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Pampered pets and pet survivors

US President George Bush's Barney and Mrs. Beazly 2007

U.S. President George W. Bush’s dogs Barney and Mrs. Beazley (front) roam the driveway on the South Lawn of the White House on March 26, 2007. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)

UPI.com Pet Parade  -  By AL SWANSON (2010):

In his memoirs, former President George W. Bush tells a story about going from the pampering of the White House to picking up his dog Barney’s poop days later.

Bush, 10 days after leaving office, was walking his Scottie when Barney relieved himself on a neighbor’s lawn.

"There I was," Bush wrote, "the former president of the United States, with a plastic bag on my hand, picking up that which I had been dodging for the past eight years."

Barney, of course, continues to be pampered.

Despite the lingering recession hangover, with slow economic and job growth, people are still willing to spend on their pets — those who can afford it, that is.

Americans are not the only ones who spoil pets. A check of the Yellow Pages in the area around Bundaberg in Queensland in northeast Australia, shows 60 businesses offering pet services compared to 24 offering services for men.

"For a lot of people who send their cats here, their cats are like children, so they will get pampered," Sharon Bradley, owner of Avoca Boarding Cattery told the Bundaberg News Mail.

The sight of celebrity-socialite Paris Hilton shopping with her latest pampered puppy stowed in a designer handbag may make some people retch. But for many the only difference is the amount of money she has to spend. Hilton, who was sentenced to a year’s probation after her arrest for cocaine possession in Las Vegas in September, reportedly has admitted to owning as many as 18 pets from dogs and rabbits to a parrot and a pig.

She seems to enjoy indulging Chihuahuas while other celebrities are into trendy designer breeds like puggles (half poodle-half beagle), poochons (poodle and bishon) and maltipoo (maltese and poodle).

Spafinder lists the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas as the place to pamper your dog. House-trained dogs are always welcome but in February the 19-acre resort will offer a special four-day retreat for dogs and their owners. Both humans and animals can get pampering from massages to "peticures" while owners also learn tips about pet care, petside.com said.

The fees from "Celebrating Paws" will go to the Animal Trustees of Austin, a non-profit devoted to providing low-cost animal healthcare.

As shelters fill up it’s one way — other than writing a check — for owners of pampered pets to help pets of those who are having trouble affording them.

Shelters are reaching capacity as people who have lost jobs or homes give up their cats and dogs, Pam Burney, vice president for community initiatives at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told USA Today.

In the pet-friendly city of Portland, Ore., pet owners can check their canines into the luxury of the Sniff Dog Hotel, a pet hotel that offers grooming, training and doggie daycare as well as posh accommodations starting at $37 per day, care2.com said. The property has a cafe serving wine, beer and food to dog owners watching Fido romp in an indoor park.

Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace and the Rio, all Harrah’s hotel-casino properties in Las Vegas, accept dogs weighing less than 50 pounds, up to two per room under their "PetStay" program, the Los Angeles Times reports. An extra fee of $20 to $25 per night covers amenities including dog food, water bowls and doggie treats. Dogs must be crated when left alone in the room. Sorry, no cats are allowed.

And there’s always a luxury staycation.

"A back yard is no place for a dog. It’s not their natural environment," Robert Holmes, an Australian animal behavior expert, told the Brisbane Herald Sun. "They should be in bed with their owners. That’s where the pack lies and they should all pile in together."

My two very energetic terriers are a little too gamey for that sort of togetherness and we don’t plan to have them groomed until Thanksgiving.

Barkley seems to prefer sleeping on the floor in our bedroom to his expensive dog bed, anyway.

Carl Steidtmann, chief economist at Deloitte, says many consumers appear ready to spend again with sales of both organic pet food and bargain pet food rising.

"People are cutting back on themselves more than they’re cutting back on pets." Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Association told USA Today.

If you think pampering a pet is crazy, consider this: a poll conducted by Unbiased.co.uk found nearly 1.5 million people plan to leave their assets to their pets in their wills, while only 1 million said their money would go to a church when they die.

*President Gerald Ford was a humble man. One of the best quotes I have ever heard is:  “No one should ever have to clean up after someone else’s pet and every man should be willing  to clean up after his own pet/best friend!”


Bush and Barney, Just Like Old Times

New First Pooch Is Arriving Soon

President Bush and His Pets

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Recession Proof Stocks? Pet Spending On the Rise: One US industry unfazed by the economic wreckage surrounding is Pets…

One US industry unfazed by the economic wreckage surrounding it is as fitting as the subjects themselves: the pet business. According to Business insider, it’s booming.

Sure, the plethora of facebook photos of dogs in elaborate Halloween costumes could be a clue to the persistent “bear no expense” mentality owners feel for their four-legged friends, but the numbers are still shocking: an American Pet Products Association’s report found that the industry jumped $31.53 billion dollars between 1994 and 2010, with people expected to spend about $50.84 billion on furry, gilled, winged, equine, and reptilian friends in 2011 alone.

According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 million homes. The significant rise in pet-related spending isn’t as surprising given that the number of pets owned has also increased year-over-year.

Pampered Pets

Boutique pet stores are popping up left and right, “dress your pooch in style” screams from window displays, have your precious kitty sleep on a bed of satin, bedazzled with precious gems. Don’t skimp, remember, they love you unconditionally, and a jeweled collar and matching leash is the best way to say you love them back.

The pressure is on to feed pets the fancy organic, range-free, all-natural pet food that can break the bank. Bathe them with lavender scented pet shampoo, and don’t forget to spoil them rotten with holiday gifts!

Veterinarian Bills

Yet the bulk of the spending hike can be attributed to, what else, medical care. Any pet owner knows that animals can get sick, break bones, have cancer, pull a muscle, grow tumors, eat contaminated food and so on. Then there’s the pressure for pets to be spayed and neutered. All are conditions that usually end with Rover at the vet’s office.

Business Insider reports: “Vets and medical supplies for animals have just gotten more expensive. Within the last year alone, people spent $1 billion more on vet care, and another half-billion on medicine, bringing the grand total to $25.51 billion. The availability of more sophisticated treatments for cancer and special services like ophthalmology partly explains the rising costs. However, animals are also checked more frequently by the vet than they used to be, and veterinarians are charging more for their services.”

Follow The Trend

So, with pet care costs on the rise, we decided to take a look at PetSmart Inc., (PETM) one of the few pure-plays on pet spending.

According to Kapitall’s Turbo Chart, PETM has been outperforming the S&P 500 index in recent months. Do you think the company will continue to benefit from pet spending?

By Rebecca Lipman  -  Business Insider

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Holidays Went To The Dogs and Other Pets This Year

The slow economy may have influenced some people to cut back on extra spending this holiday season, but their pets likely didn’t suffer.

The American Pet Products Association speculated before the holiday that more than half of dog and cat owners will buy holiday gifts for their pets.

That averages out to 20 million people spending $210 million.

“A lot of (customers) don’t have family members other than their pets and that’s what we cater to – people who really love their pets,” said Sherri Cartwright, an employee at the Welcome Wagg’n Home in Upland.

This time of year, the store usually sees an increase in customers, Cartwright said.

Everything from sweaters, treats and toys are being sold at a higher volume.

“We have a bakery, so they buy a lot of dog cookies that are Christmas cookies and then we sell sweaters and jackets and, of course, toys,” Cartwright said. “We sell a lot of treats this time of year.”

Welcome Wagg’n also provides a year-round dog daycare, but many pets have been getting dropped off in the days leading up to Christmas, so their owners can do some holiday shopping or visit with family.

“We have more dogs about this time. People go out shopping and don’t want their dogs to be neglected or get bored at home,” Cartwright said. “They can come here and play with other dogs.”

Pat Williams of Upland was dropping off her recently adopted Lab and border collie mix, Chance, before heading out of town.

Williams has given Chance Christmas treats, toys and even has a stocking waiting for him at home.

“He gets a little bit at a time,” Williams said. “He got a couple cookies, which he really likes, and has gotten several toys. … He’s kind of spoiled.”

Katie’s Pet Depot in La Verne has also been seeing extra customers the past couple of weeks.

“We have done exceptionally well over the last two weeks,” manager Taryn Hartless said. “People buy extras, like extra treats, extra toys, and people come in and buy animal-related gifts for people.”

Holiday pet treats have also been one of the store’s most popular items of the season.

Even pets themselves have been selling more.

“Within the last couple of days, a lot of animals have been sold,” she said. “Parents have come in to buy kittens for their kids.”

Posted 12/24/08 By Sandra Emerson

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