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Lost Pets, Fourth of July


More pets are lost in the Puget Sound on or around the Fourth of July than any other time of year. Between the barbeques, strangers, fireworks, fireworks displays andLost Dogs don’t forget the planes and jets that performed in the air show for the Freedom Fair on Ruston Way, it’s a terrifying time for our furry friends. It’s a heartbreaking scenario that effects so many of us this time of the year, however swift and calm actions and a lot of major networking can significantly increase the chances that you will be reunited with your pet. The key is know what to do.

The first thing to do is to start looking as soon as you know your pet is missing. Waiting to see if they come home on their own could leave you waiting to long. A scared pet isn’t thinking about things like traffic, other animals, and its own safety or surroundings and they can quickly become disoriented and in a lot of trouble. So take quick moment to assess how your pet got out and start looking there. You might be shocked to know that many indoor cats that escape due to the noise and frightening events of the Fourth of July are found under their own house, under a near by out building or in a close by tree. Not knowing what to do or where to go to feel safe can leave them wondering away from the safety of home very quickly. Even outdoor cats get spooked and can run in a panic with out thought to where they are or where they are going and become lost. Dogs too will run in a panic and fear will drive them away from the sounds and potentially into harms way.

The next step is to search your neighborhood. Check out all of the streets, ally ways, and other areas within a three mile radius of your home. Paper the neighborhood with in five miles of your home with flyers and talk to your neighbors. Don’t forget to get online and network with your friends and family. Craigslist is another great place to post a picture of your missing pet. The more people that know that your pet is missing, the more likely it is that you will find them.

Check with your local shelters and animal control within the first day that your pet is missing. Someone may have already found it and turned it in or called and let them know. Many shelters keep logs of people that call in with pet descriptions in case they come across it. Check Craigslist and look for people that have found pets. It’s a free place to post so your pets picture or description could end up there.

Remember to make sure that your pet has its ID. It’s a good idea for all of your pets, including the indoor only pets, to always wear a collar with their ID tags. The ID tags should have your name and a good phone number to reach you at. If you had your pet microchip, please remember that microchips are only as good as the information provided and if that information is not up to date it will be harder for it to help your pet get home to you. Also, even if your pet is chipped it’s a good idea for your pet to still have a collar with an ID tag in case your pet is not taken to a shelter or other location where the pet can be scanned for the chip.

Lastly, don’t ever give up on your lost pet. The news is full of stories of people that have lost their pets and years later find them again. Your furry family member misses you as much as you miss them.

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Fourth of July Pet Safely Tips

Lost Dogs Photo Credit: C. Smith

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ASPCA and Others Cry for Help: Animal Cruelty by Police Becoming Epidemic?

What is going on with our police and dogs?  The people we put our trust in?

Recently a 62-year-old grandmother in Washington, DC tells AP that police came to her home serving a drug warrant for her 28-year-old grandson. The grandma asks to put her dog in the back yard or the bathroom. The cops tell her the bathroom would be fine. Later, the cops open the bathroom door, claim this 13-year-old dog named “Wrinkles” attacked them, and they shoot it multiple times. By the way, the grandson hasn’t lived in the home for a dozen years and the only drugs cops found were what they claimed was “drug residue” on some baggies, which the grandma contends is the residue of fortune cookies.


Video: brave heroic cops kill 5 pound family dog

Video:  Camden Police use 33 bullets to kill puppy, bullets hit cars & homes too


Video:  Police chief brutally shoots caged dogs

Video:  Facebook campaign "Justice for Cisco" puts pressure on Austin police over dog shooting

These are just a small sampling of the dog shootings by police departments around the country! One must question what is going and unite to help stop this abuse!  When the police begin shooting harmless dogs or family dogs without cause and handcuffing and arresting people for filming them and questioning procedures, it is time to speak up!

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