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Dog Rescued from Trash Pile

Have you seen this video from last month showing a dying dog living in a trash pile in L.A.? The video’s notes say that the dog had been living there for months– why would the people who knew that not call for help months sooner?!!

Video: A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing!


Miley is now doing great now. buy this type of thing is happening to America’s pets more and more. In Detroit alone, there are 50,000 or more abandoned dogs roaming the streets, living in vacant homes and reverting to dangerous pack behavior…  adding just another aspect to the crisis in that city.

The fact that we euthanize three to four MILLION dogs and cats a year according to the Humane Society says a lot about our country and us as people. Essentially means nationwide, about half of the dogs and cats in animal shelters are put to death mostly because of human laziness and irresponsibility.

Innocent puppies and kittens, dogs and cats, and other animals are being set in a gas chamber to choke to death or given lethal injections. They haven’t done anything wrong and have no idea why they’ve been abandoned and sentenced to die.

It is time that we do a better job of matching animals with homes, encouraging people to adopt an extra pet and developing a better foster system as well as spay and neutering our pets. In some areas we animals are still allowed to roam freely. And if you know of animal neglect or abuse, or even suspect, report it or step in. If you see a loose dog, help it. And helping our friends, neighbors and family look out for their furry family members, especially during tough times. is something we can all do!

Thank God Miley was rescued, but there are millions more who need our help… millions of dogs, cats, animals of all kinds will be rounded up, stuck in cages, and then put to death after a few humans peeked into their cells for a second but passed them by. Or perhaps no one stopped by at all.

We need to stop the abuse and needless killing of pets, animals of all kinds, as well as human babies in America!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals … and its weakest members.” …Mahatma Gandhi


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