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California Chihuahuas Find New Homes in NYC

Cute Chihuahua

ASPCA Welcomes California Chihuahuas to the Big Apple

On March 1, the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan welcomed 12 Chihuahuas from California who were in search of new homes. The doggie dozen came from the City of San Francisco Animal Care & Control, and their in-cabin transportation was donated by Virgin Airlines. After some post-travel rest and relaxation, most of the tiny pups were made available for adoption on March 10. That day, more than half of the dogs—Pinky, Freckles, Ivana, Nicky, Rice, Robin and Gidget—packed their bags for the last time and made their way to their new forever homes. Over the weekend, Albus and Batman were also adopted.

In recent years, California shelters have seen a dramatic increase in Chihuahua intakes—this toy breed now makes up nearly one-third of the state’s shelter dog population. While demand for Chihuahuas has declined in much of the Golden State, their popularity in New York City is as high as ever.

"We are glad to be given this opportunity to help New Yorkers get the small dogs they want, and at the same time help find loving homes for San Francisco’s homeless animals," said Gail Buchwald, ASPCA Senior Vice President.

This month’s transfer isn’t the first time the ASPCA has opened our doors to homeless animals from the West Coast. In January 2010, we welcomed 15 dogs to our Manhattan headquarters in the first-ever Operation Chihuahua. The ASPCA supports the transfer of homeless pets from overcrowded shelters across the country as long as certain safeguards and restrictions are observed.

For more information about the ASPCA’s position on animal transport for adoption, please visit us at ASPCA.org.

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