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Dog found frozen to floor of doghouse during cold snap in PA

What is Wrong With People??

The doghouse where the dog tragically froze to death.January 9, 2014

This has become an ongoing scenario during the summer and winter seasons.

Extreme weather, hot or cold, has threatened or claimed the lives of many animals left outdoors without proper shelter or provisions. We are constantly being warned of the dangers of exposure to these conditions, and are directed to bring our pets inside during these times.

Winter’s frigid temperatures bring frostbite, hypothermia, and possible death for animals. But despite the warnings, we continue to see reports of animals being forced to suffer and attempt to survive.

Ronald Eugene Haines’ dog wasn’t a survivor.

On Wednesday, January 8, around 1 p.m, his dog was found frozen to the floor of its doghouse behind Haines’ home on Front Street in Curtin Township.

Haines, 46, of Centre County, has been charged with cruelty to animals by state police.

Unfortunately, it’s legal in PA for pets to be kept outdoors as long as they have proper shelter, food, and water. But District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller states:

“When the weather gets this low, it’s against the law because you have to have adequate housing of your pet. When it’s this cold, it’s impossible to have housing that’s adequate.”

Haines was issued a ticket for a summary offense. If found guilty, he may face a few hundred dollar fine.

Investigators said neighbors called a state dog warden to report Haines. Miller said in the days leading up to the cold weather, numerous warnings were issued about the dangers of leaving pets outdoors.

“It’s proven what we’re saying. It’s a sad reminder why we’ve been saying it and I’m sad that we failed,” Miller said. “We were hoping to not see this happen."

We ask people to be vigilant and report abuse to your local animal control, police, SPCA, or humane society concerning any animal you find without proper shelter or provisions during extreme weather conditions. Your voice may be the one that saves the life of an animal in need of help.

Don’t delay or wait for someone else to do it — it might end up being too late.

I don’t know about you, but a few hundred dollar fine doesn’t cut it for me!!!


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  1. In reality what does the fine do; make the recipients of it richer? He already paid a penalty for what happened. The lose of his pet.

    Comment by Jonathan Hughes | January 11, 2014 | Reply

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