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It’s My Party Day – The Top 10 Over-the-top Pet Parties

Pet Parties

2 Pet Lovers: Forget Sponge Bob Square Pants cakes. For a pet-lovers party, guests might be dining on dog-friendly cakes made with peanut butter and yogurt.

Let’s face it. We all love to pamper our pets. They’re our best friends, and we want to show them how much we care. And every pet deserves a special birthday. Whether it’s a simple hike in the woods that day, or an over-the-top extravaganza, it’s nice to recognize your pet on his or her special day.

Of course, things can quickly escalate into the pet party of the century. And if you’re one of those over-the-top people who like to do everything to the extreme, then check out these Top 10 pet parties for some ideas.

  1. Ernie, a Bichon Frise who lives in New York, was recently the guest of honor at his own “Bark Mitzvah,” which celebrated Ernie’s 13th (dog years) birthday.
  2. A Manhattan Dachshund recently celebrated her special day with 15 canine friends. The menu included peanut butter and yogurt cake and a special drink.
  3. Book a day for your pooch and his or her friends at Manhattan’s Drop Off Service, where the special guests of honor will enjoy homemade cake, and will walk out with doggie blankets and gift bags, while their owners enjoy beer and hors d’oeuvres. Sign me up!
  4. If you’re in the Washington state area, check out The Dining Dog Café in Edmonds, Wash. The ambience is set with some soft music, chandeliers and elegant white linen tablecloths. The pet-friendly restaurant opened in 2005 and the restaurant’s owners are more than happy to accommodate your next pet party.
  5. Spa Day – Wow…I would need a spa day just to recover from planning a pet spa day, but believe it or not, it’s big business these days. If you’re near Westlake, California, The Barkley is ready and able to provide your pet, and a dozen or so friends, with a precious pooch pampering day. Animals will receive “Pawdicures,” massages, grooming and can even have their fur dyed. The hotel also offers in-room dining service, and a doggie day camp.
  6. Located all over the country, The Zoom Room is a favorite destination for humans to celebrate their companion’s special day. The venue has hosted pet marries, adoption parties and Doggie Disco days. The event can be a bit pricey, and typically starts at $150 for two hours. Additional options, like doggie cupcakes, are available as well.
  7. If you’re thinking of a cat party, skip this one. Most cats don’t appreciate water. But if your dog likes swimming as much as mine, check out Avon Lake’s annual Big Splash Dog Party, held annual at the end of each summer to give all dogs full access to Avon Lake’s municipal pool. Games, activities and prizes await your prized pooch as well. And proceeds benefit a local pet advocacy organization. You can’t beat it!
  8. Homemade pet parties might not be as over-the-top, but your pet can have a great day with a little creativity on your part. By organizing your own party, you can save lots of cash, and still provide your pet an outrageous time. Start with an invitation that includes a pic of your pet, and invite 10 friends over to your home for a hair-raising experience. Look on any homemade pet food website for a variety of cake recipes, and bake it yourself! Make up some doggie gift bags ahead of time, and send your guests off with their own treats. Not a lot of money, but a lot of fun!
  9. Party at the park! Take your pooch and a few canine companions and head to the doggie park for an afternoon of frolicking in the sun. Pack some doggie treats, and don’t forget the leashes!
  10. Me and You and a Dog Named Boo! Truly, there is no better day than just spending quality time with your faithful companion. Sometimes, less is more. How about celebrating your animal’s special day with the family. Enjoy a nice dinner, and treat your pooch to a special treat. Spend the day loving on your animal. It’s the best birthday present ever!


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