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Found This Baby Dying On A Hot Sidewalk. What He Does Next Will Floor You


PawMyGosh: It was a hot Florida day when Jeff Longo spotted something tiny on the sidewalk. When he looked closer, he realized it was a baby squirrel. It was lying there on the hot pavement close to death. He thought there was no way it would survive. But he was gonna do everything in his power to try and help.

He dedicated the next three months of his life nursing the tiny squirrel. He would feed her puppy formula through a bottle, heavy cream and most importantly – give lots of love! The following pictures will take you through the amazing journey:











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  1. I am glad he knew what to do for the little guy. He is going to have a special friend.

    Comment by Jonathan Hughes | August 9, 2014 | Reply

  2. […] Found This Baby Dying On A Hot Sidewalk. What He Does Next Will Floor You  […]

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  3. I am glad this little one was rescued…

    I read online that the Lancaster Animal Control Shelter seized animals because it was paid to silence the alleged owner. That person has denied owning an animals but the DA says she had a moral responsibility to provide the basic necessities such as water and food. 2 testimony one from a woman who is convicted on numerous fraud charges who advertised on Craigslist as a housekeeper and a Sgt. from the Lancaster Animal Control. The convict in handcuffs testified that the alleged owner had hired and paid her $2000 to clean a property that had animals on it. She went to the Animal Control on the very first day because she says she saw animals without food or water. The alleged owner published online phone text messages from the convict and several members of her family who had repeatedly threated acts of violence and contacting animal control because they wanted more money. Animal Control Sgt. testified the cats were ill with 12 different diseases she couldn’t determine how old the 12 she examined were but that they appeared skinny. 2 expert witnesses hired by the alleged owner says that sick cats can appear skinny even if food is provided. The alleged owner provided receipts for food she bought for the animals as well as vet receipts and their reports demonstrating the animals were fed and if they needed medical attention they received it. The Sgt. testified she had destroyed the animals after having them for 3 days.

    Employees of this facility got in touch with the alleged owner and provided her with images of what appears to be dead dogs they claim were shot with a gun while they were in cages at their facility. Video reports of this same shelter show animals inside cages at this facility with no water and food, looking frail and when the cameraman said something to one of the staff they reacted with indifference.

    The hardest thing as far as working with animals … is to explain to people that, in order to prosecute someone successfully, you have to prove intent. It’s difficult to prove that someone did something intentionally to harm an animal. It’s also necessary to prove the animal has been mistreated in some way. Just because you see a skinny cat or empty bowl you can’t walk in and seize animals. In this case if we were to believe the testimony of these 2 witnesses if the Sgt. really believed the animals were in gave danger meaning being tortured and killed they had an obligation to go in at that moment and seize those animals. Instead they waited a month to execute a raid, why wait so long if these animals were being starved/abused?

    Online I have viewed receipts for food the alleged owner provided to these animals, I am not talking about a one time deal, rather a receipt showing over $600 of food was delivered to the animals on that property. It is alleged the food alone averaged about $500-700 per month and the store records seem to vouch for the alleged woman’s credibility. I also viewed online a Vet report of how the alleged woman took in stray cats who wandered onto the property and spent money on medicine/care for that animal doing it all it says out of her own pocket. This woman now faces 4 felony counts for basically not providing food, water or medical care to animals that someone from the Lancaster Animal Shelter claims happened who testified to this being a real fact when of course it wasn’t. This shelter murdered the animals seized from this property in Lancaster and to grind the knife deeper the Sgt. from this shelter sent the alleged owner an email asking about the animals after having killed them leading the alleged owner to believe the animals were still alive when they weren’t. I have read the transcripts because they have been uploaded on the web and the images of dead dogs lying on the cement floor of their cages at this facility are images that are to say the least appalling.

    We have to tread those waters carefully, we also have to watch that, when shelters are contacted about animal cruelty, it’s not just someone being vindictive or having their own agenda.

    A humane officer also can’t march onto someone’s property and take an animal that seems to be in distress yet this agency waited a month and testified that they knew animals were being starved/abused yet they did nothing. The only way that can happen is if the animal is in imminent danger and on the brink of death. People have rights, and pets are considered property. We have to respect that. If the animals seized by Lancaster Animal Control were in imminent danger then why wait a month to do something?

    Issues of animal cruelty aren’t always obvious — it’s not just someone beating an animal or keeping one in a tiny cage.

    For instance, a dog that is kept outside needs constant access to water and shelter yet the testimony of the Lancaster Animal Shelter representative said on the morning of the raid there was no food or water yet her own agency and I have viewed the videos (yes there are more than one) online show animals without water in their cages or food some of those animals at that facility look skinny and appear to have no energy to even move. What seems like cruelty to one person might not be cruelty under the law. We, as pet owners who love our animals unconditionally, want to give them 5-star hotel accommodations. Others just give them the minimum care — it might be all they can afford.

    We have to follow the law, not our opinions that might not be the way we would take care of an animal, but as long as it’s within the guidelines of the law.

    Comment by Tim Nixon | August 12, 2014 | Reply

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