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Dog found frozen to floor of doghouse during cold snap in PA

What is Wrong With People??

The doghouse where the dog tragically froze to death.January 9, 2014

This has become an ongoing scenario during the summer and winter seasons.

Extreme weather, hot or cold, has threatened or claimed the lives of many animals left outdoors without proper shelter or provisions. We are constantly being warned of the dangers of exposure to these conditions, and are directed to bring our pets inside during these times.

Winter’s frigid temperatures bring frostbite, hypothermia, and possible death for animals. But despite the warnings, we continue to see reports of animals being forced to suffer and attempt to survive.

Ronald Eugene Haines’ dog wasn’t a survivor.

On Wednesday, January 8, around 1 p.m, his dog was found frozen to the floor of its doghouse behind Haines’ home on Front Street in Curtin Township.

Haines, 46, of Centre County, has been charged with cruelty to animals by state police.

Unfortunately, it’s legal in PA for pets to be kept outdoors as long as they have proper shelter, food, and water. But District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller states:

“When the weather gets this low, it’s against the law because you have to have adequate housing of your pet. When it’s this cold, it’s impossible to have housing that’s adequate.”

Haines was issued a ticket for a summary offense. If found guilty, he may face a few hundred dollar fine.

Investigators said neighbors called a state dog warden to report Haines. Miller said in the days leading up to the cold weather, numerous warnings were issued about the dangers of leaving pets outdoors.

“It’s proven what we’re saying. It’s a sad reminder why we’ve been saying it and I’m sad that we failed,” Miller said. “We were hoping to not see this happen."

We ask people to be vigilant and report abuse to your local animal control, police, SPCA, or humane society concerning any animal you find without proper shelter or provisions during extreme weather conditions. Your voice may be the one that saves the life of an animal in need of help.

Don’t delay or wait for someone else to do it — it might end up being too late.

I don’t know about you, but a few hundred dollar fine doesn’t cut it for me!!!

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Dogs slaughtered for meat in Vietnam… Stop the Dog Meat Trade

CNN Video: Dogs slaughtered for meat in Vietnam

Please get involved and help stop the slaughter of dogs in Vietnam and the dog meat trade around the world 

‘Dogs Have The Intelligence of a Human Toddler’


STOP KILLING DOGS! 2 million dogs killed in Horrible ways every Year in South Korea

Olympic Clean-up Chinese Style: Beijings Shocking Cat Death Camps

Dog found hanging from meat hook

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Stop the Pain… Get-Involved and Speak Up Whenever You Suspect Abuse, Of Any Kind

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Please get involved… Someone almost always sees, hears or suspects something, whether it is animal, spousal, child, elder or any abuse situation but often look the other way or think it isn’t their business or problem.  Torture, murder, and abuse are everyone’s business and problem.

Join the fight and stop the pain, stop the killing, stop abuse of all kinds today!!

And if you know or hear anything about this situation… please contact Newark AHS

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Severely beaten dog found in Columbus is dead

When atrocities happen or have continued to happen (like this one) for years, whether it is against women, children, the elderly, or animals, they reflect on all of us and on us as a culture and a society.  And for those cold hearted souls out there that actually think an animal is property for their owner to treat and abuse as they wish, the realization is that animal abusers are often child, spousal, and elder abusers and bullies in general as well, who often get their start as animal abusers as a first step and then graduate to those crimes if they are not stopped!!  Get-involved!!  We are all God’s creatures and it is each of our responsibilities to stand-up for those weaker than we are or in all abusive situations.

The Examiner:  The pit bull found in Columbus with injuries to his head has passed away.

Injured pit bull is dead

Capital Area Humane Society, who had taken in and was caring for the young dog, announced the news Thursday on Facebook:

“Hearts are heavy as we share the sad news that the male pit bull that was injured in a case of animal abuse last week has died. His condition was such that we could not ensure his quality of life, and we made the compassionate decision to euthanize him."

Capital Area Humane staff and volunteers did all they could to save him. But the male dog found in the Tamarack Circle neighborhood had severe injuries to his head and brain, thought to be caused by multiple blows to the head.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for beating the Columbus, Ohio pit bull.

Anyone with any information on the dog is asked to contact the Capital Area Humane Society at (614) 777-7387 ext. 250.

"Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done."-The moral of the story…Just do it!" #HelpSaveAnAnimal


Domestic and Animal Abuse 

The S.A.A.V. Program – Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims Program 

Pet Abuse Registry Started in NY by Suffolk County SPCA… An Idea That is Waaaay Overdue and Needed Everywhere, So Let’s Do It!!

Father Arrested for Allegedly Killing Family Dog in Front of Children

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Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Front of Owner (Graphic Video)

Video: Police Shoot and Kill Dog in Front of Owner (Graphic Video)

This is appalling on many levels but should worry every animal lover from that aspect alone.  This is also not an isolated incident of excessive force used against animals and their owners!!

I am not getting involved in the entire event here… but I am concerned with the over-reaction and excessive force used against the dog!! 

ASPCA and Others Cry for Help: Animal Cruelty by Police Becoming Epidemic?

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Trayvon Martin Supporters Call Cat ‘George,’ Burn It Alive (Photo)

article image

By Dabney BaileyOpposing Views -  Mon, July 15, 2013

George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the decision has sparked outrage in some communities across America. Many feared that there would be riots, but instead of taking anger out on store fronts, at least one Trayvon Martin supporter has allegedly targeted animals.

At 6:38 a.m. on Sunday, a tweet went out from Tevon D’Sean Jackon that read, "RIOT4TRAYVON #JusticeForTrayvon OH SHIEETT.. TYRONE JUST BURNED THIS CAT.. WE CALLED HIM GEORGE AND BURNED HIM ALIVE.”

The tweet also includes a picture of the burned cat, which can be found below. Fair warning: the picture is somewhat graphic, but it is grainy enough that it is difficult to tell that it is even a cat at all. We featured it below.

The tweet has unsurprisingly sparked outrage from the Internet community. One user wrote, “you’re a worthless human piece of trash. Killing a cat to make a point literally makes you worse than the man you say is guilty.”

Another added, “ignorant piece of trash. Zimmerman should have popped you too.”

However, it is entirely possible that it’s all a big hoax in order to drum up drama. Tevon D’Sean Jackson’s current tweet reads, “#GNAA Vice President ~ #RIOT4TRAYVON #EDLRAPECREW, #cut4bieber, #SANDYLOOTCREW & #londonriots Celebrity.. proud /pol/ack.” The GNAA is the Gay N*gger Association of America, which is an anti-blogging trolling organization.

Of course, it is difficult to tell whether or not that really is a cat in the picture. Either way, it had its intended effect. Jackson’s Twitter page is filled with hundreds of angry tweets from other Internet users.

What are your thoughts? Does that picture of possible animal cruelty warrant an investigation from authorities, or is this just another example of Internet trolls adding fuel to the fire?

For me… this is an example of the ‘real’ disgusting human animal(s) torturing a poor defenseless animal.  It certainly also diminishes any sympathy for the perpetrators cause.  Time we put Tevon D’Sean Jackon on trial for 1st degree murder in my book!

Source: Twitter

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Chinese poaching of rare mammal exposed by boating accident


Pangolins are long, lizard-like land mammals covered with scales, which make them look like pine cones when they roll themselves up for protection. (Jefri Tarigan / Associated Press / March 1, 2013)

By Barbara Demick – April 16, 2013, 7:22 a.m. – Los Angeles Times

A boating accident off the Philippines coast has exposed Chinese poaching of a protected species of scaly anteater, or pangolin, prized in traditional medicine.

A 500-ton Chinese fishing vessel, the Min Long Yu, crashed into a coral reef April 8. When the boat was inspected, authorities found more than 2,000 butchered pangolins rolled up and packed into 400 boxes. It is one of the largest hauls of the species, which is subject to an international trade ban.

Pangolins are long, lizard-like land mammals covered with scales, which make them look like pine cones when they roll themselves up for protection.

The meat of this strange animal is considered a delicacy in southern China, while the scales are thought to have medicinal properties to treat asthma and cancer and to induce lactation in new mothers.

Filipino authorities are holding 12 Chinese members of the ship’s crew on charges of poaching and attempted bribery, and they face further charges of damaging the coral reef, which is in a UNESCO-protected marine sanctuary, Tubbataha Reef. Earlier this year, a U.S. Navy ship got stuck on a coral reef in the same marine park and had to be dismantled.

The incident seems likely to add another element of contention between China and the Philippines, already in dispute over sovereignty of fishing waters.

"It is bad enough that these Chinese have illegally entered our seas, navigated without boat papers and crashed recklessly into a national marine park and World Heritage Site," Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan, the chief executive of World Wildlife Fund-Philippines, said in a statement. "However, it is simply deplorable that they appear to be posing as fishermen to trade in illegal wildlife.’ "

The environmental group said it wasn’t sure yet whether the pangolins came from Malaysia or the Philippines.

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Dog rescued after being tied to train tracks by ‘confused’ man

Rescued Banjo

Rescued Banjo

Were it not for an eagle-eyed engineer, the world would be minus this very lucky dog. Earlier this month, an engineer driving a Union Pacific train through Mecca, Calif., saw a man stepping away from something he’d left behind: a 10-month-old doggy, tied to the tracks. The emergency braking system stopped the train, and Union Pacific Special Agent Sal Pina arrested the man, 78, who reportedly said his family did not want the dog. Pina said animal-cruelty charges wouldn’t be filed, as the man appeared to be confused or unaware of what he’d done. The rescued pup, who animal services worker named Banjo — slang for old railroad traffic signs — is happy, healthy and looking for a new home.

This ended up being a success story, but it could have been a horror story.  Sadly the numbers of elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as other people suffering from mental and emotional disorders are at an all time high, let alone the people who are innately cruel and animal abusers, plus the clueless who are just abandoning their animals because of monetary problems.  Be vigilant and intercede, report abuse and keep an eye on friends and family members experiencing mental, emotional or financial challenges.  Pets and children often become unintentional victims!!

Pets are fabulous companions for the elderly and those suffering from various illnesses and challenges and pet therapy has become very popular and useful treatment , but we must remember that those animals, who give their love and companionship selflessly, are God’s creatures as well and deserve love and compassion in return.

Cross-Posted at True Health Is True Wealth


Alzheimer’s patients follow different paths to a final debilitation

Pets Being Left Behind to Starve by Their Families

Pet Therapy

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Two Horses Die at Grand Nationals… Aintree England

Barry Geraghty riding Sprinter Sacre

Sprinter Sacre’s victory on Friday was overshadowed by tragedy 

Originally Posted:  April 5, 2013

AINTREE, England (AP):  The Aintree Festival experienced more grief Friday following the death of another horse over the fences in the Grand National Steeplechase, overshadowing the latest victory by Sprinter Sacre.

Little Josh was destroyed after breaking a shoulder following a fall in the Topham Steeplechase, the fourth race of the day. He was the second horse to die at this year’s festival, after Battlefront on Thursday.

”This injury was not treatable and it was the necessary course of action,” said Prof. Chris Proudman, veterinary adviser at Aintree. 

bracketIt’s a major blow to organizers who made modifications to the course after four deaths in the past two Grand Nationals and complaints from animal-rights groups.

”We have made significant improvements in safety at the course, but we also recognize that jump racing carries risk you can never completely remove from the sport,” said John Baker, who runs the Aintree course in Liverpool.

Jockey Liam Treadwell was hospitalized after falling from Regal d’Estruval in the same race.

On Thursday, Katie Walsh pulled up Battlefront midway through the Fox Hunters’ Steeplechase. The 11-year-old horse collapsed and died shortly afterward from a suspected heart attack.

Aintree’s restyled fences have been softened by removing wooden stakes and replacing them with a more forgiving plastic material. Critics believe still more needs to be done, with 21 horses having died in races over Grand National fences since 2001.

”Sadly there is a statistical probability that horses will die at the Grand National meeting,” said Dr. Mark Kennedy, head of science at World Society for the Protection of Animals.

He said the risk horses are exposed to in a steeplechase at the three-day Aintree meeting is six deaths in 1,000 starts.

4-6-13-Aintree-steeple-chase_full_380[1]Nigel Twiston-Davies, the trainer of Little Josh, said the horse had ”gone out doing what he loved most.”

”It could happen anywhere, it could happen at home and it’s not the fences – it could have happened at a park course,” Twiston Davies said.

About 30 minutes before Little Josh fell, Sprinter Sacre sauntered to victory over a top-class field in the Melling Chase, taking his unbeaten run over fences to nine races.

Running his first race over the longer distance of 2 1/2 miles, the 1-3 favorite cruised along with jockey Barry Geraghty before taking the lead by jumping the next-to-last fence and accelerating clear of Cue Card to win by about five lengths.

”When you let him loose, like at the second-last, he does it too easily,” said Geraghty, who completed a double for the day by winning the Topham Steeplechase on 14-1 shot Triolo d’Alene. ”The two-and-a-half miles didn’t make any difference. He has plenty of pace and is very versatile.”

Sprinter Sacre has become the superstar of British horse racing since the retirement of the unbeaten Frankel last year.

”He’s got a huge amount of ability and knows how to use it,” trainer Nicky Henderson said. ”I don’t think anybody has taught him about jumping. It is sheer natural talent.”

Sprinter Sacre is unbeaten since switching from hurdles in 2011, and beat a field containing Cue Card, who won a big race at the Cheltenham Festival last month, last year’s champion Finian’s Rainbow and Irish hope Flemenstar.

He was the third straight favorite to win on Ladies’ Day – the second day of the festival – after My Tent Or Yours (4-11) in the Novices’ Hurdle and Dynaste (9-4) in the Novices’ Chase.

The 40-horse Grand National, which is the highlight of the festival, takes place on Saturday.

Accidents?  Drugging?  You be the judge….


661 long shot wins Grand National Steeplechase 

Frog Juice: Horse Racing’s New Doping Scandal | TIME.com 

Murder on the Backside: The Unseen World of the Kentucky Derby

StemPet and StemEquine – Stem Cell Enhancers for Pets

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I Rescued a Kitten from the Trash, and She Saved Me in Return

After a heartbreaking tragedy, I swore off owning cats — my little trash-can kitty had other ideas…

Catster: Whoever came up with the phrase "never say never" was a genius. There have been so many moments in my life when I’ve had to eat my words because the thing I swore will never do again happened and made me feel like a total idiot.

This time it applied to cats. I had lost my two kitties to poison — given to them by my hope-he’s-being-attacked-by-lions-in-hell neighbor who decided to kill every feline that walked through his garden, stray or not. The fact that the truth came out after weeks of posting flyers and patrolling the area looking for them made it worse. Not knowing what happened was the worst feeling ever. When I finally found out, I was not just sad, I was exhausted and heartbroken.

It was after that ordeal that a decision was made: I needed a break from cats. No more sweet purring. No more meowing in full sentences. No more litter boxes. Of course all of that is easier said than done. Being cat-less for the first time in 20 years was no picnic. I felt like a drug addict going cold turkey. But it was "for my own good," I kept telling myself.

Here’s another stray kitten I saw by the trash receptacles.

And so it goes that one night after a fun dinner with friends, I was on my way home when I almost stepped on a weird lump on the sidewalk. The next day was trash pick-up day and there was garbage in, around, and above the trash cans, so I thought it was either a discarded plastic wrap or dog poop … when suddenly, the poop moved!

I leaned closer and found out it was actually a very small, smelly kitten. Out of habit, I picked her up. She was probably around three months old. She didn’t meow or try to escape. I couldn’t just leave her there, so of course I brought her home. The plan was to give her a safe place to spend the night and then the next day take her to the vet. I wasn’t violating my new life code, I was helping an animal in need.

I lost count of how many times I woke up during the night to check on her. She looked so sick. Oh, I was soooo not ready for this. I convinced myself that she was probably going to meet my other cats up in heaven soon.

I took her to the vet the next day and explained the plan. They would check her and call me later with details, so I could make the decision. In the meantime, I walked to the office thinking of cat names.

My beautiful Marisol.

Four hours later, I received the call. Kitty was actually six months old, but very malnourished, which is why she looked younger. She did have asthma and pneumonia. But, good news, no life threatening illnesses like feline leukemia.

"What do you want to do?" said the vet.

"Wait a minute. So she’s going to be OK?" Before he gave me the answer, I yelled, "Save her please!"

Never say never? Yeah, right.

That afternoon, I picked up Marisol (her new name) and took her home. I’m not even going to tell you how much it cost me to bring her back from trash-can death. Or how many times I had to run with her to the emergency clinic with an asthma attack. It didn’t matter. I had a new cat in the house. A quiet and sweet kitty. My heart was slowly mending.

With her health returned, her real personality made its long-awaited appearance … and it was a very mischievous personality. No amount of bottle spraying or loud noises could shut down her insane desire to destroy everything dear to me. Using double-stick tape became the only way to save my belongings. She finally learned to meow by hanging out with other cats in the building. So now she had a voice to go with her rambunctious energy, but she was also incredibly loving. She knew just the right moment to come and purr on my lap.

So whenever I feel like my patience is taking a dive out of the balcony, I remember that little, smelly lump on the sidewalk. With my heart full of cat love again, I pick up the broken dishes and smile.

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