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Dog rescued after being tied to train tracks by ‘confused’ man

Rescued Banjo

Rescued Banjo

Were it not for an eagle-eyed engineer, the world would be minus this very lucky dog. Earlier this month, an engineer driving a Union Pacific train through Mecca, Calif., saw a man stepping away from something he’d left behind: a 10-month-old doggy, tied to the tracks. The emergency braking system stopped the train, and Union Pacific Special Agent Sal Pina arrested the man, 78, who reportedly said his family did not want the dog. Pina said animal-cruelty charges wouldn’t be filed, as the man appeared to be confused or unaware of what he’d done. The rescued pup, who animal services worker named Banjo — slang for old railroad traffic signs — is happy, healthy and looking for a new home.

This ended up being a success story, but it could have been a horror story.  Sadly the numbers of elderly suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as other people suffering from mental and emotional disorders are at an all time high, let alone the people who are innately cruel and animal abusers, plus the clueless who are just abandoning their animals because of monetary problems.  Be vigilant and intercede, report abuse and keep an eye on friends and family members experiencing mental, emotional or financial challenges.  Pets and children often become unintentional victims!!

Pets are fabulous companions for the elderly and those suffering from various illnesses and challenges and pet therapy has become very popular and useful treatment , but we must remember that those animals, who give their love and companionship selflessly, are God’s creatures as well and deserve love and compassion in return.

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Tricksters in Argentina are passing off ‘roided-up ferrets as dogs

Roided Ferret

2 days ago

And now for a twist on the classic Chihuahua/rat urban legend … Vendors at the largest flea market in La Salada, Argentina, are apparently subjecting ferrets to steroids (and strange grooming regimens) to make them resemble pedigree toy poodles, then selling them to unsuspecting tourists. Multiple sources have confirmed being taken by this scam, which is simply mind-boggling — take one look at the malicious rodent glimmer in that thing’s eyes and tell us you’d mistake it for a poodle. The two people who have come forward have not filed complaints, because sadly, most black markets are sorely lacking in customer service desks. [Source]

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