought he’d see her again. So, imagine his shock when he opened a paper and saw the dog listed as part of an adoption center’s listings! Looks like she’s back with her dad for good, though.

Source: nydailynews.com

10. Oreo


It was over four and a half years before Oreo was found. He ran away while in the backyard, and his family had all but lost hope that they’d ever see him again. But he was found wandering the streets, thanks to a microchip.

Source: nbcbayarea.com

11. Buster


During Hurricane Sandy, 1-year-old Buster escaped in the chaos of the storm. After searching for close to a month, they found him: On a shelter website where he was due to be euthanized the next day. Luckily, they were able to reach the shelter just hours before he was scheduled to be put down.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

12. Shorty


Shorty disappeared seven years ago from her Louisiana home during Hurricane Katrina. At the age of fifteen, she was found with a microchip, wandering through North Carolina. It’s unclear how she made it into a different state, but for now she’s back with her family.

Image by WCNC

13. Nick


The 10-year-old military police dog, who served two tours, went missing from his yard. Even though it was only for a day, the family had serious cause for concern: Nick suffers from a serious genetic medical condition that affects his hind legs and requires medication. Luckily, the dog was spotted in a different neighborhood and returned safely to his family.

Source: inforum.com

14. Petunia


This mix breed pit bull disappeared from her home in Virginia back in 2003, and was found eight years later in California. That’s roughly 3,000 miles from her home! She was reunited with her elated family on live TV. Pretty emotional homecoming!

Source: digitaljournal.com

15. Earl


Poor Earl. This loyal German shepherd was stolen from his Virginia home and lost for nearly a month before he was found. Turns out that two men took him from his yard and began train hopping with the dog! Earl was found when the men were arrested for illegal train hopping in North Carolina, and he was immediately returned to his family.

Source: Brittany Randolph/The Star

16. Lizzy


Lizzy had been lost for over a month, not a great thing considering she’s blind. Yes, a blind rat terrier. But an anonymous man, who called himself Santa, dropped her off at a Michigan City animal shelter. The rest is adorable history.

Image by Matt Fritz / AP

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Please Let Me Sleep… Too Cute!

It ought to be illegal to be this cute!


h/t Gary Patterson

Dogs/pets enhance our lives… keep them healthy and increase their life span

StemPet and StemEquine – Stem Cell Enhancers for Pets

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If I Should Die Before My Dog…

"If I Should Die Before My Dog – "

We prepare for the what-if’s in our lives by establishing what would be needed in the event of our death or inability to care for our children. We buy insurance against the possibilities of loss to our cars, homes, valuables. We buy health and life insurance, even pet health insurance. But what about our pet’s needs if something happens to us? The book, "If I Should Die Before My Dog – " is an excellent tool in careful and complete considerations for your dog.

Now, I’m not very good when it comes to the subject of dying. In fact, I’m a wreck. I once took a "Death and Dying" course as part of my psychology major. I flunked the class because I stopped going to it; I just couldn’t handle all that talk about dying! But I’ve learned over the years that there are some issues we must face, make decisions about and prepare for, whether we’re comfortable or not.

I have four children, now all grown, and I’ve recently updated my estate planning documents. Should I pass away or become unable to handle my affairs, arrangements have been made. When the kids were small I had plans in place, and included contingencies for their care by trusted people who knew them well.

But my pets? Much less so. Even for the famous pets that have made the news because of huge sums of inheritance left in their humans’ wills for the pets themselves, the need for their emotional well-being still exists. Each dog is a unique individual, with needs, desires, even fears that only you may know about.

Having worked with cats that were either rescued or relinquished, I saw firsthand the sadness, confusion, even depression these precious animals experienced. Ask anyone who spends time with these pets, they’ll tell you the same. It’s not just humans who feel a great loss when they lose those they’ve had a close bond with. It breaks my heart to imagine that might be the scenario for my beloved pets one day.

As a foster mom, I know the importance of knowing the details of a pet’s preferences, needs, quirks, likes and dislikes, known vocabulary. I’ve seen how it has helped provide for the best fit for both pet and adoptive family, and afforded the most consistency for the pet in such a time of great upheaval in its life.

My copy of "If I Should Die Before My Dog – " is going to go right with the paperwork that entails my will and other legal documents that have been prepared in the event of my passing or inability to manage things. Having said that, I’m now going to go get the tissues my leaky eyes have sorely needed while reading through and filling out the book.

While no one will ever take the place of you in your pet’s life, at least whoever takes over for you will have the information needed to make daily life as comfortable as possible. This book really is an important part of being a pet parent and providing the best for your dog.

A Dog Lovers lasting guide…….A beautifully illustrated interactive book that one fills in all of the information about their dogs life in the event they can no longer care for them to help ensure your pets are taken care of.

A thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog.

This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the "story" of their dogs life, for their pets "Next Guardian".

None of us can predict the future, but in the event situations arise such as death, health impairment or left with no other choice but to give them up, this book will be there to assist your beloved pet with the transition from one home to another. 

Author photo.jpg

About the Authors – Joe and Cathy Connolly

Joe and Cathy Connolly have spent a lifetime owning, training and caring for dogs. Cathy grew up with a Collie breeder, dog groomer and dog handler while attending many different dog shows and eventually went on to work with other breeders as she grew older. They live in beautiful Northern Michigan with their 3 furry four legged children, one large dog, one small dog and the entire family is supervised by one bossy calico cat.



Providing for Your Pet’s Future Without You

In Pets We Trust

Also see:  Every Dog’s Legal Guide

While providing  for your pets after you are gone, good nutrition and some supplements are equally important to care for them now and for their longevity: StemPet and StemEquine – Stem Cell Enhancers for Pets

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Doggie Survival Kits


With the uncertainty of possible economic and political upheaval within the United States as well as the possibility of both manmade and natural catastrophes or emergencies having a survival kit or bug out bag for each family member, including pets, is vital.  It should be super convenient and ready to grab and go in backpack form! This doggie kit described below is designed to provide your pet with all of the basic necessary items to survive if you are ever forced to evacuate. The option is to have one for each family member and someone carry the extra(s) for the pet(s), or to get a little larger bags and incorporate the pet gear into your bag(s).

The pet kit should contain the following:

Food and Water (temporary supply or regular snacks and food… be sure to rotate)

Package of Emergency Dog Food (with a 5 year shelf life)

1 – 3 Pack of Aqua Blox 10 (or other brand) Water Purification Tablets Light and Communication

12 Hour Emergency Bright Sticks Shelter and Warmth

1 – 16 Hour Hand Warmer

Mylar Emergency Blanket

Water/Food Feeding Bowl(s)

Extra Collar & Leash Set

Reflective Dog Vest Metal Stake with 15 ft.

Tie Down Leash

Can Opener

Dog Toys Nylon


50 Pet Waste Bags 

Pet first-aid and basic pet supplies kit and guide book (an organized overview sheet of health record(s) and any pertinent information tucked inside would also be good

Any special pet meds required by your pets (again please remember to rotate)

The above survival kit suggestions come from advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry, plus guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

*For small dogs, I would suggest also having a doggie/pet carry pack that can be worn in front,  so you can carry your small dog (pet) in dangerous of difficult situations or where there is a lot of traffic.


Is your pet prepared for disaster?

FEMA: Include Pets in Your Preparedness Plan

Make sure the pets are safe during storms

Hurricane Season’s Here: Six Steps to A Rescue Plan that Includes Pets

N.J. pets welcome at hurricane evacuation shelters

“The List” – What Can You Do to Prepare?

Personal Preparedness, The Leibowitz Society, Coming Collapse and how long things will last…

12 Months of Prepping, One Month at a Time

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Man Swims with Arthritic Dog, Hopes to Ease the Animal’s Pain


Not very long ago, John Unger found that Schoep, the four-legged companion which stood by him over the past 19 years, is suffering from arthritis. Given the dog’s old age, doctors said little could be done except put it to sleep to keep it from experiencing any further pain.

However, owner John Unger decided to try something new: water therapy. Thus, both he and his dog now spend anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes floating in the waters of Lake Superior on a regular basis, something which helps ease the pressure of Schoep’s now fragile body.

One or Urger’s friends, Hannah Stonehouse, took a picture of the two floating together, and now Internet users worldwide are expressing their admiration for Urgen and send Schoep heartfelt encouragements.

“I would read about five of them and lose it for a good ten minutes and then come back to it. To see that this photo has lifted their spirits … that right there lifts mine even higher,” commented Urger on the messages he received from countless people.

Many people have donated funds to help get Scheop medical treatments and John Unger is setting up a fund to help other dogs as well.


A Dog Owner’s Overview for Grade 3 Dog Arthritis

Fatty Acids May Improve Mobility In Osteoarthritic Dogs

Dog Massage? Isn’t Petting Enough?


Old Dogs, Old Friends: Enjoying Your Older Dog

Adopt a Senior Pet…

November Is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

Adopting A Senior Pet Has Many Advantage For Families and Seniors

Natural Pet Remedies For Everyday Problems

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Best in Show


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Single Black Female – a must read

Single Black Female

This has to be one of the best singles ads ever printed. It is reported to have been listed in the Atlanta Journal

Love the response this ad got!!

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I’m a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I’ll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me…. Call
(404) 875-6420 and ask for Annie, I’ll be waiting…


Over 150 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane Society. Winking smile

The shelters are overflowing with pets who need temporary foster homes and forever homes… If you have the room in your home and the love in your heart… please adopt just one (or two) more pets. 

And if you are able, support rescues and shelters and if you know of someone who is financially struggling, help them to keep their pet.

Also, please join the fight to change laws and restrictions and to make it possible for shelters to allow homeless and battered individuals and families to take their pets to the shelter with them.

Checkout SoftPaws… The Purrfect litter!!.. Easy, Healthy for your Pets and Economical even with shipping costs… Lasts up to 2-months before needing to be changed

A portion of each bag of SoftPaws purchased is donated to a rescue or shelter.

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Doggie Moms

Happy Mother’s Day

Doggie Moms 2

Doggie Moms 3

Doggie Moms 7 

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