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Animal Shelter Becomes Envy With Adoption Rate

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mt. Juliet once had no shelter at all for stray or abandoned animals. The new facility has become the envy of other cities – not for the building but for their adoption rate.

The people who run the shelter are even surprised by the early success.

“There’s a national movement right now perhaps due to the Vick episode, but people are now coming for rescued animals,” said volunteer Jon Gray.

Gray, a retired minister, is one of nearly 300 volunteers who helps run it.

“They have no voice,” said Gray. “There’s nobody to speak for them and they’re part of God’s creations.”

The facility has an unheard of euthanasia rate. Out of 500 animals they have had to put down 23 of them.

“Our euthanasia rate is so low, it’s, so many other shelters have made comments, how do you do this? How do you keep the euthanasia rate so low?” said animal control officer Jill Hart.

City leaders said animal control officer Hart was one of the reasons. She has thousands of contacts easily receiving 20,000 e-mails a week.

The contacts have helped families as far away as Colorado and Connecticut adopt Mt. Juliet’s stray cats and dogs.

The volunteers like Gray know people too. They are responsible for attracting donors who have given the facility rooms full of supplies.

“The secret is we have a clean, modern, state of the art, people come in and like you told me this morning, there’s no smell here,” said Gray.

The cats are up front, the dogs in the back and nearly all of them can count on finding a new home.

The Mt. Juliet animal shelter said they never turn down donations. They are accepting supplies including dog and cat food.
Mt. Juliet Animal Control

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Pennsylvania… Puppy Mill Capital, USA???

Thanks to “Nightline” for the episode about puppy mills in Pennsylvania.  Watch the video, and think about it before purchasing a puppy in a petstore.  Sadly by “saving” that one pup from the store, you are causing several more to suffer.  This will only stop if we quit shopping and supporting these types of stores!

Source: Sandi’s  K9  Management

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Concerns lead to ASPCA raid at Wisconsin shelter

Thank You BannerASPCA Rescues Over 300 Animals!

Was it an animal shelter, or a puppy mill, or perhaps a little of both?

Whatever the case, the Thyme and Sage Ranch in Wisconsin is no more after 300 dogs were seized and owner and founder Jennifer Petkus was charged with 11 misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. The story sounds a little similar to the one we told you about earlier this week – Pendragwn Chow Rescue in Pennsylvlania.

In the Wisconsin case, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant Tuesday at the ranch, seizing the first 100 dogs, eight horses and a goat. At least six dog carcasses were discovered and a ram needed to be euthanized, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

According to a criminal complaint, Dr. Lisa Kerwin-Lucchi, a veterinarian with the Dane County Humane Society, used a hidden camera and temperature probe to record conditions at Thyme and Sage Ranch in rural Cazenovia in March, documenting dogs without access to food and unfrozen water, dogs with severely matted fur and inadequate bedding for unheated buildings.

Petkus was charged with one count of improper shelter to animals and 10 counts of intentionally mistreating animals — all misdemeanors. In addition, she faces five counts of unlawful deposit of animals carcasses.

Court records also show that Thyme and Sage, which has a contract with Richland County to serve as a shelter for lost and found animals, had already transferred 68 dogs and 10 cats to the Dane County Humane Society between Feb. 1 and March 27.

Kerwin-Lucchi started collecting the criminal evidence as early as February to obtain a search warrant and file charges “to make sure (Petkus) can’t do this again.”

She said she’s not sure what led to the conditions of her shelter because Many of the seized dogs look to be “retired breeders from puppy mills,” and the fact that she was adopting out large number of young puppies raised the suspicion she may also have been breeding, Kerwin-Lucchi said.

On Tuesday morning, May 19, the ASPCA was on hand in Cazenovia, WI, to assist in the raid of an animal sanctuary, the Thyme and Sage Ranch. The ASPCA Forensic Cruelty Investigation and Disaster Response teams, as well as our Mobile Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit, are currently working alongside the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to collect evidence and evaluate the animals found at the site.

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