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Homeless man sends his dog for help… dog saves the day


TUMWATER, Wash. — It’s the kind of thing Lassie did.

A homeless man suffered an medical emergency and sent his dog, Buddy, out for help.

A Tumwater, Wash., police detective says an ailing homeless man attached a note seeking help to his dog. Buddy’s harness and sent the animal out in hopes someone would read the message.

Detective Jen Kolb tells Seattle’s KIRO-TV (Video) that a womanHelp note attached to Buddy photo walking her dog along railroad tracks on Wednesday spotted the dog with the note that read, "Send Help. No Joke. Cannot walk." It also said, "Medicine not working. Need doctor."

The woman who found the note dialed 911, but the note wasn’t signed, and police did not know where the note came from.

Woman finds dog with note asking for help galleryThe note was unsigned, but police eventually found the man’s camp.

Kolb says the man was immobile and was afraid he was going to die, so he sent Buddy, for help.

KIRO reports the man was treated at an Olympia hospital and released and has been reunited with Buddy.

This homeless, but not friendless, man has his dog to thank for saving his life.

h/t to Gary Patterson


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  1. It is good that his dog was faithful doing what the homeless man wanted his dog to do.

    Comment by Jonathan Hughes | February 9, 2013 | Reply

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