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Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2009 – September 19th

SEPT 19 is Puppy Mill Awareness Day!!! In case you want to educate people on the existence of Puppy Mills and the harsh reality of what these dogs go thru or just learn more about Puppy Mills yourself… here is a great website where you can order br…Read More

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Source: http://www.petshoppuppies.org

Puppy Mill Dogs Standing in the Cold

Puppy Mill Awareness Day 2009 is almost here! Please join us for this important event on September 19th in Lancaster, PA. We will gather to provide a voice for thousands of dogs that remain in puppy mills around the country waiting for a hero. While public awareness has drastically increased over the past few years but we still have a long way to go. On September 19th we will celebrate rescue, increase awareness to the cruelty within the mills, and provide a day of fun! Come a day early and participate in our “Dog Auction” where we will be auctioning off art that was created by puppy mill survivors. We promise laughter through tears during this unforgettable event. See you at PMAD!!!

Help us save them…..

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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As the ASPCA says… “We Are Their Voice!”  Please report all suspected abuse or neglect of any kind… and to anyone!!

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