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Elwood, Crowned World’s Ugliest Dog in 2007, Has Died

world's ugliest dog diesElwood, the New Jersey canine that was crowned the world’s ugliest dog in 2007 and later became the topic of a children’s book preaching acceptance died. unexpectedly Thanksgiving morning at age.

His owner, Karen Quigley, said the Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix died after having some heath issues in recent months but recently appeared to be doing well.

Elwood was dark colored and hairless, saving for a puff of white fur resembling a Mohawk on his head. He was often referred to by fans as Yoda, or E.T., for his resemblance to those famous science-fiction characters.

Elwood won his crown at the annual ugly dog contest at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair in Petaluma, California a year after he had finished second.

Quigley had rescued Elwood in 2005, when he was about nine months old.

"The breeder was going to euthanize him because she thought he was too ugly to sell," Quigley has said.

After garnering the ‘ugly dog title’, Elwood became an online darling and developed a worldwide fan base. During his life, he appeared at more than 200 events that helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal rescue groups and nonprofit animal organizations.

Inspired by Elwood, Quigley wrote Everyone Loves Elwood: A True Story, a popular children’s book that promoted a message that it’s OK to be different. Quigley said the book shares lessons of love, compassion and perseverance and encourages readers to be kind to animals.

"He made people smile, he made them laugh and feel good. It was wonderful," Quigley said Saturday. "He will truly be missed."



Book: World’s Ugliest Dogs

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Video:  The Lottie June Show- WORLD’S OLDEST CHIHUAHUA & One of the Oldest living Dogs


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World’s Oldest Dog Dies At Age 26….Requiescat in pace

Video: Kitty Kat my Chihuahua begging for food while her Chihuahua family looks on

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Pint-Sized Chihuahua Successfully Thwarts Armed Robbers!

A ten pound Chihuahua named Paco proved to be more than just a cute face when he actually defended his owner’s tobacco shop from an armed robbery. The lovable pooch is seen in this great video chasing off the robbers while nipping at their heels. Clearly, Paco must think himself Doberman.

ABC brings us the heartwarming report and video:  Chihuahua Stops Armed Robber

Source:  The Blaze

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Owl Death From Above

March 10th, 2010 6:19 PM Eastern

by Claudia Cowan

When we heard about an owl attacking a dog in Santa Rosa, California, we knew it would be an interesting day. We met Odessa Gunn at the local animal shelter, where she was still very upset more than a week after losing her Chihuahua, Trooper. She could hardly believe a pair of hungry Great Horned Owls could swoop out of the darkness, and in seconds carry off her pooch, while she was standing just feet away. But that’s what happened, and now wildlife experts are warning the owners of small pets to keep their animals inside between dusk and dawn, because that’s when owls usually hunt. Odessa lives on a hillside property which she fenced in to protect her animals from coyotes and mountain lions. One night at around 9:30, she let her dogs into her backyard and was about to join them. That’s when she heard a terrible screeching noise, and at first thought it was a mountain lion or bobcat. The attack happened so fast, she didn’t even see it. One of the owls attacked her dog Bandit, but he managed to escape, bloody and limping. It was heartbreaking to see Bandit’s injuries, including the stitches on his back left by the owl’s razor sharp talons. But as much as Odessa is mourning the loss of Trooper, a 6-pound dog she rescued from an abusive home, she doesn’t blame the owl. She knows it was just hunting for food to survive. Owls usually eat rats and squirrels, but if they see something that looks like prey, they won’t know if it’s somebody’s pet. We actually got up close to several Great Horned Owls at a nearby bird sanctuary, and they are beautiful. Calm demeanor, yellow eyes, heads that can make wide turns, and wings so soft, you can barely hear them fly—which makes them stealth hunters. People with small pets should keep an ear out for the owl’s distinctive hoots, and stay away from nests where baby owls are hatching this time of year. Don’t hurt or hunt the owls to make them move elsewhere—they’re protected by law, and it’s a crime to harm them.

Odessa says from now on, she’ll keep her animals on a leash after dark, and be more aware that there are predators out there that can come from the sky.

Source:  Fox News

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Puppy Saves Owner From Fire

Chihuahua warns trucker about fire – Coco wakes owner by nudging him


Coco is used to a life on the road. The 4-month-old Chihuahua puppy loves to cruise the highways with his owner, a truck driver.

Now, Coco’s being credited with saving his owner’s life.

Early Thursday morning, Coco’s owner awoke to his dog frantically barking. The pair was sleeping in their big rig at the Myersville Truck Stop in Frederick, Md., when it caught fire, and the cab filled with smoke. Thanks to Coco’s warning, both the man and his dog were able to make it out alive. Both were rushed to the hospital, and Coco is being treated for severe smoke inhalation.

While the owner is recovering from second degree burns at Baltimore Burn Center, the dog named Coco is fighting for his life at a Hagerstown vet clinic.

Four-month-old Coco is clinging to life in this oxygen tent, hooked up to a humidifier, and IVS.

“Coco is still in critical condition and we are continuing to watch him closely,” said Dr. Saxton, of the Cumberland Valley Veternary Clinic. “He will continue to receive supportive care of oxygen and fluids until he is well enough to leave the clinic.”

Coco is being treated in an oxygen tent.

Veterinarians said his medical bills will likely top $2,000, which is a huge financial burden for his owner, who also remains hospitalized.

If you want to help defray the cost of Coco’s medical expenses, send donations to the Humane Society of Washington County offices, 13011 Maugansville Road, Hagerstown, Md.

You can also make donations online at www.hswcmd.org, click on the “Donate Now” button on the home page and be sure to indicate “for Animals in Distress” on the comment line.

By ANNE REYNOLDS  – Updated 7:16 PM EST, Fri, Jan 29, 2010

Updated:  Heroic Chihuahua Dies

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Farewell to Wheely Willy

Above, Deborah Turner, right, owner of Wheely Willy, gets a hug from Shirley Vaughan during a memorial service for the Long Beach Chihuahua who served as a symbol of hope and courage as he sped along using a wheeled cart for his paralyzed hind legs. Willy passed away on December 22, 2009. The Tuesday service at the Long Beach Animal Care was moved indoors because of the rain. Below, Wheely Willy at the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade back in 2004.

(Steven Georges / Press-Telegram)

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Is There Leftover Pie???

Hope You All Had a Safe, Blessed and Yummy Thanksgiving

And a Second Piece of PUMPKIN PIE before someone else got to it –  Too cute not to pass on, even a day late


And have the pie while listening to the: The Turkey Blues

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Couple’s Chihuahua Pitched Into the Catoctin Creek

Man admits to throwing dog, charged with animal cruelty

Zoey's body was never found.

Caisha and Tim Wantz

BRUNSWICK, Md. — Maryland State Police charged a man with throwing a Frederick County family’s Chihuahua off a bridge.

Caisha and Tim Wantz encountered a man with a station wagon and talking on a cell phone at the end of their driveway in Point of Rocks on June 19 as they were driving to get gas in preparation for their big weekend plans. They argued with him after asking him to leave. He told them he wanted to stay and make a call, the couple told NBC4’s Pat Collins.

“I told him I was going to call police,” Caisha Wantz said. “He laughed at me.”

She said he mocked her and started driving toward her like he was going to run her over.

Dog Thrown off Bridge in Frederick

Dog Thrown off Bridge in Frederick

“I yelled out to him, ‘Go ahead, you. Run over me in front of my family,'” Caisha Wantz said.

She was holding thermos of coffee and she decorated his rear window with the beverage.

Charging documents state that 34-year-old David Beers left but came back after the couple left and drove up to their house. Beers told police that he grabbed the 4-pound, 1-and-a-half-year-old dog named Zoey when she walked up to his car.

As Beers drove home over Catoctin Creek Bridge, he threw the dog over the bridge, police said. He later admitted to throwing the dog, which was never found.

“I have made, a few months ago, the worst decision of my life, and I want everyone to know that I deeply regret the pain and suffering that I caused the Wantz family,” Beers told Collins. “I have dealt with this stuff very heavily, and it’s affected my family and friends, and to them I own an apology as well.”

“She was my companion,” Caisha Wantz said. “She was our family companion. She went on vacation with us; she would travel to the store with us. I often had her in my purse.”

Beers has been charged with theft less than $500, trespassing and animal cruelty. He told Collins that he is undergoing anger management and seeing a psychiatrist.

A Sept. 17 court date has been set.


Copyright Associated Press / NBC Washington – First Published: Aug 28, 2009 7:20 PM EDT

I really think it is time to start charging these people with what it is… murder, or at least man(pet)slaughter as well as will emotional distress for the pet parents, which should include any medical bills!  Theft, trespassing and animal cruelty should be add-on charges.  Throw the book at this guy and all the other nuts who these kinds of things.

Because they are uncaring crazies or animal haters at best and sociopaths and/or both domestic and animal abusers at the other end of the scale, and we are not making examples of them, they are willing to do these things without a second thought.

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Elderly Chihuahua rescued from trash

LIVINGSTON — Animal control officer Kristin Lucas is used to finding animals in dire straits.

But on Wednesday, she saw something she had never seen before.

Someone had put an elderly Chihuahua in a garbage bag, tied the bag shut and thrown it into the Dumpster behind Sam’s Food City in Livingston.


(Merced Sun-Star) – This older male Chihuahua dog was put into a garbage bag that was tied shut and then thrown into a dumpster in Livingston. The dog was able to get his head out to breathe, and was rescued by Kristin Lucas, the animal control officer for the Livingston Police Department. He is currently recovering from his ordeal at a local veterinarian’s office.

An employee of the grocery store saw the dog. Thinking it was either dead or injured, the employee called Lucas.

“I looked in the Dumpster, and all I saw was a head sticking out of a tiny hole,” Lucas said. “The hole was just big enough for his head. He had obviously worked to get his head out so he could breathe.”

The dog was covered in urine and had suffered puncture wounds on his body, Lucas said. But other than that, and the fact that he was an older dog, there wasn’t much wrong with him.

Lucas took the dog to Valley Animal Hospital in Merced, where Christine McFadden is taking care of him.

“He’s an older dog, has some teeth issues, but not too bad,” McFadden said. “He also has some puncture wounds where it looks like an animal attacked him.”

Despite his wounds, McFadden said the dog won’t need surgery and is doing well.

Lucas said that throwing an unwanted pet into a Dumpster isn’t the way to deal with pets.

“If someone doesn’t want their dog, that’s what the shelter is there for,” Lucas said. “Most people don’t make a snap decision to get rid of their dog, they think about it for a while.”

She said if a dog is old or sick, having it put to sleep at a veterinarian’s office or at the animal shelter is the kindest way to deal with the pet.

The little male dog is neutered, according to McFadden, and should make someone who likes older dogs a good pet.

“This dog could have suffered a horrible, horrible death,” Lucas said. “Thank goodness someone found him before that happened.”

Anyone interested in the Chihuahua mix dog can call Lucas at the Livingston Police Department, 394-5585.

Just Another Example That We Need to Make Examples of Everyone that Does Something Like This to Animals!!!  The Laws against animal cruelty must be stiffened and every instance must be prosecuted to fullest extent of all laws and infractions that can be applied to the crime(s).  Ask Marion/JOMP

Source:  Annette Gongora’s facebook post


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ASPCA Rescue Tails: Kitten Survives Six Days in Duffel Bag

kittenIf one cat’s will to live could outmatch the strength of a heavy canvas bag, then surely one little kitten in Spokane County, WA, has the courage of a lion. Last week, two maintenance workers were testing garage doors at an apartment complex when they heard the muffled sounds of a distressed kitten coming from a large, heavy canvas duffel bag. The workers unzipped the bag only to find a second zipped duffel bag inside. When they opened the second bag, they discovered a frightened orange kitten, whom they promptly named Duff.

After giving him a much-needed bath, the rescuers called the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS)—an ASPCA Mission: Orange partner agency—to pick up and care for the tiny, suffering kitten.

“Duff was very lucky to be found,” says Animal Protection Officer Nicole Montano. “He probably would have died that day.”

Spokane Valley resident Donivan Crews later confessed to SCRAPS that he placed the kitten in the duffel bags six days prior to discovery. Crews was charged with confinement in an unsafe manner.

But this story of cruel abandonment has a very happy ending. One of Duff’s knights in shining armor adopted the lucky feline, who’s now recovering in a truly loving home.

“We are so grateful for the heroes who not only rescued this kitten but also took him into their hearts and home,” says Jackie E. Bell, SCRAPS Development Coordinator. “Duff will always have his name as a reminder of how he overcame such a tough start in life.”

Source:  ASPCA

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    Caught On Tape: Alleged L.A. Animal Shelter Abuses

    Shelter surveillance cameras capture employees abusing a dog  Photo: CBS2.com

    LOS ANGELES (CBS) ― Animal Shelters are supposed to care for lost pets. But we found some LA County workers caught on tape allegedly abusing dogs. CBS 2 Investigative Reporter David Goldstein obained the videos and has this exclusive report. 

    These surveillance videos — obtained by CBS 2 News — show what some L.A. County animal shelter employees do when they think the public’s not watching. 

    “How do you pull a defenseless dog through the facility like that, dragging it, and you have nothing to say at all.”We have the videos and obtained documents showing a hidden culture at the county shelters, where animals are allegedly euthanized and abused by employees, sometimes for kicks. 

    “There were quite a few of them who high-fived each other when they got certified to put the animals to sleep, as if it was a major coup.” 

    L.A. County’s Animal Care and Control claims to be one of the largest and progressive shelter systems in the nation. Their slogan is “care with compassion.” 

    But our investigation found that is not always the case. 

    Animal control officers are watched from dozens of surveillance cameras set up all around the six shelters across L.A. County, watching them when no one else may be watching. 

    In a video from the backroom of the Downey shelter, an animal control officer is seen putting his foot on the dog he just brought in. While it’s fully restrained on what is called a catch pole, he pins the dog down, jabbing the pole in its throat. 

    In this video from the Baldwin Park shelter last December, the officer drags the dog all the way down the long corridor, pulling it by a rope, as the animal spreads out on all fours. When he stops, the friendly dog wags its tail, only to be dragged along even further. 

    The day before at Baldwin Park, a camera catches another officer doing the exact same thing — dragging a dog by a rope down a corridor. 

    In March at Baldwin Park an officer is seen flinging a Chihuahua into the cage. The tiny dog is tossed in like a piece of meat. 

    And finally in Baldwin Park in 2006, a dog is appears unsteady on its feet, having just come back from the vet with a hip injury. But that didn’t stop the officer, who has been identified as Felix Reyes, from first pulling the dog, then dragging it by a rope. 

    As a family of five walks by, Reyes drags the dog across the compound. 

    After a short time, the dog finally succumbs to the pressure and gets up, only to have Reyes captured by another camera, as he walks it along and yanks the injured dog across the threshold and into a cage. 

    “Every animal has a story and they can’t talk,” said Cathy Nguyen. 

    Nguyen is an animal lover and frequent critic of the shelter system, who has troubled by the videos. 

    “The dog could be someone’s dog. They didn’t know. If this is how they treat my dog it wouldn’t be acceptable,” Nguyen said. 

    It was almost sadistic? 

    “Sadistic. Absolutely.” 

    “Hey Felix, I’m David Goldstein with CBS 2 News.” 

    I tried to question Reyes. 

    “You were pulling that defenseless dog down through the whole place. What were you doing that for?” 

    But he never said a word. 

    “How do you keep quiet about that? How do you live with yourself at night? You’ve got nothing to say?” 

    Critics of the shelter system say the videos bring to light the sometimes dark side of what goes on goes behind the cages — a culture that can breed cruelty, neglect and even torture. 

    These investigative reports, obtained by CBS 2 News, document dogs that were intentionally or mistakenly euthanized, killed in the shelters after being put on hold for adoption or the return to their owners. 

    “There were definitely people working there who didn’t even like animals.” 

    This former shelter employee, who would only talk if we concealed their identity, says the euthanizing of animals was sometimes a sought after position. 

    “They enjoyed putting the animals to sleep?” 

    “Yes. Some of them volunteered. They wanted to be the ones doing that.” 

    “What kind of person is that?” 

    “Narcissistic. Lack of compassion. It wasn’t uncommon at all.” 

    But the head of L.A. County’s shelter system says three instances is just a small amount. 

    “We take in 90,000 animals a year, three incidents over the numbers of thousands of animals that have come in during that period of time I think is very minor.” Reporting – David Goldstein

    Hmmm… 3 incidents that were found out about.  How many were not?  Who lets volunteers euthenize animals?  And what if it were your pet that someone Euthenized?

    It is time that cruelty to animals was punished much more severely.  And it is also time that we stop euthenizing healthy animals !!

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