Every Pet Deserves A Good Home…

What fun God must have had the day he designed these 14 beauties

1. Himalayan Monal


2. Formosan Magpie



3. Flamecrest



4. Golden Pheasant



5. Green Jay


6. Kingfisher


7. Lady Amherst’s Pheasant


8. Bleeding Heart Pigeons


9. Nicobar Pigeon


10. Quetzal


11. Winson’s Bird Of Paradise


12. No Idea What Bird This Is, But It’s Totally Rad


13. Peacock


14. Sup, Polish Chicken


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Happy Flag Week!


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Dog Fun Photos…

These are wonderful for dog lovers… no, they’re just plain WONDERFUL!!! Enjoy!!























"Nooooo!!! Don’t leave me at the vet!!!"

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Friendship… Or Is It Love?

…No words, Just walks…note the cat on the roof in first picture.


Every day – at the same time – he waits for her…

She comes, they greet… and they go for a walk

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had friends like this?…

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Fight to the death on the Snake River


True Life Story  -  This happened right in front of my house on the Nomini Bay in Montross, Virginia !

This has to be the weirdest thing that ever floated by me on the Snake River. They were stuck together in death lock, each wanting to kill the other first.

My guess is that the falcon snatched up the tasty snake, and it somehow got its tail around the falcon’s neck, strangling it in midair causing both of them to crash into the river. They are both alive and well, considering. I think a few more minutes and the snake would have won. The tail was actually tied in a knot around the neck, and getting tighter by the second. I got the snake untied, and well, as you can see, they both made it. This is another one of those stories you tell, and are always acknowledged with "yeah, right!" Well, here’s the proof. Neither of them bit me or scratched me; the snake didn’t want to stop biting the falcon’s leg, and only let go after I had untied everything else. I got the water out of the falcon’s lungs with birdie inversion technique, and stayed with him until he was almost dried off in the sun, and flying a little.

Ball of snake and falcon, that is the weirdest thing I have pulled out of the water so far, it beats the wagon wheel!



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Kitty and a Parakeet?

Must have been pure joy for the Photographer!









"Friendship Isn’t about who you have known the longest

It’s about those who came and Never left your side."


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When Raw Food is NOT the Right Food for Your Pet

Story at-a-glance
  • A newly adopted 5-month old Sphinx kitten was taken to the vet by his owner because he was showing signs of rear leg lameness.
  • X-rays revealed the kitten had below normal bone density (osteopenia), a growth plate problem in the right back leg and a fracture in the left back leg. In addition, the kitty was diagnosed with central retinal degeneration resulting from a taurine deficiency.
  • Fortunately, with several weeks of cage rest and a balanced diet, the kitten made a full recovery. But his story is a cautionary tale for pet owners who think feeding a species-appropriate diet to a dog or cat is as simple as offering hunks of raw muscle meat.
  • Strange as it may sound, feeding your pet an AAFCO approved commercially available processed diet is better than feeding unbalanced homemade meals. It’s crucially important your dog or cat gets all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients his body needs.
  • By Dr. Becker

    At a 2011 American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN) symposium, three researchers affiliated with the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine presented the case of a kitten with metabolic bone disease and central retinal degeneration.

    This case is an excellent illustration of what can happen when a dog or cat is fed an unbalanced raw diet.

    I talk often here at Mercola Healthy Pets about the importance not only of species-appropriate nutrition, but of balanced nutrition.

    In fact, an unbalanced raw diet of high quality fresh meat is in my professional opinion a greater risk to your dog or cat than cheap processed pet food.

    Newly Adopted Kitten Develops Lameness and Eye Problems

    A 5-month old male Sphinx kitten, adopted from a breeder 11 days earlier, was taken to the vet by his new owner because he suddenly had no use of his rear legs.

    X-rays showed the kitty had generalized osteopenia.

    Osteopenia is a condition that often precedes osteoporosis.

    It means the bones of the body have lower than normal mineral density – they aren’t as thick or strong as they should be.

    When formation of new bone isn’t sufficient to make up for normal bone loss, osteopenia is the result.

    The x-rays also showed a widening of the growth plate of the femur in the right hind leg, and a tibiofibular fracture of the left hind leg.

    As if all that wasn’t disturbing enough, the poor little guy also had lesions in the left eye commonly seen in cases of a gradually degenerating retina caused by taurine deficiency.

    The kitten was diagnosed with metabolic bone disease, central retinal degeneration, and past or current taurine deficiency.

    The left rear leg was splinted and fortunately, the kitty fully recovered after a couple of months of cage rest and a balanced diet.

    How This Kitten’s Health Was Compromised

    The breeder of the Sphinx kitten fed him only raw chicken from the time he was weaned until he was adopted at the age of 5 months. So for 3 to 4 of his first months of life, during a very rapid growth period for kittens, this little guy was fed an unbalanced raw diet of exclusively chicken muscle meat. He quickly became seriously deficient in several crucially important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

    His new owner switched him to store-bought kitten food, but by that time the damage was done. Less than 2 weeks into life with his new family, the kitten had rear leg lameness, eye lesions, a condition called microphthalmia which means the eyes are smaller in size than normal, and an opaque right cornea.

    Commercially available pet food must meet AAFCO standards for nutritional completeness. And while it’s true many commercial pet food ingredients are not high quality or even species-appropriate, they do provide balanced nutrition for the growth and maintenance of your pet’s body.

    Why Feeding Raw Meat Alone Causes Problems

    Unfortunately, a growing number of well-meaning pet owners are confusing balanced, species-appropriate nutrition with feeding hunks of raw muscle meat to their dog or cat. Although fresh meat is a good source of protein and some minerals, it doesn’t represent a balanced diet.

    In my practice, I’m seeing an increasing number of pets with skeletal problems, organ failure and endocrine abnormalities caused by dietary deficiencies of essential nutrients.

    Wild canines and felines eat nearly all the parts of their prey, including small bones, internal organs, blood, brain, eyes, tongue and other tasty treats. Many of these parts of prey animals provide important nutrients for dogs and cats. This is how carnivores in the wild nutritionally balance their diets.

    An exclusive diet of raw chicken muscle meat is lacking the minimum requirements for a number of vital nutrients as established by AAFCO. These include potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, D, E, B-12 and choline, the essential fatty acid ratio (omega 6s to omega 3s) is unbalanced, and there’s a complete lack of phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

    When your dog or cat is fed only muscle meat, he’s missing out on a variety of essential nutrients and sooner or later, he’ll develop serious health problems as a result. Some conditions brought on by nutritional deficiencies can be corrected through diet, others cannot.

    And don’t make the mistake of thinking all you need to do is throw a few fresh veggies in the bowl to make up the difference. Balancing your pet’s food to provide optimal nutrition is a bit more complex.

    How to Make Sure You’re Feeding Balanced Nutrition to Your Cat or Dog

    There should be four primary components in a nutritional program for your dog or cat, including:

    • Meat, including organs
    • Veggie and fruit puree
    • Homemade vitamin and mineral mix
    • Beneficial additions like probiotics, digestive enzymes, and super green foods (these aren’t required to balance the diet, but can be beneficial for vitality)

    A healthy dog’s diet should contain about 75 percent meat/organs/bones and 25 percent veggies/fruit (this mimics the GI contents of prey, providing fiber and antioxidants as well). For healthy kitties, the mix should be about 88 percent meat/organs/bones and 12 percent veggies.

    Fresh, whole food provides the majority of nutrients pets need, and a micronutrient vitamin/mineral mix takes care of the deficiencies that do exist, namely iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, vitamin D, folic acid, taurine and Biotin (for cats).

    Keep in mind that just because nutritional deficiencies aren’t obvious in your pet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. A considerable amount of research has gone into determining what nutrients dogs and cats need to survive. At a minimum, you do a disservice to your pet by taking a casual approach to insuring he receives all the nutrients he requires for good health. The kitten who is the subject of this article is a good example of a pet whose breeder meant well and didn’t see any immediate damage to the animal, yet the kitten became acutely ill on the raw chicken-only diet.

    If you’re preparing homemade food for your pet, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of insuring the diet you feed is nutritionally balanced. It doesn’t matter whose recipe you follow, but it does matter that it’s balanced. You can accomplish this by using balanced pet food recipes you prepare at home, or by feeding commercially available pet food that meets the minimum standards set forth by NRC, AAFCO and/or the ancestral diet analysis.

    A Word about AAFCO

    Although I don’t agree with many of the positions AAFCO takes on nutrition-related topics, and I feel there is room for significant improvement within this organization, at least they have identified the minimum level of critical nutrients needed to sustain life in dogs and cats. Sadly, some pet owners are unaware of these basic requirements, and pets suffer because of it.

    It would be excellent if AAFCO continued to work on their recommendations, including digestibility and bioavailability of the ingredients in pet food, as well as optimal levels of nutrients and ceilings for recommended supplementation.

    So while AAFCO leaves much to be desired in terms of establishing the ideal nutrient levels required for pets to thrive, I am thankful that in the U.S. there is an agency tasked with identifying the basic nutrients required for animals to survive. Many countries have no such advisory board, and too many animals succumb to unnecessary nutritional deficiencies.


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More Regulations: NJ Drivers Can Be Ticketed $1,000 for Not ‘Restraining’ Animals in the Car

    New Jersey Residents Can Be Fined $1000 for Driving With Unrestrained Animals in the Car | Click It or Ticket

    A crime in progress? (Photo via L.A. Times)

    Following on the heels of Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on certain sugary drinks in New York City restaurants, a wave of absurd regulations has seemingly begun emanating outwards. In neighboring New Jersey, drivers can be fined up to $1000 for driving with “unrestrained” animals in the car, and the Mayor of Berkeley, California is looking to ban sitting on sidewalks.

    According to CBS in Philadelphia, police and animal control officers will be authorized to ticket New Jersey drivers between $250 and $1,000 if they have “unrestrained” animals in the front seat of their car, on the driver’s lap, partially out the window, or even in the back of a pickup truck.

    New Jersey Residents Can Be Fined $1000 for Driving With Unrestrained Animals in the Car | Click It or Ticket

    (Photo: Pet Supplies)

    Dogs, apparently, should be placed in harnesses and then buckled in, and cats should go in a carrier which can be subsequently buckled in.

    Ray Martinez, the head of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, says it is part of a larger “Click It or Ticket” effort to avoid distracted driving.

    “It’s not cute,” he condemned. “It’s actually dangerous for the driver. It’s dangerous for other drivers and it’s dangerous for that pet.”

    According to the New Jersey Newsroom, the regulation actually falls under the parameters of animal cruelty, and the fine can be coupled with a six month term in jail and a disorderly persons offense.

    Source:  The Blaze


    Tennessee State Senators "Yelp" at Bill Banning Dogs in Drivers’ Laps

    Take the Stress Out of Car Trips with Your Dog

    Progressives Push To Require .. DOG INSURANCE – Dog Owners Barking Mad!

    Stress in Dogs (Pets)

    Pet Car Sickness and Fear of Riding in Cars

    Orange County Sheriffs Ask People To Buckle Up Their Pets

    Cruelty Alert: Pets Suffering from Heatstroke in Parked Cars

    Don’t think for a Minute that Dogs Can Survive in a Hot Care

    Temperatures Are Rising: Be a Dog Defender: Help Save Animals This Summer! Cool Ideas for Hot Dogs – Please be proactive and vocal… you could be saving a life and definitely saving animals of a lot of suffering!!

    Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA Petbook

    Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems

    Vacationing with Your Pet

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    Blind Dog… Entropia

    Flurry had surgery last week & had the remnants of his eyes taken out: he was born with malformed & smaller than average eyes. Over the years he developed entropia, causing his eyes to be very painful for him.



    Texas Country – The Amazing Skidboot

    A Dog’s Seeing Eye Dog

    Blind Pooch Gets Its Own Seeing Eye Dog


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    ETX family says dog was skinned alive

    By Samantha Jordan – Posted by Jena Johnson

    HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) – A family wants answers after finding their dog mutilated in an East Texas neighborhood.

    The dog, named Hemi, was found Monday around 3:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Lansing Ln. in Hallsville. Hemi’s owner, Jackie Smiddy, says she is devastated and wants the person responsible for killing her dog to be held accountable.

    "He was friendly. He wouldn’t hurt anyone, he stayed on the porch and he wouldn’t chase after anyone. I mean you couldn’t ask for a better dog," said Jackie.

    Jackie doesn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt Hemi, her pet of seven years.

    "They had skinned him all the way down his back and this skin here was folded back, there was no skin on either side of him. No fur. It was just flesh," she said.

    "Once he got in the light I could see what blood all over him," said Cheyenne Smiddy, dog owner.

    Jackie’s daughter, Cheyenne said she went to let their other dog out when Hemi came around the house, covered in his own blood.

    "I mean it’s just like losing one of my kids. It’s just hard that someone could take an innocent dog and do this to him," said Jackie.

    Jackie said by the time her daughter came in to get her, Hemi was gone. They believe he went to die.

    The family said Hemi was abused and neglected before the Houston Humane Society took him in and the Smiddy Family adopted him.

    "I never thought he’d have to go through anything like this I mean we would never hurt him and to see him have to do it twice and not live, it hurts," said Cheyenne.

    "Whoever did this will pay, they will pay for this," said Jackie.

    The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said they’re waiting for a veterinarian to examine the dog’s body.

    Harrison County officials said cruelty to animal charges could be filed.

    If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to call the sheriff’s office immediately.

    Copyright 2012 KLTV. All rights reserved. (Videos of Hemi on site).

    *There are not words… Time for animal abuse, especially sever abuse to stop!!  The people who do heinous things like this do not only do this once and do not only do it to animals.

    Death Penalty offence in my book!


    Petition: Tennessee teens charged in brutal torture of a puppy

    Horse Tied and Beaten With Sledgehamer

    Another Dog Abused

    animal cruelty abuse neglect

    Stop the Cruelty!! Serial Killers all begin this way! Time to change the laws and the outcome!! Don’t think you have to wonder what my punishment would be for these past, present and future abusers and perhaps serial killers!?!~

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