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First Beer for Dogs: Bowser Beer Sets World Record

Video:  First Beer for Dogs:  Bowser Beer Sets World Record

If ever there was an achievement that deserved a toast, a beer for dogs would certainly be it.

And the makers of Bowser Beer, a brand brewed specifically for pooches, have double the cause to enjoy a little hair of the dog: Their achievement has been officially as honored as the first beer for dogs by World Records Academy, an online database of offbeat achievements.

Bowser Beer, which unlike human beer has no hops, no carbonation and no alcohol, has been around since 2007, but the honor still gives spokeswoman Jenny Brown a reason to hoist a glass in celebration — even as she’s trying to comprehend the complete magnitude of having official recognition for making the first beer specifically for dogs.

"I’m surprised it didn’t show up in my Google alerts," she told HuffPost Weird News when informed of the honor.

The concept of a beer brewed for dogs sounds potentially dangerous since hops, alcohol and carbonation are all bad for canine tummies, but Brown insists her pooch pilsners and labrador lagers are safe for dogs and their owners.

"Hops are toxic, so our beer is flavored with a sweet malt barley," she said. "It’s human grade, which is good because some people drink it by accident."

The beer is currently made near Phoenix, but the whole brouhaha first began four years ago when Brown was living in Washington, D.C., and created some pretzel treats for some dogs for a holiday party.

After so many customers scooped them up, she decided to offer them at a Pet Expo. Then it hit her, "What goes better with pretzels than beer?"

The obvious answer was "nothing," so Brown and family brewed up a beef-and-malt-barley-flavored non-alcoholic beverage that she gave to her dogs to sample.

After four prototypes, there was a clear winner and that became the basis of Bowser Beer. Since that auspicious beginning, Brown and her brewing brood have added a chicken flavor called "Cock-A-Doodle Brew."

Bowser Beer is currently available in more than 40 states and Brown has a team of taste-testing terriers — among other breeds — to ensure quality control.

"Some dogs like it straight from the bottle, others like it over food and others like it frozen," she said.

Although Brown makes sure to inform potential customers that her hound hooch won’t get schnauzers soused, she admits some people are disappointed by that.

"Some people say, ‘Oh, I’d like to get my dog drunk,’ and I say, ‘But who’s going to walk you home?’" she said. "There was one guy who told me, ‘My dog prefers double malt scotch to single,’ and I thought, ‘How sad that he knows the difference.’"

Source:  The HuffPo/Weird News

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Dog found hanging from meat hook

Muskegon County, MI – Heinous, gruesome, despicable, cruel – pick an adjective, any and/or all and sadly, they all apply in this horrific incident.

On Monday night, a small Sheltie/Pomeranian mix was discovered hanging from a hook that was attached to a tree.

Amazingly, the dog was still alive, albeit severely injured.

The barbed hook, which looks much like a fish hook, only much larger, was pushed completely through the roof of the dog’s mouth.

After someone discovered the injured dog hanging from a tree, the local Sheriff’s office was contacted.

The injured dog was transported via animal control to the Pound Buddies Animal Shelter, who in turn, took him to a local veterinarian for treatment.

Thankfully, now that the hook has been removed and with the aid of veterinary care, the dog is improving and will hopefully make a complete recovery.

The question looms – who did this and why?

There is some speculation that the hook and rope contraption could be an illegal and outdated coyote trap – but the rescue organization feels that the dog was intentionally placed on the hook for some inexplicable reason.

Just this afternoon, MLive.com released new information which indicates that the dog’s owner has been identified, but has yet to come forward to claim the dog.

There remains much speculation about how and why the dog came to be on the hook – whether it was intentional…or if the dog somehow leaped up and grabbed hold of bait which was intended for a wild animal.

See Video Here

Regardless, this contraption is barbaric.  Read the latest information at this link.

source: Examiner.com

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Recession Proof Stocks? Pet Spending On the Rise: One US industry unfazed by the economic wreckage surrounding is Pets…

One US industry unfazed by the economic wreckage surrounding it is as fitting as the subjects themselves: the pet business. According to Business insider, it’s booming.

Sure, the plethora of facebook photos of dogs in elaborate Halloween costumes could be a clue to the persistent “bear no expense” mentality owners feel for their four-legged friends, but the numbers are still shocking: an American Pet Products Association’s report found that the industry jumped $31.53 billion dollars between 1994 and 2010, with people expected to spend about $50.84 billion on furry, gilled, winged, equine, and reptilian friends in 2011 alone.

According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 million homes. The significant rise in pet-related spending isn’t as surprising given that the number of pets owned has also increased year-over-year.

Pampered Pets

Boutique pet stores are popping up left and right, “dress your pooch in style” screams from window displays, have your precious kitty sleep on a bed of satin, bedazzled with precious gems. Don’t skimp, remember, they love you unconditionally, and a jeweled collar and matching leash is the best way to say you love them back.

The pressure is on to feed pets the fancy organic, range-free, all-natural pet food that can break the bank. Bathe them with lavender scented pet shampoo, and don’t forget to spoil them rotten with holiday gifts!

Veterinarian Bills

Yet the bulk of the spending hike can be attributed to, what else, medical care. Any pet owner knows that animals can get sick, break bones, have cancer, pull a muscle, grow tumors, eat contaminated food and so on. Then there’s the pressure for pets to be spayed and neutered. All are conditions that usually end with Rover at the vet’s office.

Business Insider reports: “Vets and medical supplies for animals have just gotten more expensive. Within the last year alone, people spent $1 billion more on vet care, and another half-billion on medicine, bringing the grand total to $25.51 billion. The availability of more sophisticated treatments for cancer and special services like ophthalmology partly explains the rising costs. However, animals are also checked more frequently by the vet than they used to be, and veterinarians are charging more for their services.”

Follow The Trend

So, with pet care costs on the rise, we decided to take a look at PetSmart Inc., (PETM) one of the few pure-plays on pet spending.

According to Kapitall’s Turbo Chart, PETM has been outperforming the S&P 500 index in recent months. Do you think the company will continue to benefit from pet spending?

By Rebecca Lipman  -  Business Insider

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