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Paralyzed dog found dragging himself through streets begging for food

 Saving Thor Examiner January 26, 2014: Earlier this month, a paralyzed, homeless dog dubbed "Thor," was living on the streets in Mexico.

Prior to being discovered, Thor dragged his useless rear legs and begged for food from anyone who would acknowledge his existence.

After a photo of the beleaguered dog began to circulate via social media, an international rescue effort kicked off and soon, Thor was off of the streets, connected to I.V. fluids and receiving care at a veterinary hospital.

In the United States, the rescue agency, The Mutt Scouts, learned about the disabled dog and they made arrangements to have him transported to Los Angeles, Calif.

Less than a week ago, Thor made his journey to California and already, he is like a new dog.

On Jan. 22, The Mutt Scouts shared the following:

The ENTIRE Team – alongside his three doctors – will negotiate this boy through these next weeks, months, whatever is needed, as we get him Stronger, tend to his wounds, his malnutrition, rid him of parasites, understand who he is, address his every need, introduce him daily to movement via his Hot Wheels….and Ready Him for his specialist.

Today, Thor has a new light in his eyes – a light of hope.

Today, he has a wheelchair which will enable him to move with ease and comfort.

Today, Thor’s stomach is full.

Today, Thor knows that he is loved.

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