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Just when you thought you have seen everything… Jazz for Cows

I wonder how these guy came up with this idea?

This is a great performance.

Take note of how the audience gathers around and not one of them left during the performance. Winking smile

Video:  Jazz for Cows

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Deformed Pit-Bull Puppy Nursed Back to Health

Erica Daniel, a Florida woman who fosters dogs that need extra care, saved a pit-bull puppy from the trashand nursed it back to health from a debilitating, life-threatening medical condition.

11-week-old Harper was born with a condition called pectus excavatum, more commonly know as "swimmer puppy disorder," according to NBC’s "Today." Puppies afflicted with the disorder lie flat on their chests with their arms splayed out, resembling a swimmer in mid-stroke. Most puppies with pectus excavatum don’t survive, and Harper herself came very close to being put down before Daniel stepped in.

Daniel had not originally intended to keep Harper alive, but simply to give the puppy one day of love and affection before she had to be euthanized. "I had to show her what it was like to be loved," Daniel said. But as she spent the day with Harper and massaged the puppy’s limbs, the deformed dog began to respond and quickly show signs of improvement.

Instead of putting Harper down, Daniel had a vet perform a closer inspection, only to find that the pup was indeed far healthier than first thought. No longer doomed, Harper has received massage therapy and hydrotherapy. Now, only 11 weeks later, she’s walking on her own four feet.

"She’s a walking miracle," says Bev McCartt, Harper’s physical therapist. "She’s a real testament to a dog’s determination to get up and just go."

Image: Harper the puppy walking in grass

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