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Calif. Vet Proposes Animal Abuser Database

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (CBS) — San Francisco is considering keeping tabs on animal abusers, much the same way sex offenders are tracked. It would create a Megan’s law-type database for people who hurt pets.

Veterinarian Dr. Elliot Katz says, "There are always accidents but when you see something like that you know someone is playing target practice."

Katz couldn’t help think the worst when he heard about Max, a cat that had an arrow through part of his head. He is pushing the city of San Francisco to develop a data base to keep track of animal abusers.

Katz says, "Doing this sends a message in San Francisco that vulnerable beings that we take into our homes deserve to be protected from people who intend to harm or kill them."

The public database would work a lot like the Megan’s Law website. Convicted animal abusers would be required to enter their full name, address, picture and description of their crime.

Shelters and other adoption agencies would use the database to prevent a previous abuser from adopting.

Katz says, "It’s going to save a lot of animals from being injured or hurt by people who cant control their anger."

Suffolk county New York was the first in the nation to launch such a public database.

Dr. Katz says the idea came about after Michael Vick tried to adopt an animal after spending time is prison for running a dog fighting ring.

Katz says, "My God he wanted to adopt a dog and to me there was an outcry clearly he has aggression you have this little dog into the hands of someone who has uncontrollable anger. The animals can’t speak for themselves and you don’t want to let them have the chance to do it twice."

Source:  Today’s THV

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