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Training Dogs to Climb Stairs


Our pups, Chihuahuas and Chiweenies have climbed inside and short flights of stairs since they were babies, but we just moved to the 3rd floor in complex that has open staircases.  It has take several weeks to get them used to walking up at a normal clip. They are afraid when they look down as we go higher.

Many dogs learn to navigate stairs as young puppies so need no encouragement to bound up or down any staircase, but for other dogs, the stairs can present a frightening obstacle that they would rather avoid than learn to overcome.

Training a dog (any pet) to walk up and down stairs takes patience and encouragement from you. By using reward techniques to alleviate your pet’s anxiety, you can tackle and often the problem.

When your dog gets older he or she can have a very difficult time going up and down stairs. Stairs can be dangerous to an elderly dog, like elderly humans. You need to make sure that you’re there for your dog so that no injuries occur.

Also if you have a dog or cat with health issues or that suffers from anxieties, and many do, it might take additional time, they might need help or patience or you might just have to pick them up or train them to use piddle pads indoors so they have to make the climb less often.

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