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Petition: Tennessee teens charged in brutal torture of a puppy

In a report from WBBJ TV ABC News, two teens from Dresden, Tennessee have been charged in the brutal May 15, 2012 torture and death of a 4-month-old Saint Bernard puppy. Now a petition is being circulated, asking that justice be served for this innocent puppy.

The two teens charged are 18-year-old Preston Odle and 19-year-old Levi Evans, both of Dresden. They are facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty, and were released on bond over the weekend. The story of the torture this helpless puppy endured is heart-wrenching.

View slideshow: Puppy tortured to death by teens

Based on reports given by police from statements made by one of the teens, the torture of this innocent little puppy was done for fun, and because they simply did not want the puppy any longer. According to the reports, the helpless puppy suffered for at least four hours, finally succumbing to his injuries.

St. Bernard puppy (Not the one from this article, but available for adoption at PetFinder)It allegedly began with breaking the puppy’s ribs by kicking him. This then escalated into one of the young men standing on the puppy’s head. They then wired the puppy’s jaw shut, wrapped wire around the puppy’s neck, and draped the wire over a tree limb in order to choke him. The reports indicate that Odle then stabbed the puppy in the back. Four hours later, the puppy finally died from his injuries.

** It is time for people to wake-up!  Child abusers, spousal abusers, elder abusers and serial killers all often begin as animal abusers.  It is time that we start treating animal abuse and abusers much more seriously.  These people should get sentences commensurate with the crimes… not reduced because it was done to animals.  Next time it probably will be done to humans and this type of cruelty to any living creature in unacceptable. The animals here are not the poor puppy but these demented human creatures who tortured the puppy.  In an ideal world they wouldn’t be out on bond!  They deserve the same treatment they gave this poor pup! **

Source: Animal Advocacy Examiner


Stop the Cruelty!!

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Serial Killers all begin this way!  Time to change the laws and the outcome!!  Don’t think you have to wonder what my punishment would be for these future abusers and perhaps serial killers!?!~


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